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interview and Brooks
In a 2010 interview by Kevin Kelly for an article in Wired Magazine, Brooks was asked " What do you consider your greatest technological achievement?
Stevens gave an interview for the radio series, American Country Countdown, hosted by Nashville songwriter and half of the Brooks and Dunn duo, Kix Brooks.
Similar ' big moments ' occurred in a visit from Screamin ' Jay Hawkins (" I Put a Spell on You "), when the singer appeared in the studios in Culver City dressed in black cape, distributing explosives flash paper to great effect, and when Mel Brooks came in for an interview and was presented with an " absolutely HUGE " cheese cake from Canter's Deli on Fairfax Avenue.
The 2000 Year Old Man: The Complete History DVD was released November 24, 2009 and features an interview with Reiner and Brooks ; the 1975 animated 2000 Year Old Man television special, and clips of the two appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show and The New Steve Allen Show.
Pabst's second choice was Marlene Dietrich ; in an interview many years later, Brooks stated that Pabst was reluctant to hire Dietrich, as he felt she was too old ( at 27 ) and not a good fit for the character.
* Mike McConnell, Russ Feingold, David Brooks, Bob Woodward, Stephen Hayes Meet the Press, July 22, 2007, transcript of McConnell's first TV interview as Director of National Intelligence
Henley later claimed that he had not known of Corll's true intentions towards Aguirre when he had persuaded the youth to accompany him to Corll's home: In a 2010 interview, he claimed to have attempted to persuade Corll not to assault and kill Aguirre once Corll and Brooks had bound and gagged the youth.
In a 2005 online interview, Burck cited Nancy Reagan and Garth Brooks as two of his leading inspirations.
In a July 2008 interview, Brooks described plans to redevelop part of downtown Newport News, a city that shares many of the same social problems as New Orleans.
Brooks ' public relations agent Dave Wilson told CNN that she did not know she was going to be arrested when she arrived for a pre-arranged interview with London's Metropolitan Police Service.
According to Brooks ( in an interview filmed for the 1988 Bacall on Bogart documentary ), the film was originally called MASH, a title rejected by MGM because the studio thought people would think the film had something to do with potatoes.
Soon afterwards, other wrestlers followed in Kaz's footsteps until it was revealed in an interview that the relationship between Roode and Brooks was merely that of employer and employee, and that Brooks chose to put up with Roode's actions because she needed to raise money for her ill mother.
During an interview with Goldy Locks, Brooks and Veronica announced that TNA officials would no longer allow women to compete against men ; however, they would continue to work together as a stable named Bitchslap.
In a July 1999 interview with Gavin Smith in Film Comment, Brooks said that The Scout was originally intended for Rodney Dangerfield.
* Ray Brooks interview by Chris Hunt, 1986, discussing his films of the Sixties
During an interview with Goldy Locks, Brooks and Stevens announced that TNA officials would no longer allow women to compete against men ; however, they would continue to work together as a stable named Bitchslap.

interview and mentioned
In 2003, while promoting X2, Hugh Jackman mentioned in an interview on UK television morning talk show This Morning that he planned to make a biopic of Bill Bixby, that he had been drawn to the project by Bryan Singer and that it was a project he loved.
" In that interview he also mentioned a course he has twice given at Indiana University, in which he took a " skeptical look at a number of highly-touted AI projects and overall approaches.
On May 9, during a formal interview by Detective Bryn Ridge, Echols mentioned that one of the victims had wounds to the genitals, and this was felt to be incriminating knowledge.
In her interview with Howard Stern, Plato mentioned that the traumatic events of her mother ’ s death and her husband ’ s leaving her took place during the course of only a week.
Stern later mentioned that she was scheduled to appear at a concert event, The Expo of the Extreme, in Chicago two weeks after the interview.
In an April 2007 interview, Gerald Casale mentioned an upcoming project for a movie about Devo's early days.
George Lucas is said to have mentioned in an interview that he saw a " Jidaigeki " program in TV while in Japan a year or so before A New Hope was made and liked the word.
In an interview, he mentioned buying Pedloe Island off the coast of California to turn it into an Oz park.
King later mentioned during an interview with Fresh Air's Terry Gross that he wanted to completely destroy the vehicle himself with a pickaxe.
In an interview with The Skinny in July 2008, Tricky mentioned that it was the first time that he had decided to let someone co-produce an album with him, the person in question being Bernard Butler, ex-Suede guitarist.
In another interview, Gilliam also mentioned, in relation to the 9. 8mm Kinoptic lens he had first used on Brazil, that wide-angle lenses make small film sets " look big ".
George Harrison first mentioned the Traveling Wilburys during a radio interview with Bob Coburn on the Rockline radio station in February 1988.
Ideon's article also mentioned the fact that Meri himself had shown concern for the condition of the then Soviet-era construction ( in one memorable case Meri, having arrived from Japan, led the group of journalists that were expecting him, to the airport's toilets to do the interview there, in order to point out the shoddy condition of the facilities ).
Quinto mentioned he heard about the new film and revealed his interest in the role in a December 2006 interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Peter Molyneux led development and mentioned in an interview that the reason the player could manipulate terrain was that he was too lazy to design the many pre-defined maps that would have otherwise been required.
Also mentioned in the DVD's documentary interview was the original title for the movie, " The Day the World Stops.
In an interview, Eaken mentioned hour-long meetings of the development team trying to come up with a better title than Fate of Atlantis, though the staff members could never think of one and always ended up with names such as " Indiana Jones Does Atlantis ".
At the time the sequel was aired, Scott mentioned in a TV Guide interview that he told the Academy to donate his Oscar to the Patton Museum but since the instructions were never put in writing, it was never delivered.
In June 2008, Dr. Drew Pinsky, in an interview for Playboy, mentioned his belief that for Tom Cruise to be " drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology ," he was likely to have emotional problems.
Danielewski leaves much of the interpretation of the choice of colors up to the reader, but he has mentioned in an interview that the choice of the color blue is in part drawn from how it is used in filmmaking.
As with many artists, they have themselves raised questions about their earlier work ; Rob Brown mentioned that Incunabula and Amber retrospectively sounded " cheesy " in a 2008 interview with Pitchfork Media prior to the release of Quaristice.
In a recent interview with FUSE TV, Leigh mentioned that the next project will be an ambient worship album.
There has been some speculation that the identity of this officer was Oleg Penkovsky, however during his radio interview to Russian station Echo of Moscow Vladimir Rezun ( alias Victor Suvorov ) denied this, saying " I never mentioned it was Penkovsky " No executed GRU traitors ( Penkovsky aside ) are known matching scant Suvorov's description given in " Aquarium "
" Crispin later mentioned being in character during the interview.

