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anonymous and interview
In these segments, the documentary crew would interview an anonymous otaku, typically ashamed at being a fan and whose face are censored with a mosaic and have their voices digitally masked.
Suchomel apparently agreed to provide Lanzmann with some anonymous background details ; Lanzmann instead secretly filmed his interview, with the help of assistants and a hidden camera.
In a 1980 interview with the New York Times, de Borchgrave mentions that he came up with the idea for a novel after he and his wife had to hide in the English countryside, after anonymous threats were made in response to a Newsweek article he wrote that named some of the terrorists behind the 1972 Munich massacre.
* An interview with an anonymous gay Japanese man
In its first year, the show was briefly the subject of a police investigation into obscenity charges, when a CBC employee who disliked the show filed an anonymous complaint about an interview with underground performance artist Karen Finley, although the investigation was dropped by the police without charges.
Covers may also occasionally feature a public figure, when a major feature interview with that person appears in the magazine — David Miller appeared on the cover in a leather jacket, Jack Layton and Olivia Chow appeared together flanked by a Mountie in dress leathers, and Julian Fantino posed in his police uniform with a row of otherwise anonymous models dressed as The Village People.
In 1981, former Republican Party strategist Lee Atwater when giving an anonymous interview discussing the GOP's Southern Strategy ( see also Lee Atwater on the Southern Strategy ) said:
The incident began when Delio published an article at MIT Technology Review based on an interview with an anonymous insider at Hewlett-Packard who claimed the existence of a misogynistic attitude at the company towards then-CEO Carly Fiorina and female staff in general.
Notably, a May 11th article in the Chicago Defender, a popular black newspaper circulated throughout the South, recounted an interview with an anonymous white male from Poplarville, MS claiming to have personal knowledge that the charges against Parker were fabricated.
On March 1, 2007 Kotaku reported – as a follow-up to an interview with the Game Developers Conference executive director, Jamil Moledina, who said that Sony's Phil Harrison's keynote would make PlayStation 3 owners " very happy " – a rumor from an anonymous tipster that the PlayStation 3 would be releasing " PlayStation Home ," an achievement and virtual avatar add-on.

anonymous and with
when he went home at night, he took her with him in his mind, and she did the things the anonymous Woman used to do, and he did the thing afterwards each time as he used to do.
Moreover the centralization of our economy during the 1920s, the dislocations of the Depression, the common ethos of Materialism everywhere, all contributed in various ways to the face-lifting that replaced Mike Fink and the Great Gatsby with the anonymous physiognomy of the Little People.
Does it employ crude pressure tactics with such means as anonymous telephone calls and letter writing campaigns??
Faced with a desperate need for money, Nin, Miller and some of their friends began in the 1940s to write erotic and pornographic narratives for an anonymous " collector " for a dollar a page, somewhat as a joke .< ref >
He is also associated with the first recorded instance of a cycling traffic offence, when a Glasgow newspaper in 1842 reported an accident in which an anonymous " gentleman from Dumfries-shire ... bestride a velocipede ... of ingenious design " knocked over a little girl in Glasgow and was fined five shillings.
Bede would also have been familiar with more recent accounts such as Eddius Stephanus's Life of Wilfrid, and anonymous Lives of Gregory the Great and Cuthbert.
The visions in the latter half of Daniel are theorized to be written by an anonymous author in the Maccabean era, who assembled the legends with the visions as one book, in the 2nd century BCE.
" Many scholars argue that this collection originally consisted of three independent and anonymous prophecies, two of which were subsequently appended to the book of Zechariah ( as what scholars refer to as Deutero-Zechariah ) with the third becoming the book of Malachi.
Several scholars consider the book to be anonymous, with verse 1: 1 being a later addition.
To anonymous laborers fell the less skilled stages of brick production: mixing clay and water, driving oxen over the mixture to trample it into a thick paste, scooping the paste into standardized wooden frames ( to produce a brick roughly 42 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 10 cm thick ), smoothing the surfaces with a wire-strung bow, removing them from the frames, printing the fronts and backs with stamps that indicated where the bricks came from and who made them, loading the kilns with fuel ( likelier wood than coal ), stacking the bricks in the kiln, removing them to cool while the kilns were still hot, and bundling them into pallets for transportation.
" gives the life in full, together with an appendix on the miracles of the saint, written by an anonymous member of the Bobbio community.
One of the first written references is from an anonymous 13th-century North Africa / Andalusian cookbook, Kitāb al-tabǐkh fǐ al-Maghrib ( North Africa ) wa ' l-Andalus ( Arabic ) " The cookbook of the Maghreb and Al-Andalus ", with a recipe for couscous that was ' known all over the world '.
From there one can pay professional advisors to set up IBCs ( International Business Corporations, or corporations with anonymous ownership ) or similar structures in OFCs ( Offshore Financial Centers ).
His publishing career began humbly, with an anonymous collection of poems, Tamerlane and Other Poems ( 1827 ), credited only to " a Bostonian ".
In this respect, problems of compliance with Article 6 may arise when national laws allow the use in evidence of the testimonies of absent, anonymous and vulnerable witnesses.
Selden b. 26, which dates from circa 1458 AD, contains an anonymous Christmas carol ( f. 8 ) which begins with the lyrics:
The practices of anonymous groups and individuals also vary widely, and practitioners by no means always agree with each other's practices.
The company reportedly got its start with a bequest from an anonymous benefactor.
" Another July 1816 anonymous review, for the Anti-Jacobin, discussed the origin of the poem but dismissed the poem with lukewarm praise: " These have none of the wildness or deformity, of ' Christabel '; and though they are not marked by any striking beauties, they are not wholly discreditable to the author's talents.
" The next review came in the January 1817 Monthly Review, with the anonymous reviewer questioning: " Allowing every possible accuracy to the statement of Mr. Coleridge, we would yet ask him whether this extraordinary fragment was not rather the effect of rapid and instant composition after he was awake, than of memory immediately recording that which he dreamt when asleep?
* In mathematical logic and computer science, lambda is used to introduce an anonymous function expressed with the concepts of lambda calculus.

