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addition and they
In addition, they have been converted to Zen Buddhism, with its glorification of all that is `` natural '' and mysteriously alive, the sense that everything in the world is flowing.
In addition, would not the young female public of Washington be afforded a greater degree of protection at night when they are on the streets if they were accompanied by a dog on a leash??
Funds allotted in addition to their minimum allotment are apportioned to the two agencies as they may determine.
In addition to the rich soil they benefit by feedings of manure water every other week, diluted to the color of weak tea.
Multiplication, subtraction, and addition can then be accomplished as they appear in the equation by starting at the left end of the equation and working toward the right.
In addition to the noticeable difference in outside articles, there was a considerable difference in the outside books they read.
In addition to the incompleteness of science and the completeness of metaphysics, they differ in that science is essentially descriptive, while philosophy in its inherited forms, tends to be goal-oriented, teleological and prescriptive.
Territorial abbots follow all of the above, but in addition must receive a mandate of authority from the Pope over the territory around the monastery for which they are responsible.
In addition Spencer though that as all intuitions grew they become evermore corrupted by the influence of power and money, eventually losing its “ original spirit, and sinks into a lifeless mechanism ”.
When Hunt, Adams, and Howsam were unable to secure a controlling interest in the Chicago Cardinals, they approached NFL commissioner Bert Bell and proposed the addition of expansion teams.
In addition, proponents of inquisitorial systems argue that the plea bargain system causes the participants within the system to act in perverse ways, in that it encourages prosecutors to bring charges far in excess of what is warranted and defendants to plead guilty even when they believe that they are not.
But they do highlight the need to closely monitor the benefits and adverse effects of these medications in individual patients, to prescribe the minimal amount needed to achieve the therapeutic goal to consider the addition of nonpharmacological approaches that may improve outcomes.
In addition, they can develop considerable amount of shame over their inadequacy to liberate their parents from alcoholism.
In addition, Raimi needed $ 3 million to finish his movie, but Universal was not willing to give him the money and delayed its release because they were upset that De Laurentiis would not give them the rights to the Hannibal Lecter character so that they could film a sequel to Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs.
In addition, the seed germination period can be 50 days or more, which increases the risk of the seeds rotting before they germinate.
In addition, they toured pre-independence Namibia ( then South West Africa ), in 1955, 1962, 1968, and 1974.
In addition, biopolymers have the potential to cut carbon emissions and reduce CO < sub > 2 </ sub > quantities in the atmosphere: this is because the CO < sub > 2 </ sub > released when they degrade can be reabsorbed by crops grown to replace them: this makes them close to carbon neutral.
For one thing they had too good an opinion of their own ability ... Another point was their faulty field dispositions, and in addition there was rampant indiscipline and inexperience displayed ...
In addition to the deep chestnut colour of their coats, they have bright white stripes on their sides to help camouflage them from their enemies.
In addition, manufacturers are now obliged to provide conformity risk assessments and test reports – or explain why they are lacking.
In addition, they played dances in the evenings, including regular ones at the ballroom on Thursdays and Saturdays.
In addition they shot dead three local people.

addition and are
The networks for military communications are one of the best examples of networks which not only must be changed with the changes in objectives but also must be changed with the addition of new machines of war.
In addition, there are many areas of the human situation besides the impact of science and technology which are examined, for science-fiction dystopias often extrapolate political, social, economic tendencies only indirectly related to science and technology.
In addition, no two Rhode Island communities are identical in relation to their over-all financial condition.
In addition to the basic programs in wavelength standards, spectroscopy, solid state physics, interactions of the free electron and atomic constants which are necessary to provide the foundation for technological progress, the Bureau has strengthened its activities in laboratory astrophysics.
In addition to the many appearances of these organizations throughout the college year, there are concerts by students of the music department, by members of the music faculty, and by visiting artists.
Mr. Devey's new responsibilities are in addition to those of his present post as marketing manager of Sprague's Special Products Group, which manufactures a wide line of digital electronic components, packaged component assemblies, and high temperature magnet wires.
But Schnabel was a great teacher in addition to being a great performer, and the fact that four of the ten versions I listened to are by Schnabel pupils ( Clifford Curzon, Frank Glazer, Adrian Aeschbacher, and Victor Babin ) also sheds light on the master's pedagogical skills.
In addition to this the U. S. Civil Service Bureau, when examining applicants for government positions as interior designers, expects that `` when various needed objects are not obtainable on the market he will design them.
In addition, the polyphosphates are also used, probably acting more as peptizing agents than anything else.
Certain other properties of small particles, in addition to those already mentioned in connection with penetration of the respiratory tract, are noteworthy in defense considerations.
Since emotional reactions in the higher vertebrates depend on individual experience and are aroused in man, in addition, by complex symbols, one would expect that the hypothalamus could be excited from the cortex.
Two very useful ways for modifying a form-dictionary are the addition to the dictionary of complete paradigms rather than single forms and the application of a single change to more than one dictionary form.
In the new process impurities present in the solvent ( benzene ), the monomer, and in the reaction system which would cause deactivation of propagation centers, are rendered inactive prior to polymerization by gradual addition of initiator, a mixture of butyl-lithium and telomeric styryl-lithium, at a temperature low enough to suppress chain growth.
You still have your paper hat and you're wearing it, but then, it is an extraordinary paper hat and, in addition to anything else you may be, you are also the sculptor who created that most peculiar dame out in the back yard.
In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Goodman are controllers, Mrs. Paul Stone is treasurer and Mrs. Albert Quell is in charge of admittance for the dancing at 9 P.m..
In addition to the paintings are drawings, prints, and illustrations.
The Christian Science Monitor reports that " Counterinsurgency efforts focus on better grasping and meeting local needs " in Afghanistan, under the Human Terrain System ( HTS ) program ; in addition, HTS teams are working with the US military in Iraq.
Roughly 26 % are followers of traditional forms of Protestantism ( Congregationals, Methodists, Baptista, Lutherans, Reformed ), but over the last decades there has in addition been a growth of Pentecostal communities and African Initiated Churches.
As per the American Dental Association, regular brushing and proper flossing are enough in most cases although the ADA has placed its Seal of Approval on many mouthwashes containing alcohol ( in addition to regular dental check-ups ).
In addition, Ten Moments of Significance, documenting the year ’ s media milestones, are entered into an ongoing almanac.
In addition, there are six extraprovincial churches, five of which are under the metropolitical authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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