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interview and with
When I went for my interview with the director I saw why.
My curiosity was sharpened a day or two before the interview by a conversation I had with a well-informed teacher of literature, a Jesuit father, at a conference on religious drama near Paris.
She concluded by asking for a brief interview -- `` to settle with you where '' -- and she threw in a tribute to his `` gentle manners '' and `` the wild originality of your countenance ''.
Interestingly enough -- although none of the real-life therapists involved could conceivably compare with Blauberman -- when groups of them began playing back interviews, they discovered any number of ways in which they wanted to polish their own interview techniques ; ;
Yet, in spite of this, intensive study of the taped interviews by teams of psychotherapists and linguists laid bare the surprising fact that, in the first five minutes of an initial interview, the patient often reveals as many as a dozen times just what's wrong with him ; ;
In an anonymous interview with a French newspaper the financier told of spending several months with her.
To begin the interview, he asked if Thayer, with more time to think it over, could add to what he had said the other day about Johnston.
Twelve projects proposed by private groups are at the contract-negotiation stage, Gordon Boyce, director of relations with the voluntary agencies, said in a Washington interview.
The railroad president made the statement in an interview as the Interstate Commerce Commission opened Round 2 of its hearing into the C & O's request to control and then merge with the B & Aj.
* An interview with Alain Connes and a discussion about it
* Footage and interview with Andy Warhol at the Anthony D ' Offay Gallery in london 1986
At the time of his interview with Charles Platt, van Vogt was still president of the Californian Association of Dianetic Auditors.
In a 2004 interview with columnist Hal Bodley of USA TODAY, Colangelo defended his actions:
* Oral History interview transcript with Aage Bohr 23 & 30 January 1963, American Institute of Physics, Niels Bohr Library and Archives
* Toffler, Alvin, Playboy Magazine ( December 1965 ) interview with Al Capp, pp. 89 – 100
* Marschall, Rick, Cartoonist PROfiles # 37 ( March 1978 ) interview with Al Capp
In an interview, Brooks mentioned a conversation he'd had with Taxi Driver screenwriter Paul Schrader, in which Schrader said that Brooks's character was the only one in the movie that he could not " understand " – a remark that Brooks found amusing, as the movie's antihero was a psychotic loner.
Daria is not featured in the newer episodes, but she will make a cameo, according to an August 2011 Rolling Stone interview with Mike Judge.
In an interview included with the recent Mike Judge Collection DVD set, Judge said he was uncertain if some of the earlier episodes still existed in their uncensored form.
According to an early interview, with the city snowed under during the Great Blizzard of 1978 in Chicago, the two began preliminary work on the Computerized Bulletin Board System, or CBBS.
* A hoax interview transcript with IEEE's Computer magazine.
Dubstep producer Skream, is quoted in an interview with The Independent in September 2011 as saying " The word dubstep is being used by a lot of people and there were a lot of people being tagged with the dubstep brush.

interview and Metro
Michael Jackman, writer for Detroit's " Metro Times ," did an interview with Meatmen singer Tesco Vee, who said that the song's origins dated to the late 1970s and early 1980s in Detroit, when hardcore punk bands, unable to get booked in bars and in a city lacking all-ages clubs, would do " punk nights " at gay men's bars, creating what Vee called a " worlds collide " sort of thing.
Perkins has also collaborated with Michael Moore, according to a 2005 interview with Santa Cruz Metro, in which he stated, "( T ) his never got to actual animation, but I did work on a script with Michael Moore for a year.
* Metro Weekly interview
Part of Big Black's local unpopularity stemmed from Albini and the vitriol he regularly directed at Chicago's rock scene: by 1985 the Metro Chicago was the only club in the city that was booking punk rock shows and was also large enough to accommodate Big Black, but after performing there Albini badmouthed the club in an interview and found himself banned from it permanently.
Columnist Mike Walker, in an interview with the UK newspaper Metro, stated, " The OJ Simpson trial – the New York Times referred to us as the bible of the case – The Hugh Rodham / Clinton pardon scandal, Jesse Jackson's love child and, of course, we solved the murder of Bill Cosby's son.
In a local TV news interview, Metro TV, when asked, ' Are you truly a terrorist?
In an interview in The Metro on 20 February 2008 he stated that he is no longer recognised as Rab C. Nesbitt and rather is more likely to be stopped by fans of Oliver Twist for his recent role as Mr Bumble.
* Metro Weekly interview series
* Metro newspaper interview
An eighth series was confirmed by Will Mellor in an interview in the Metro on 21 April 2008, in which he said that they would be filming the series from November 2008 to January 2009.
* CKLN & Regent Park CBC Radio One Metro Morning interview
* Metro Investment Report Perata interview
60 Seconds Extra interview with Metro: Clare Connor
In 2008, in an interview in Argumenty i Fakty, the head of the Moscow Metro independent trade union, Svetlana Razin admitted
In an interview with Metro, Treacy spoke of his time in the prison ship, stating " I've been in prison four times now for things like shoplifting to feed my drug habit.
* Metro Weekly interview
Caushun began receiving press attention, such as a 2002 interview in the Washington, D. C. LGBT newspaper Metro Weekly a 2003 profile in the New York Times by Touré., and a feature in The Advocate.
While Holmes was presenting GMTV former Doctor Who actor Tom Baker referred in a short interview with the Metro to: " Eamonn Holmes with his terrible ' I'm eating shit ' grin ... I couldn't possibly go on, I would be sick in his lap ".
The Metro newspaper of Stockholm even sent a journalist to get an interview with Azar Habib.
* Metro Weekly interview

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