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addition and father
His father was a statewide champion fiddle player and the Wills family was either playing music, or someone was " always wanting us to play for them ," in addition to raising cotton on their farm.
In addition, her father was a minister in the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church in America, and later the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
His parentage was supplied as a later addition to the mythos, providing him with a father in either Metion, Eupalamus or Palamaon, and a mother, either Alcippe, Athena, Iphinoe or Phrasimede.
In addition, having been close to him in their youth, she now showed excessive affection towards her uncle – whilst many historians today dismiss this as familial affection ( noting their early friendship, and his similarity to her father and grandfather ), many of Eleanor's adversaries mistook the generous displays of affection between uncle and niece for an incestuous affair.
In addition, hypotheses and popular rumors exist about Stalin's real father.
In addition, Loki is referred to as the father of Váli in the Prose Edda.
Originally shamanistic practices that have over time may once have been monotheistic later once since deification of an Earth Mother to the Sky father as a Duality, also including ancestor worship and an addition for a " sun deity ", polytheizing the religion and more deities were incorporated after-wards.
Wordsworth's father, although rarely present, taught him poetry, including that of Milton, Shakespeare and Spenser, in addition to allowing his son to rely on his own father's library.
In addition, his father had earlier moved there where he was already successful in a number of films.
He had been named after his father, Dr. Paul Foucault, as was the family tradition, but his mother insisted on the addition of the double-barrelled " Michel "; while he would always be referred to as " Paul " at school, throughout his life he always expressed a preference for " Michel ".
In addition to sharing tribunician power with his father, Titus held seven consulships during Vespasian's reign and acted as his secretary, appearing in the Senate on his behalf.
According to the English diplomats Thomas Randolph and the Earl of Bedford, the murder of David Rizzio ( who was rumored to be the father of Mary's unborn child ) was Darnley ’ s own addition to the plot of winning over the Crown Matrimonial.
He was born shortly after Livia divorced Tiberius Nero and married Augustus ( 17 January, 38 BC ), giving rise to rumours that Augustus was the real father, although this is widely discredited by modern historians as Augustus had not yet met Livia when Drusus would have been conceived ( During his reign, Claudius revived this rumor to give the impression that Augustus was his paternal grandfather in addition to being his maternal great-uncle ).
In addition, Whitman Sr. regularly took his sons on hunting trips, and Charles became an avid hunter and accomplished marksman, with his father later stating: " Charlie could plug ( shoot ) the eye out of a squirrel by the time he was sixteen.
In addition, his father was religious and the family would regularly sing hymns together.
His son, William E. Sherman, had worked in the lumber industry nearby on the Cass River for some time prior to 1852 and William's favorable report persuaded his father to visit in 1851 and afterwards purchased several tracts of land in addition to his initial purchase.
In addition to this, his father is ashamed of him and often tells him to call him coach in public.
In addition to Haakon who gained the support of the majority of the birkebeiners including the veterans who had served under his father and grandfather, candidates included Inge's illegitimate son Guttorm ( who dropped out very soon ), Inge's half-brother Earl Skule Bårdsson who had been appointed leader of the king's hird at Inge's deathbed and was supported by the Archbishop of Nidaros as well as part of the birkebeiners, and Haakon the Crazy's son Knut Haakonsson.
Having found his life alone with his mother ideal, Stanshall's life took a serious downturn with the addition of his stern, pretentious father.
In addition to information derived from older contemporaries ( such as his father and father-in-law ) Bryennios made use of the works of Michael Psellos, John Skylitzes and Michael Attaleiates.
In addition to those received by the family of his father, the bride takes many gifts from the groom and his family.
In addition, Jack Cassidy's death in 1976 drew Jones and Cassidy closer as Shirley's three children and stepson mourned their father.
In addition to the family's English holdings in Sussex and Devon, William had inherited Radnor and Builth, in Wales, from his father Philip.
In addition to his children with his wife, Sir William Wilde was the father of three children born out of wedlock before his marriage: Henry Wilson, born in 1838, and Emily and Mary Wilde, born in 1847 and 1849, respectively, of different parentage to Henry.
Many Shelta words have been disguised using techniques such as back slang where sounds are transposed ( for example gop " kiss " from Irish póg ) or the addition of sounds ( for example gather " father " from Irish athair ).

addition and brother
In addition Rep. Frelinghuysen's brother Harry was on the Korean desk of the State Department in World War 2.
