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addition and other
In addition, the 1952 study collected comparable data from 4,585 students at ten other colleges and universities scattered across the country: Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Wesleyan, North Carolina, Fisk, Texas, University of California at Los Angeles, Wayne, and Michigan.
In San Francisco he has worked with Brew Moore, Charlie Mingus, and other `` swinging '' musicians of secure reputation, thus placing himself within established jazz traditions, in addition to being a part of the San Francisco `` School ''.
In addition, the right to vote the General Motors stock held by Du Pont was to be vested in Du Pont's stockholders, other than Christiana and Delaware and the stockholders of Delaware ; ;
that he was `` devoting an average of 100 hours a month to actual preaching publicly '', in addition to 50 to 75 hours in other ministerial duties, and that he opposed war in any form.
In addition to its major effort on fuel cells, Patterson Moos Research Division is continuing to carry on research in other fields, both under contract for the Defense Department, other government agencies and for our own account.
in addition to the miscellaneous pamphlets and other printed matter which it issues, the College maintains regular publications, as follows:
In addition to the rich soil they benefit by feedings of manure water every other week, diluted to the color of weak tea.
In addition to these activities, the NAEBM, with headquarters at 420 Lexington Avenue, New York City, as well as other associations and individual manufacturers, provide and distribute films, booklets, and public services in regard to proper boat handling and safety afloat.
Certain other properties of small particles, in addition to those already mentioned in connection with penetration of the respiratory tract, are noteworthy in defense considerations.
In addition, other sections contained focal areas of recent myocardial necrosis that were infiltrated with neutrophils.
In addition to other treatments, treating the sections with normal sheep serum for half an hour before layering Af did not reduce nonspecific staining.
In addition, two other differences in the two types of sections must be noted.
In addition to the known principal globulin, excelsin, three other ultracentrifugally distinct components have been observed.
The problem becomes even more complex where an enterprise is engaged in the manufacture of a wide variety of other goods in addition to the heavy electrical equipment.
In addition to other defects, I'm a stubborn man and hate to admit to the common garden variety of bad judgment.
' Gelignite ', or blasting gelatin, as it was named, was patented in 1876 ; and was followed by a host of similar combinations, modified by the addition of potassium nitrate and various other substances.
In addition, he wrote that each person will experience a world of their own, though he also wrote that the dream world doesn't necessarily have to be solipsistic as different selves may be able to communicate with each other by dream telepathy.
In addition to sunbathing, the beaches around the bay offer a number of services, such as boat rentals, boat tours, horseback riding, scuba diving and other aquatic sports.
In addition to field geology training, the astronauts also participated in training for the use of the spacesuits, adapting to the reduced lunar gravity, landing and recovery post-mission, sample collecting, maneuvering in the Lunar Roving Vehicle, survival training and preparation for other technical aspects of the mission.
In addition to carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, alkaloids may also contain oxygen, sulfur and more rarely other elements such as chlorine, bromine, and phosphorus.
In addition to his office, the archbishop also holds a number of other positions ; for example, he is Joint President of the Council of Christians and Jews in the United Kingdom.
" It is permitted, in accordance with local culture and traditions and the condition of the sick person, to anoint other parts of the body in addition, such as the area of pain or injury, but without repeating the sacramental form.
In addition to the scarcely documented and confirmed biography of Cuyp ’ s life, and even more so than his amalgamated style from his three main influences, there are yet other factors that have led to the misattribution and confusion over Aelbert Cuyp ’ s works for hundreds of years.

addition and member
In addition to its professional staff, the SIG is supported by its more than 16, 500 member companies who participate in the various working groups that produce the standardization documents and oversee the qualification process for new products and help to evangelize the technology.
This influence culminated with the addition of Der Blaue Reiter founding member Wassily Kandinsky to the faculty and ended when Itten resigned in late 1922.
In addition as a member of the Association of Caribbean States ( ACS ), Cuba was re-appointed as the chair-of the special committee on transportation issues for the Caribbean region.
In addition to banning capital punishment for EU member states, the EU has also banned detainee transfers in cases where the receiving party may seek the death penalty.
In addition, Cecil had been elevated to the peerage as Lord Burghley in February 1571, increasing his daughter's value as a member of the peerage, so the negotiations were cancelled.
In the European Union, Finland is a member of the Eurozone, and in addition, the Schengen treaty abolishing passport controls.
In addition to the organisations already mentioned, Finland is a member of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the International Finance Corporation, the International Development Association, the Bank for International Settlements, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Council of Europe, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
In addition to recognition by the International Olympic Committee and Special Olympics, the IFF is also a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations ( GAISF ), and co-operates with the International University Sports Federation ( FISU ).
He was in addition a member of the Philadelphia Society.
In addition, founding member of Violent Femmes, Brian Ritchie, now calls Hobart home, and has formed a local band, The Green Mist.
In addition, the creation in 1957 of the European Common Market, with Italy as a founding member, provided more investment and eased exports.
In addition, any original member of the United Nations and any state admitted to the U. N. thereafter may join.
In keeping with the band's satirical nature, each member had a comical name: in addition to Kinky there was Little Jewford, Big Nig, Panama Red, Wichita Culpepper, Sky Cap Adams, Rainbow Colours, and Snakebite Jacobs.
In addition, Hartmann became a member of the Academy of Arts in Munich ( 1952 ) and Berlin ( 1955 ) and received an honorary doctorate from Spokane Conservatory, Washington ( 1962 ).
In addition to citizens of Schengen Area countries being refused entry, it has been reported that several Irish citizens have been turned away, despite Ireland not being a member of the Schengen agreement.
In addition to botany, he was interested in geology and mineralogy, but also loved music, and was a member of the Mozarteum Salzburg.
In addition to the UMNO and other member parties of the Barisan Nasional, three main opposition parties ( and several smaller parties ) compete in national and state-level elections in Malaysia.
In addition, it was the only Latin American member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development since it joined in 1994 until the accession of Chile in 2010.
In addition to its participation in NATO's Partnership for Peace program, Moldova is also a member state of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe ( OSCE ), the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Francophonie and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
As these were independents, the quality of accommodation varied widely from one lodge to another ; while a minority of these properties were inspected or rated by automobile associations ( AAA and CAA, in addition to providing maps to member motorists, have published tour books or directories of restaurants and rooms since 1917 ), no consistent standard stood behind the " sanitized for your protection " banner.
In addition, Peru is a standing member of APEC and the World Trade Organization, and is an active participant in negotiations toward a Free Trade Area of the Americas ( FTAA ).
In addition to his activities as a member of the Académie française, he was also a member of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, and of the Front national des Ecrivains.
In addition to Wertico's awards as a member of the Pat Metheny Group, he was voted Fusion Drummer Of The Year in Drum!

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