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addition and views
In addition to each having varied views on the other as a religion, there has also been a long and often painful history of conflict, persecution and at times, reconciliation, between the two religions, which have influenced their mutual views of their relationship over time.
In addition to the formal structure of the ELDR Party, there are convened at least two Political Leaders ' Meetings a year in order to exchange views on the items on the agenda of the European Council and more general views on the European political situation.
In addition to Paul ’ s geographic location, his religious views are important.
In addition to in-group salience, an individual will only feel collective guilt if he or she views the in-group as responsible for the harmful actions done to the out-group.
Cornelia provided her boys with the best available Greek tutors, who taught them in addition to oratory skills and political science, progressive and democratic views that all the power rightly belongs to the people.
In addition to sharing his family's absolutist views of government, James
In addition to the two major conflicting views, prominent Lebanese politicians of the myriad religious denominations in Lebanon have also tended to be feudal warlords commanding their own private militias and feared that a strong army would endanger their personal power.
In addition, the views of important members of Saudi society, including the ulema ( religious scholars ), leading tribal sheikhs, and heads of prominent commercial families are considered.
Since this cause has been pending in this court, we have been favored, in addition to briefs of counsel and various amici curiae, with a multitude of resolutions, addresses, and communications from scientific bodies, religious factions, and individuals giving us the benefit of their views upon the theory of evolution.
In addition the family's religious views as dissenters — not followers of the Church of England — attracted further discrimination.
In addition to his popular line of household items, Graves and his firm have earned critical acclaim for a wide variety of commercial and residential buildings and interior design, although some occupants of the buildings object to the confined views caused by signature features such as small or circular windows and squat columns.
In addition to his extremist views, Hunt also led his society to incur heavy debts.
The wars gradually took on a dynastic character, developing into an extended feud between the Houses of Bourbon and Guise, both of which — in addition to holding rival religious views — staked a claim to the French throne.
In addition to his writings on geometry, Posidonius was credited for creating some mathematical definitions, or for articulating views on technical terms, for example ' theorem ' and ' problem '.
" Nevertheless, Greene concluded that, " lack of clarity about the Florida Supreme Court ’ s views on the safe-harbor provision should have resulted in a remand to that court for clarification ," in addition to the remand of December 4.
In addition this module has many of the tools required for controlling different 3D views and user coordinate systems.
In addition to the 6 principal views ( front, back, top, bottom, right side, left side ), any auxiliary views or sections may be included as serve the purposes of part definition and its communication.
In addition Norman Mailer, who had been part of the press corps sent to cover the event, wrote a book, The Fight ( 1975 ), describing the events, and placing them within the context of his views of black American culture.
McDowell defends, in addition to a general externalism about the mental, a specific thesis about the understanding of demonstrative expressions as involving so-called " singular " or " Russellian " thoughts about particular objects that reflects the influence on his views of Gareth Evans.
Today we might call this " organic " winemaking to distinguish it from other commonly used winemaking methods, though the word " organic " connotes modern cultural and political views, in addition to techniques for sustainable agriculture, that Dom Pérignon most likely did not hold.
Fernie, BC – September 15, 2006 – The views will take your breath away at the new Lost Boys Café, Fernie Alpine Resort ’ s newest on-mountain addition for the 2006-2007 ski season.

addition and two
In addition, no two Rhode Island communities are identical in relation to their over-all financial condition.
Funds allotted in addition to their minimum allotment are apportioned to the two agencies as they may determine.
In addition, two other differences in the two types of sections must be noted.
Xylenol has two methyl groups in addition to the hydroxyl group, and, for this structure, 6 isomers exist.
When his district was redrawn by the Whigs, that party had won the past two gubernatorial elections, in addition to gaining control of the legislature.
others which were near-ready on an immediate basis, in addition to two additional ones a year later.
In a secret addition to the pact, the Baltic states, Finland, Romania, and Poland are divided between the two nations.
Alfred's military reorganisation of Wessex consisted of three elements: the building of thirty fortified and garrisoned towns ( burhs ) along the rivers and Roman roads of Wessex ; the creation of a mobile ( horsed ) field force, consisting of his nobles and their warrior retainers, which was divided into two contingents, one of which was always in the field ; and the enhancement of Wessex's seapower through the addition of larger ships to the existing royal fleet.
In addition, serum levels of doxycycline and erythromycin succinate two bacteriostatic antibacterials ( see above ) may be reduced by alcohol consumption, resulting in reduced efficacy and diminished pharmacotherapeutic effect.
The dense forests of West Africa contain, in addition to a great variety of hardwoods, two palms, Elaeis guincensis ( oil palm ) and Raphia vinifera ( bamboo palm ), not found, generally speaking, in the savanna regions.
In addition to over, Porter and Duff defined the compositing operators in, held out by ( usually abbreviated out ), atop, and xor ( and the reverse operators rover, rin, rout, and ratop ) from a consideration of choices in blending the colors of two pixels when their coverage is, conceptually, overlaid orthogonally:
One must be careful here ; for instance, some analyses count an addition of two numbers as one step.
This style, called " tabbed " or " ridged ", used the same basic design as the original cartridges with the addition of two small tabs on the cartridge's underside to aid in removal.
In addition to creating Li ' l Abner, Capp also co-created two other newspaper strips: Abbie an ' Slats with magazine illustrator Raeburn van Buren in 1937, and Long Sam with cartoonist Bob Lubbers in 1954, as well as the Sunday " topper " strips Washable Jones, Small Fry ( aka Small Change ), and Advice fo ' Chillun.
From 1902 to 1904, in addition to the building of the Shrine of the Báb that ` Abdu ' l-Bahá was directing, he started to put into execution two different projects ; the restoration of the House of the Báb in Shiraz, Iran and the construction of the first Bahá ' í House of Worship in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
In addition, different sets of dance figures are usually taught for the two styles.
In addition, the two halves are divided by a caesura: " Oft Scyld Scefing
Uncoating yields a transcriptionally active 470S core particle which is composed of two major proteins VP7 and VP3, and the three minor proteins VP1, VP4 and VP6 in addition to the dsRNA genome.
According to Billy Altman's liner notes to the Geffen / Universal compilation, Buddy Holly: The Definitive Collection, in addition to " True Love Ways ", during the October 1958 sessions at Decca's Pythian Temple, Holly also recorded two other songs, " It Doesn't Matter Anymore " and " Raining In My Heart.
In addition, Lancaster directed two films, The Kentuckian ( 1955 ) and The Midnight Man ( 1974 ).
Their numbers were boosted by the addition to their fleet of two more ships, one of which was commanded by Stede Bonnet, but toward the end of 1717 Hornigold retired from piracy, taking two vessels with him.
This variety has another two botanicals, Lemongrass and Black Peppercorns in addition to the original ten.
In addition, two of Cyclopss sister ships, and were subsequently lost in the North Atlantic during World War II.

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