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attempt and soothe
He reportedly ordered organ music to be played constantly throughout the palace in an attempt to soothe his frenzied mind, and it was rumoured that his taste for attendants extended as far as " devouring " a number of them during his reign.
According to Korean folklore, a woman, in an attempt to soothe her crying child, said " Here comes a tiger to come and get you.
Bonifacio IX, in an attempt to soothe the disputes made “ The Rocca di Macereto a county, naming Bante and Apollonio, the sons of the notary Cataldino Boncompagni, Counts of Macereto .” At the end of the trecento the Boncompagni household left the isolated Castle of Macereto and moved down to Visso, taking an active role in the battles that culminated for them in 1499 when the Camerinese killed Cataldino Boncompagni.

attempt and public
The public interest is so dominant in such an issue that I cannot be so presumptuous as to attempt to settle it by an administrative order based upon conclusions reached in a summary action in one or two Superior Courts in the State.
In general, it appears that trustees and board members attempt to represent the public interest in their administration of educational policy, and this is made easier by the fact that the dominant values of the society are middle-class values, which are generally thought to be valid for the entire society.
Like the other policy-making groups, these are middle class in their educational attitudes, and they attempt to act in the general public interest, as they see it.
Next day, reports went through the Department that Rooney had been outraged by what he considered a patent attempt to put public pressure on him for increased entertainment allowances and had sworn an oath that, that year, expense allowances would not rise a dollar.
* 1943 – U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in an attempt to check inflation, freezes wages and prices, prohibits workers from changing jobs unless the war effort would be aided thereby, and bars rate increases by common carriers and public utilities.
A suicide attempt with sleeping pills two days earlier was denied by her public relations manager.
Although the concept of consilience in Whewell's sense was widely discussed by philosophers of science, the term was unfamiliar to the broader public until the end of the 20th century, when it was revived in Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, a 1998 book by the humanist biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, as an attempt to bridge the culture gap between the sciences and the humanities that was the subject of C. P. Snow's The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution ( 1959 ).
In 1819, Dartmouth College was the subject of the historic Dartmouth College case, which challenged New Hampshire's 1816 attempt to amend the College's royal charter to make the school a public university.
Neorealism exploded soon after the war, with unforgettable works such as Rossellini's trilogy Rome, Open City ( 1945 ), Paisà ( 1946 ), and Germany, Year Zero ( 1948 ), and with extraordinary actors such as Anna Magnani, as an attempt to describe the difficult economic and moral conditions of Italy and the changes in public mentality in everyday life.
* 1937 – Yekatit 12: During a public ceremony at the Viceregal Palace ( the former Imperial residence ) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, two Ethiopian nationalists of Eritrean origin attempt to kill viceroy Rodolfo Graziani with a number of grenades.
In January 2005, Conté survived a suspected assassination attempt while making a rare public appearance in the capital Conakry.
Partly in response to a public relation move to acknowledge global warming and attempt to reduce their carbon emissions ( see Business action on climate change ).
Another important constitutional move at Roncaglia was the establishment of a new peace ( Landfrieden ) for all of the Empire, an attempt to ( on the one hand ) abolish private feuds not only between the many dukes, but on the other hand a means to tie the Emperor's subordinates to a legal system of jurisdiction and public prosecution of criminal acts — a predecessor of the modern concept of " rule of law ".
However, since network news use of the term pertained primarily to the criminal activities despite this attempt by the technical community to preserve and distinguish the original meaning, the mainstream media and general public continue to describe computer criminals with all levels of technical sophistication as " hackers " and does not generally make use of the word in any of its non-criminal connotations.
The final attempt of the Hoover Administration to rescue the economy occurred in 1932 with the passage of the Emergency Relief and Construction Act, which authorized funds for public works programs and the creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation ( RFC ).
Programs have been instituted in public libraries across the United States in an attempt to improve literacy rates.
This was predicated by an attempt on Luthor's part to link Superman to a kryptonite asteroid that is hurtling toward Earth, claiming that he had ' evidence '- which he declined to share while claiming that it would make the public laud his actions if they knew it-that the asteroid was being drawn to Earth by Superman, offering a billion dollar reward for Superman's capture that pitted Superman and Batman against an army of villains, all of whom they defeated.
He stated in an internal e-mail message that reporters should not " artificially hold < nowiki ></ nowiki > George W. Bush and John Kerry ' equally ' accountable " to the public interest, and that complaints from Bush supporters were an attempt to " get away with ... renewed efforts to win the election by destroying Senator Kerry.
An attempt to cover up the death was foiled when the mother of the dead man discovered the marks of torture on his body and made the knowledge public, therefore triggering the riots.
# To study local conditions and attempt to remedy any that may be prejudicial to the best interests of Cornwall by the creation of public opinion or other means.
Out of this collision of ideals derived from Romanticism, and an attempt to find a way for knowledge to explain that which was as yet unknown, came the first wave of works, which, while their authors considered them extensions of existing trends in art, broke the implicit contract with the general public that artists were the interpreters and representatives of bourgeois culture and ideas.
In an attempt to thwart or pre-empt being outed, LGBT public figures may decide to come out publicly first.
" One reason for this was an attempt to attract members of the growing merchant class, newly wealthy, but still less cultured than the nobility, to the public opera houses.
Nevertheless, the government has increased investment in public transportation in an attempt to decrease vehicle dependency and road congestion.

