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addition and own
In addition, he believed in the `` dramatic unity and separateness of the period from 1702-14, lying between the Stuart and Hanoverian eras with a special ethos of its own ''.
Warren and White each carried, in addition to their own weapons and ammo, a box of ammo for the ROK's machine gun.
Thus, there has come into being a situation in which the state must raise all of its own revenues and, in addition, must give assistance to its local governments.
In addition to its major effort on fuel cells, Patterson Moos Research Division is continuing to carry on research in other fields, both under contract for the Defense Department, other government agencies and for our own account.
In addition, many large corporations operate their own formal training programs.
In addition, he wrote that each person will experience a world of their own, though he also wrote that the dream world doesn't necessarily have to be solipsistic as different selves may be able to communicate with each other by dream telepathy.
In addition to asparagus, the production of hops plays a major role locally, the region having its own label, and there are still three independent breweries in the area.
In addition to radar and lightning detection, observations and extended radar pictures ( such as NEXRAD ) are now available through satellite data connections, allowing pilots to see weather conditions far beyond the range of their own in-flight systems.
She makes the argument that grouping all people of African descent together regardless of their unique ancestral circumstances would inevitably deny the lingering effects of slavery within the American community of slave descendents, in addition to denying black immigrants recognition of their own unique ancestral backgrounds.
In addition, the symphony also emerged from other pieces by Beethoven that, while completed works in their own right, are also in some sense sketches for the future symphony.
* Revised Code of Washington 9. 12. 010: " Every person who brings on his or her own behalf, or instigates, incites, or encourages another to bring, any false suit at law or in equity in any court of this state, with intent thereby to distress or harass a defendant in the suit, or who serves or sends any paper or document purporting to be or resembling a judicial process, that is not in fact a judicial process, is guilty of a misdemeanor ; and in case the person offending is an attorney, he or she may, in addition thereto be disbarred from practicing law within this state.
For one thing they had too good an opinion of their own ability ... Another point was their faulty field dispositions, and in addition there was rampant indiscipline and inexperience displayed ...
; Metropolitan bishop: A metropolitan bishop is an archbishop in charge of an ecclesiastical province, or group of dioceses, and in addition to having immediate jurisdiction over his own archdiocese, also exercises some oversight over the other dioceses within that province.
In both cases, the text used is not only taken from a Greek addition, the readings also are the prayer of Mordecai, and nothing of Esther's own words is ever used.
In addition, the pilots of the Avro Vulcan or Handley Page Victor bombers could tie their systems into those of the missile and make use of the guidance system to help plot their own flight plan, since the unit in the missile was more advanced than that in the aircraft.
In addition to the development and publishing of home, online, mobile, arcade, pachinko, and pachislo games, the company publishes strategy guides, maintains its own arcade centers, and licenses its franchise and character properties for use in tie-in products, movies, television series, and stage performances.
The group that finally overthrew President Patassé consisted of – in addition to Bozizé's own rebels – 100 soldiers from Chad's Military.
In the multi-suckler system, several calves are fostered onto one cow in addition to her own, and these calves ' mothers can then be used wholly for milk production.
In addition, the company provided consulting services, training and technical support in all of Latin America through its own service centers and certified partners.
Ground granulated blast furnace slag is not hydraulic on its own, but is " activated " by addition of alkalis, most economically using lime.
In addition, Grammy-winning metal band Mastodon has released three concept albums, Leviathan, Blood Mountain and Crack the Skye, which, along with their debut album, Remission, make up a quadrilogy, each representing its own element: water, earth, air and fire, respectively.
In addition some Christadelphian fellowships have published their own hymn books.
He merged the military general staff with his own presidential staff and appointed himself chief of staff again, in addition to the positions of minister of defence and supreme commander that he already held.
In addition the DBMS needs its own data structures and many types of bookkeeping data like indexes and logs.
In addition the DBMS needs its own data structures and many types of bookkeeping data like indexes and logs.

addition and books
Besides showing no inclination, apparently, to absent himself from his native region even for short periods, and in addition writing a shelf of books set in the region, he has handled in those books an astonishingly complete list of matters which have been important in the South during the past hundred years.
In addition to the noticeable difference in outside articles, there was a considerable difference in the outside books they read.
In addition, Ampère used his access to the latest mathematical books to begin teaching himself advanced mathematics at age 12.
( earlier similar lists vary by the omission or addition of a few books, see Development of the New Testament canon ).
In addition, works published before 1964 that did not have their copyrights renewed 28 years after first publication year also are in the public domain, except that books originally published outside the US by non-Americans are exempt from this requirement, if they are still under copyright in their home country ( see How Can I Tell Whether a Copyright Was Renewed for more details ).
In addition there are large numbers of cultural artifacts such as vernacular novels, how-to books, and children's books, which are in the process of being analyzed for clues as to how the average Chinese ( if there was such as thing ) lived.
There are many more new pattern books with modern patterns being printed, and most yarn stores now offer crochet lessons in addition to the traditional knitting lessons.
The Ethiopian Orthodox Deuterocanon, in addition to the standard set listed above, along with the books of Esdras and Prayer of Minasse, also includes some books that are still held canonical by only the Ethiopian Church, including Enoch or Henok ( I Enoch ), Kufale ( Jubilees ) and 1, 2 and 3 Meqabyan ( which are sometimes wrongly confused with the " Books of Maccabees ").
The Apocrypha section of the original 1611 King James Bible includes, in addition to the deuterocanonical books, the following three books, which were not included in the list of the canonical books by the Council of Trent:
In addition to serious explorations of the Soviet past and present situation relaxation of censorship resulted in an explosion of popular culture including popular Western literature and films and books on astrology, religion, and flying saucers, in short, anything official Soviet publishers had not deemed worth publishing.
In addition to her music, Hildegard also wrote three books of visions, the first of which, her Scivias (" Know the Way "), was completed in 1151.
In addition, they are required to maintain certain books and records and have their practices examined by SEC staff.
In addition to the Institutes, he wrote commentaries on most books of the Bible, as well as theological treatises and confessional documents.
In addition to authoring significant legislation as a congressman, Kemp wrote or co-authored several books:
In addition, although the order of the books in the Protestant Old Testament ( excluding the Biblical apocrypha ) and the Tanakh ( Hebrew Bible ) differ, the contents of the books are very similar.
In addition, both prophets received visits from an angel, leading to additional books of scripture.
As these were independents, the quality of accommodation varied widely from one lodge to another ; while a minority of these properties were inspected or rated by automobile associations ( AAA and CAA, in addition to providing maps to member motorists, have published tour books or directories of restaurants and rooms since 1917 ), no consistent standard stood behind the " sanitized for your protection " banner.
Among the rejected Lake translation: " not genuine " writings must be reckoned also the Acts of Paul, and the so-called Shepherd, and the Apocalypse of Peter, and in addition to these the extant epistle of Barnabas, and the so-called Teachings of the Apostles ; and besides, as I said, the Apocalypse of John, if it seem proper, which some, as I said, reject, but which others class with the accepted books.

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