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addition and novels
During the poetically sterile years he was writing novels at the rate of almost one a year and was, in addition, burdened with bad health ( he spent six months in bed in 1881, too ill to do more than work slowly and painfully at A Laodicean ).
In addition there are large numbers of cultural artifacts such as vernacular novels, how-to books, and children's books, which are in the process of being analyzed for clues as to how the average Chinese ( if there was such as thing ) lived.
Doom has appeared in several forms in addition to games, including a comic book, four novels by Dafydd Ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver ( loosely based on events and locations in the games ), a board game and even a live-action film starring Karl Urban and The Rock released in 2005.
In addition, a crucial element in polylogic epistolary novels like Clarissa, and Dangerous Liaisons is the dramatic device of ' discrepant awareness ': the simultaneous but separate correspondences of the heroines and the villains creating dramatic tension.
In the latter half of the 20th century, the influence of the romance tradition of Arthur continued, through novels such as T. H. White's The Once and Future King ( 1958 ) and Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon ( 1982 ) in addition to comic strips such as Prince Valiant ( from 1937 onward ).
Foster further asserts 1928 was a " peak year " for lesbian-themed literature ; in addition to The Well of Loneliness, three other novels with lesbian themes were published in England: Elizabeth Bowen's The Hotel, Woolf's Orlando, and Compton MacKenzie's satirical novel Extraordinary Women.
In addition to literature such as novels, poetry, short stories and drama, Project Gutenberg also has cookbooks, reference works and issues of periodicals.
Heinlein won Hugo Awards for four of his novels ; in addition, fifty years after publication, three of his works were awarded " Retro Hugos "— awards given retrospectively for years in which Hugo Awards had not been awarded.
In addition, Jefferson Swycaffer has written several novels set in the " Concordat " fictional universe he originally developed for his Traveller campaign.
In addition to poetry ( his main literary focus ), he occasionally wrote short stories, plays, novels, essays, and translations.
In addition to telling his own stories, Robinson narrated the abridged audio book versions of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.
Each of his novels has a different industrial or commercial setting and includes, in addition to dramatic human conflict, carefully researched information about the way that particular environment and system functions and how these affect society and its inhabitants.
In addition to his novels, Huysmans was known for his art criticism in L ' Art moderne ( 1883 ) and Certains ( 1889 ).
In addition to this initiative, TSR also decided to publish twelve hardcover novels in 1996, despite a previous history of publishing only one or two hardcover novels each year.
In addition, the twelve hardcover novels did not sell as well as expected.
In addition, Preston wrote men's adventure novels under the pseudonyms of Mike McCray, Preston MacAdam, and Jack Hilt ( pen names that he shared with other authors ).
The expanded content included the addition of fiction, and in 1840, Harding gained rights to publish several Charles Dickens novels for which Dickens was paid a significant amount.
In addition to the various sub-imprints and formats, Vertigo was also an early adopter of hardcover collections of monthly comics, as well as hardcover OGNs ( original graphic novels ).
Gobineau wrote novels in addition to his works on race, notably Les Pléiades ( 1874 ).
In addition, writers born outside Wales, who have both lived in as well as written about Wales, are often included, such as John Cowper Powys ( 1872 – 1963 ), who settled in Wales in 1935 and wrote two major novels, Owen Glendower ( 1941 ) and Porius ( 1949 ), that have Welsh subject matter.
In addition to all this, he still found time to write a play, and several detective novels.
In addition to the significant influence his novels and stories had on film, Hammett " is now widely regarded as one of the finest mystery writers of all time " and was called, in his obituary in The New York Times, " the dean of the ... ' hard-boiled ' school of detective fiction.
In addition to Fawlty Towers, she has had roles in BBC Radio 4 sitcoms, notably After Henry, Smelling of Roses and Ladies of Letters ; on television she starred in the London Weekend Television / Channel 4 series Mapp & Lucia based on the novels by E. F. Benson.

addition and Campbell
In addition to acting and occasionally directing, Campbell has become a writer, starting with an autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor published on August 24, 2002.
In addition, the likenesses of the characters in the comics do not bear any resemblance to their prior movie counterparts, except for Ash, who still maintains the likeness of Bruce Campbell.
In addition to film, Raimi has worked in television, producing such series as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and its spin off Xena: Warrior Princess, both featuring his younger brother Ted Raimi and long-time friend Bruce Campbell, American Gothic, Cleopatra 2525, M. A. N. T. I. S., 13: Fear Is Real, Young Hercules, and Jack of All Trades.