interview and conversation
My curiosity was sharpened a day or two before the interview by a conversation I had with a well-informed teacher of literature, a Jesuit father, at a conference on religious drama near Paris.
The evidence in court was testimony about the interview, which for Holmes lasted an hour, although at least one white student at Georgia got through this ritual by a simple phone conversation.
Capp was the Playboy interview subject in December 1965, in a conversation conducted by Alvin Toffler.
In the ensuing conversation with Harty, as described by biographer David Buckley, " the singer made hardly any sense at all throughout what was quite an extensive interview.
Directed by Micheal Bate and co-written by Bate and David McDonald, the production was inspired by a March 1973 interview that Bate conducted with Parsons, which became Parsons ' last recorded conversation.
Exline also belonged to an amateur softball league but the Coens changed it to bowling in the movie because " it's a very social sport where you can sit around and drink and smoke while engaging in inane conversation ," Ethan said in an interview.
In a 2001 interview, he said: " Polite conversation has never been one of my strong points.
Throughout the 1960s, Haley was responsible for some of the magazine's most notable interviews, including an interview with American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell, who agreed to meet with Haley only after Haley, in a phone conversation, assured him that he was not Jewish.
The " Soldier's Boot Camp " follows the actors as they take preparation for their roles to an extreme ( 30 minutes )), " One Hour Over Tokyo " and " The Unsung Heroes of Pearl Harbor ", two History Channel documentaries along with " Super-8 Montage ", a collection of unseen Super-8 footage shot for potential use in the movie by Michael Bay's assistant, Mark Palansky ; " Deconstructing Destruction ", an in-depth conversation with Michael Bay and Eric Brevig ( of Industrial Light and Magic ) about the special effects in the movie and " Nurse Ruth Erickson interview " complete the extra features component.
In an interview with John Preston of the Daily Telegraph, published in September 2007, she recounted having tea with Adolf Hitler during a visit to Munich in June 1937, when she was visiting Germany with her mother and her sister Unity, the latter being the only one of the three who spoke German and, therefore the one who carried on the entire conversation with Hitler.
According to Callan: " I mentioned, just in the course of conversation, that I was Jewish at which Lady Mosley went ashen, snapped a crimson nail and left the room ... No explanation was given but she would later write to a friend: A nice, polite reporter came to interview Tom Mosley was known but he turned out to be Jewish and was sitting there at our table.
Maffei's interview reports Cristofori's memory of his conversation with the Prince at this time:
* Infinity Plus has a short profile of Eric Brown, as well as an interview conducted by Keith Brooke and an earlier conversation between the two, and Brooke's introduction to Brown's collection Deep Future.
As Alexander explains in an interview for the Seinfeld DVD, during an early conversation with David, Alexander questioned a script, saying, " This could never happen to anyone, and even if it did, no human being would react like this.
Later in the same interview, Rubin recounted a conversation he had with former US Senator and US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland George Mitchell:
" Mickey Mantle, in an interview for Ken Burns ' Baseball documentary series, relates that Don Larsen, famed for his 1956 World Series perfect game, tried to talk about his no-hitter throughout the contest but much to his chagrin his Yankee teammates avoided his conversation and maintained the superstition.
His remark from an interview in support of SETI, " We could be in the middle of an intergalactic conversation ... and we wouldn't even know.
Their plan was that the final section of each show would become a conversation rather than a formal interview.
* A conversation with designer Ettore Sottsass, television interview with Charlie Rose, 29 November 2004, video.
In this way, the two people can carry out a virtual face-to-face conversation for the interview.
Since you ’ ve got these five men under arrest, it will be best to taper the matter off here .” This conversation implicitly stated that the FBI should not interview Manuel Ogarrio and Kenneth Dahlberg, individuals connected with the money used to fund the Watergate burglars.
Ken travels to Tashmore Lake to watch over the cabin and to interview Tom Greenleaf ( John Dunn Hill ), the only witness to Mort and Shooter's conversation.
In a 2009 interview, former Red Wings Head coach Scotty Bowman recalled a conversation between Gretzky and him: " I talked to Wayne Gretzky about that six or seven years ago and he said to me: ' I couldn't play forward and defence.
Kilgallen claimed she conducted an interview with Jack Ruby inside the Dallas courthouse where he was tried for the shooting death of Lee Harvey Oswald, although she never revealed the subject of their purported conversation.

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