attempt and ire
Stine flies to New York in an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile with Gabby, earning Buddy's ire.
The report drew the ire of some historians in Australia, who claimed that it was a deliberate attempt on the part of the Government to politicise the museum and move it more towards a position which Geoffrey Blainey called the ' three cheers ' view of Australian history, rather than the ' black armband ' view.

attempt and took
I really loved that boy, and, in a feverish attempt to preserve our marriage and to try to revive the wonderful, wonderful person Letch had once been, I took my troubles to Momma, hoping that her earthy advice would help me.
McClellan, a young West Point graduate, railroad executive, and Pennsylvania Democrat, took several months to plan and attempt his Peninsula Campaign, longer than Lincoln wanted.
A second attempt took place in 437 BC on the same site under the guidance of Hagnon, son of Nicias.
Abiathar was deposed ( the sole historical instance of the deposition of a high priest ) and banished to his home at Anathoth by Solomon, because he took part in the attempt to raise Adonijah to the throne.
Alma took two of his sons, the sons of Mosiah, Amulek, and Zeezrom on a mission among the Zoramites in an attempt to restore their loyalty to both the Church and the state.
In February, the people rose again: Alexius IV was imprisoned and executed, and Murzuphlus took the purple as Alexius V. He made some attempt to repair the walls and organise the citizenry, but there had been no opportunity to bring in troops from the provinces and the guards were demoralised by the revolution.
An attempt was made to revive the old Northwestern League in 1891, but it also collapsed in mid-season, and Detroit professional baseball took a short hiatus.
At some time in 299, the Emperors took part in a ceremony of sacrifice and divination in an attempt to predict the future.
Barrios had ambitions of reuniting Central America and took the country to war in an unsuccessful attempt to attain this, losing his life on the battlefield in 1885 against forces in El Salvador.
He took part in the religious colloquy of Regensburg in 1541 where Elector Joachim II made a last attempt to bridge the differences between the Romanists and evangelicals and with his nephew requested Luther's cooperation.
In 1981 the 23-F coup d ' état attempt took place.
Chalmers's ideals demonstrated that the church was concerned with the problems of urban society, and they represented a real attempt to overcome the social fragmentation that took place in industrial towns and cities.
Others took issue with the large main lobby, particularly its attempt to lure casual visitors.
Ayyub marched on Cairo in an attempt to drive out al-Adil, but during his absence al-Kamil's brother as-Salih Isma ' il took over Damascus, and Ayyub was taken prisoner by an-Nasir Dawud.
The expedition made its way back north, where it narrowly escaped an ambush attempt arranged by the Basques in the pass of Roncevaux thanks to the precautions he took, i. e. hostages.
The attempt by the 5th century editor to accommodate two independent and sometimes conflicting sources accounts for the confusion over such matters as how many pairs of animals Noah took, and how long the flood lasted.
The Tractatus, as Bertrand Russell saw it ( though it should be noted that Wittgenstein took strong exception to Russell's reading ), had been an attempt to set out a logically perfect language, building on Russell's own work.
The ball bounced off Hinton's hands, was tipped by Dallas defensive back Mel Renfro, and finally ended up in the arms of tight end John Mackey, who took the ball 75 yards for a touchdown, tying the score 6 – 6 after Jim O ' Brien's extra point attempt was blocked.
The Raiders took the opening kickoff and advanced all the way to the Vikings 12-yard line, but came up empty after kicker Errol Mann hit the left upright on his 29-yard field goal attempt.
The disregarded duke took part in a conspiracy aimed at the murder of Stephen I, but the assassination attempt failed and Vazul had his eyes gouged out and molten lead poured in his ears.
Byrne took legal action against the rest of the band to prevent them using the name " Talking Heads ", something he saw as " a pretty obvious attempt to cash in on the Talking Heads name.
Louis, however, took too aggressive a path in his attempt to secure French hegemony in Europe.
He took a leading part in the deliberations of this assembly, and during the sittings made a journey to France, England and Burgundy in a vain attempt to secure the abdication of the three rival popes.
Montgomery therefore took the initiative to meet with Patton in an attempt to work out a coordinated campaign.

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