In 1846 Robert Smirke was replaced as the Museum's architect by his brother Sydney Smirke, whose major addition was the Round Reading Room 1854 – 1857 ; at in diameter it was then the second widest dome in the world, the Pantheon in Rome being slightly wider.
In addition, in matrilineal culture, the mother's brother was the leading male figure in a male child's life, as he mentored the child within the mother's clan.
In addition to their promised allegiance to the other, Louis and Charles pledged their solidarity to oppose their eldest brother Lothair, ruler of Middle Francia and, nominally, emperor of all the Carolingian Empire Frankish kingdoms as well as Holy Roman Emperor.
In addition to film, Raimi has worked in television, producing such series as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its spin off Xena: Warrior Princess, both featuring his younger brother Ted Raimi and long-time friend Bruce Campbell, American Gothic, Cleopatra 2525, M. A. N. T. I. S., 13: Fear Is Real, Young Hercules, and Jack of All Trades.
He was born Jean Bernadotte, distinguished from a namesake brother by the addition of Baptiste and had the full name of Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte by the time Karl also was added upon his Swedish adoption in 1810.
In addition, Marie Antoinette's brother, the Emperor Joseph, began making claims on the throne of Bavaria based upon his second marriage to the princess Maria Josepha of Bavaria.
Other accounts suggested that, possibly in addition to Trollope's deception, York was fooled by some of John Neville of Raby's forces displaying false colours into thinking either that reinforcements sent by Warwick had arrived, or that the northern Nevilles under the Earl of Westmoreland, John Neville's older brother and the most senior peer in the family, were prepared to support him.
In addition, Gamal's biographers wrote that his family believed strongly in the " Arab notion of glory ," citing the naming of Gamal's brother, Izz al-Arab (" Glory of the Arabs "); the name is a rare occurrence in Egypt, as well as other parts of the Arab world.
In addition, sources state that Titus discovered that his brother Domitian was plotting against him but refused to have him killed or banished.
In addition, Buck ’ s late younger brother, Bob Buck was a sportscaster and sports director at KMOX / KMOV-TV in St. Louis.
In 1863, having obtained a curacy at Chatham in addition to a chaplain's post, Henry Rivers was in a position to marry Elizabeth Hunt who was living with her brother James in Hastings, not far from Chatham.
The addition of the ' g ' to the name was likely initiated by the composer's elder brother Filaret to obscure the resemblance of the name's root to an unsavory Russian word:
In addition to Long's brother Earl K. Long becoming governor, brother Julius Long was a Winn Parish District Attorney and brother George S. Long was elected to Congress in 1952.
) In addition, he and brother Tim have collaborated on two Finn Brothers albums, Finn ( 1995 ) and Everyone Is Here ( 2004 ).
In addition to cast members Harry Von Zell, Bea Benadaret ( who made the transition from the radio show ), and Larry Keating -- -- the writing staff consisted of Sid Dorfman, Harvey Helm, Keith Fowler, and William Burns ( George's brother ).
In addition to his wife, he was survived by two sons, Mark and Clay Jones, three grandchildren, and a brother, William L. " Billy " Jones, all of Brady.
" In addition, it was announced that Norwood was planning to record a joint album with brother Ray J, under the title R & B in the future.
In addition, Saccard has an intense rivalry with his brother Eugène Rougon, a powerful Cabinet minister who refuses to help him after his bankruptcy and who is promoting a more liberal, less Catholic agenda for the Empire.
In addition to his job as a clerk, he and his brother opened their law practice under the name " E. C.
In addition to Howard and Chamberlain, William Fessenden's sons, James Deering Fessenden and Francis Fessenden, were both brigadier generals, and seventeen Bowdoin alumni would receive brevets as brigadier generals, including Ellis Spear ( Class of 1858, who was Chamberlain's second-in-command at Gettysburg ), Charles Hamlin ( Class of 1857, son of Vice President Hannibal Hamlin ), and General Howard's brother Charles ( Class of 1859 ).
Besides his leading role in the film version of Torch Song Trilogy co-starring Matthew Broderick and Anne Bancroft, Fierstein's film roles include Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway, Robin Williams ' makeup-artist brother in Mrs. Doubtfire, and Merv Green in Death to Smoochy, in addition to parts in Garbo Talks, Duplex, Kull the Conqueror, and Independence Day.
In addition, Lady Laura encourages Finn to become acquainted with her brother.

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