In addition, during this time, the band's song " Tomorrow " ( originally an instrumental on the B-side of " Get The Funk Out Ma Face ") was recorded with vocals sung by Tevin Campbell for Quincy Jones ' Back on the Block release in 1989.
In addition, a film of " Galveston ", a crossover hit for country-pop performer Glen Campbell in 1969, has appeared on the video sharing service YouTube.
In addition, the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center, located atop Campbell Hill, offers both secondary and post-secondary education.
In addition to Clemson University, the city is also home to the South Carolina Botanical Garden ; that is along the shore of Lake Hartwell, Fort Hill Plantation, Bob Campbell Geology Museum, and many more attractions in nearby cities such as Anderson or Greenville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is located just 30 miles from the city center.
In 1871, Henry Campbell became Henry Campbell-Bannerman, the addition of the surname Bannerman being a requirement of the will of his uncle, Henry Bannerman, from whom he inherited the estate of Hunton Court in Kent.
In addition to touring extensively throughout the year, playing over 150 dates, the group frequently performs at their Oak Ridge Boys Theatre in Branson, Missouri — a renovated venue formerly owned by Glen Campbell.
In addition to releasing his most compelling music in this year, he was helped provide other artists with access to a wider stage, most notably Lady June ( June Campbell Cramer ).
In addition to artists such as Murray and Campbell, several artists who were not initially marketed as country were enjoying crossover success with country audiences through radio airplay and sales.
Prior to the run, the Skins were 5 – 7 and, in addition to suffering through the Taylor tragedy, the team had lost starting OG Randy Thomas, OT Jon Jansen, CB Carlos Rogers, OLB Rocky McIntosh, and QB Jason Campbell to injury.
The 2010 / 11 season saw the team bolster its ranks of British players with the addition of Matt Towe, Ben Campbell and David Longstaff, who was team captain from the outset.
In addition to providing vocals, Lanegan also wrote the track " Revolver " with Campbell.
In addition to various Spielberg films, Amblin has produced movies by other directors such as Joe Dante ( Gremlins, Small Soldiers, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Innerspace ), Robert Zemeckis ( the Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit ), Brian Levant ( the Flintstones duology ), Matthew Robbins (* batteries not included ), Penelope Spheeris ( the 1994 film remake of The Little Rascals ), Brad Silberling ( Casper ), Don Bluth ( An American Tail, The Land Before Time ), Clint Eastwood ( The Bridges of Madison County, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Hereafter-except for the last named the Amblin logo does not appear on Eastwood's films, or on Schindler's List & True Grit ), Gil Kenan ( Monster House ), Martin Campbell ( The Mask of Zorro, The Legend of Zorro ), Richard Donner ( The Goonies ), Jan de Bont ( Twister ), Barry Sonnenfeld ( the Men in Black trilogy ), Martin Scorsese ( Cape Fear ), Joe Johnston ( Jurassic Park III ), J. J. Abrams ( Super 8 ), The Coen Brothers ( True Grit ), and Simon Wells ( An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, and We're Back!
" In addition to winning the Nebula Award, the novel was nominated for both the John W. Campbell Memorial and British Science Fiction Awards.
At the turn of the 16th century Kilchurn Castle was extended by Sir Duncan Campbell with the addition of a single storey dining hall built along the inside of the south curtain.
In addition, there was a two-brigade Portuguese infantry division under MG John Hamilton, and three independent Portuguese brigades led by BG Denis Pack, BG Alexander Campbell and BG John Coleman.
In addition to publishing different editions of Horace, Campbell also worked on emending classical texts, such as Euripides and Aeschylus.
In addition to Steinbeck, their circle of friends included the novelist and painter, Henry Miller, and the mythologist, writer and lecturer, Joseph Campbell.
When Kim Campbell succeeded Mulroney as Prime Minister, she appointed Landry Minister of Communications in addition to her position as Secretary of State.
In addition, the band's music has been featured in popular culture — their single " Lost ", from their self-titled debut, was featured in a promotional video for the NBC television show The Black Donnellys, and their single " Animal " was featured in the soundtracks of the video games Burnout 3: Takedown and MX vs. ATV UnleashedThe Campbell Brothers " founding members " appear on the Bob and Dougs 24 anniversary special and have music featured on don cherry's hockey video's 9, 19, 20.
In addition, Bruce Campbell has a cameo in the film as Peyton's last seen disguise ( credited as " Final Shemp ").
In addition to the usual concert, the 2012 switch-on was performed by three British gold medal winners from the 2012 Summer Olympics ; Greg Rutherford, Luke Campbell and Beth Tweddle.

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