anonymous and French
Exemplifying the French School are the early Avignon Pietà of Enguerrand Quarton ; the anonymous painting of King Jean le Bon ( c. 1360 ), possibly the oldest independent portrait in Western painting to survive from the postclassical era ; Hyacinthe Rigaud's Louis XIV ; Jacques-Louis David's The Coronation of Napoleon ; and Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.
Rømer presented his results to the French Academy of Sciences, and it was summarised soon after by an anonymous reporter in a short paper,, published 7 December 1676 in the Journal des sçavans.
The discovery was reported in Courrier de l ' Égypte, the official newspaper of the French expedition, in September: the anonymous reporter expressed a hope that the stone might one day be the key to deciphering hieroglyphs.
A translation of the Historia into Old French, made around 1223, was particularly well-circulated and had many anonymous additions made to it in the 13th century.
After she broke-up with Richard Chanfray, Dalida had relationships with various anonymous men such as a sound technician, a lawyer, an Egyptian jumbo jet pilot, and lastly a French doctor named François during the period 1986-1987.
Stories have also been adapted by other dramatists, including John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi ( part 1, story 24 ), Philip Massinger, The Picture ( Massinger play ) ( part 1, story 19 ), the same source as that of Cymbeline, John Marston and Jean Mairet, Sophonisba ( part 1, story 35 ), John Fletcher, The Maid in the Inn ( part 2, story 11 ), and the anonymous 17th century French author of The Cruel Moor ( 1618 ) ( part 3, story 17 ).
In 2004, French judges were given a list by an anonymous source containing the names of politicians and others who, it was alleged, had deposited kickbacks from a 1991 arms sale to Taiwan into secret accounts at Clearstream, a private bank in Luxembourg.
In 1821 appeared Confessions of an English Opium-Eater of Thomas de Quincey, it was translated into French in 1828 by an anonymous author that signed as ADM, which turned out to be Alfred de Musset.
Pantagruel was a sequel to an anonymous book entitled The Great Chronicles of the Great and Enormous Giant Gargantua ( in French, Les Grandes Chroniques du Grand et Enorme Géant Gargantua ).
* JR ( artist ), anonymous French artist working in international slums
Following anonymous complaints, the Office québécois de la langue française had instructed them to inform and serve their customers in French and replace their bilingual French and English signs with unilingual French ones.
Two French collections are probably the most famous: Le Viandier (" The Provisioner ") was compiled in the late 14th century by Guillaume Tirel, master chef for two French kings ; and Le Menagier de Paris (" The Householder of Paris "), a household book written by an anonymous middle class Parisian in the 1390s.
The only copy manuscript of this text is in French, and although the style is very close to that of Dunbar's, it is unlikely that he was the author of this anonymous text.
The anonymous French actress ( Emmanuelle Riva ) who is the main character in the film Hiroshima mon amour by Alain Resnais is from Nevers, and the film features many flashbacks to her youth there during World War II.
* Queste del Saint Graal ( The Quest of the Holy Grail ), anonymous French author
* The Song of Roland, anonymous French author
Portraits of Archduke Albert and his wife, Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain | Infanta Isabella, by an anonymous 17th century master, after originals by Frans Pourbus the younger. While pursuing the war as well as he could, Albert made overtures for peace with Spain's enemies, but only the French King was disposed to enter official negotiations.
It is believed that Shakespeare could have read the story in French, or in an unpublished English version, or he could have learned of it from an anonymous English play, The History of Felix and Philiomena, which may have been based on Diana, and which was performed for the court at Greenwich Palace by the Queen's Men on 3 January 1585.
Two other 17th century works were La chevalerie de Judas Macabé by the French dramatist and tragedian Pierre du Ryer ( c. 1600 – 1658 ) and the anonymous neo-Latin work Judas Machabaeus ( Rome, 1695 ).
The oldest extant version of the anonymous Old French chanson de geste Quatre Fils Aymon dates from the late 12th century and comprises 18, 489 alexandrine ( 12 syllable ) verses grouped in assonanced and rhymed laisses ( the first 12, 120 verses use assonance ; critics suggest that the rhymed laisses derive from a different poet ).
Its program was structured around a series of anonymous competitions that culminated in the grand prix de l ' Académie Royale, more familiar as the Grand Prix de Rome, for its winner was awarded a bourse and a place at the French Academy in Rome.

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