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analyzing and text
This is achieved by analyzing the text of the report, the scale of the report's transmission, the routes through which the report was transmitted, and the individual narrators involved in its transmission.
* Automatic Distillation of Structure ( ADIOS ), an algorithm that can teach itself grammar by analyzing text
In computer science and linguistics, parsing, or, more formally, syntactic analysis, is the process of analyzing a text, made of a sequence of tokens ( for example, words ), to determine its grammatical structure with respect to a given ( more or less ) formal grammar.
* WordStat-Content analysis and text mining add-on module of QDA Miner for analyzing large amounts of text data.
* WordStat – Content analysis and text mining software for analyzing large amounts of unstructured information.
Before the New Criticism became dominant, English professors in America focused their writings and teaching on historical and / or linguistic scholarship surrounding literature rather than analyzing the literary text itself.
In another essay, " The Affective Fallacy ," which served as a kind of sister essay to " The Intentional Fallacy " Wimsatt and Beardsley also discounted the reader's personal / emotional reaction to a literary work as a valid means of analyzing a text.
Xu Kai, in turn, focused on exegetical study, analyzing the meaning of Xu Shen's text, appending supplemental characters, and adding fanqie pronunciation glosses for each entry.
Finally, a probably more efficient solution has been proposed by Google and is used by its Gmail email system, performing an OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) to every mid to large size image, analyzing the text inside.
The implied audience is not the actual audience, but the one that can be inferred by reading or analyzing the text.
Units are also used by writers and dramaturges as a means of analyzing text for editing purposes.
She has produced numerous other " word works " and photo / text publications ; now exploring cookery in a mock dialogue between Julia Child and Craig Claiborne, now analyzing imagery of women in Russia or exploring responses to repression, crisis, and war.
By analyzing recorded sounds, they were able to recover the text of data being entered.
There is, however, less flexibility to retain articles by age rather than space used, and traditional text manipulation tools such as grep are less well suited to analyzing these files.
Introduction: The teacher teaches the material ina playful manner ” instead of analyzing lexis and grammar of the text in a directive manner.
There is not a definitive set of strategies, but common ones include summarizing what you have read, monitoring your reading to make sure it is still making sense, and analyzing the structure of the text ( e. g., the use of headings in science text ).
By analyzing the Hebrew text and by comparing the phrasing used here with the phrasing used in the story of Cain and Abel, Sarah found that God's " curse " is not a curse but a prophecy.
This text is a detailed 119 pages of Ridley ’ s ideas on analyzing and discussing the different methods of understanding the various concepts of Darwin.
Wimsatt used the term to refer to all forms of criticism that understood a text's effect upon the reader to be the primary route to analyzing the importance and success of that text.
Adam and Petitjean, ( 1989 ) proposed analyzing of overlaps of different text types with text sequences.
Talageri also uses the purportedly late Vedic Anukramani ( a list of poets, deities and meters ) in analyzing the text of the Rigveda that is, per current scholarly consensus, and challenged by Talageri, hundreds of years earlier.

analyzing and song
It was during that time that his pursuit of the retreating Swedes to Pomerania and Denmark ( 1658-1659 ), particularly his crossing with his entire army to the Danish isle of Alsen, was commemorated in the song of the Polish Napoleonic Legions that would eventually become the Polish national anthem, the " Dąbrowski's Mazurka ", with the words commemorating his marine excursion to the island of Als: It was only during the time of the Second Polish Republic when more modern, serious historical work begun analyzing his history that a less hagiographic account begun emerging ; Władysław Czapliński wrote that Czarniecki was " first and foremost a soldier ", and noted his faults such as brutality and greed.
Another important factor is the physiology of the animal where brain regions used in analyzing and processing information and the properties of the ear and vocal tract are critical determinants to how song is interpreted and later produced.

analyzing and Max
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have developed a computer model analyzing early toddler conversations to predict the structure of later conversations.

analyzing and wrote
He also wrote poems analyzing the details of many simple insects.
He wrote a paper analyzing the role of investment in explaining economic fluctuations.
Hal Hinson, in his review for The Washington Post, wrote, " Brooks is excellent at taking us inside the world of television, but not terribly good at analyzing it.
In 1906 he wrote a paper analyzing seismic arrival times of various recorded earthquakes.
In 1995, Dominican theologian François-Marie Dermine, a Canadian-born priest serving as exorcist for the diocese of Bologna, Italy, wrote a book, Vassula Rydén: indagine critica ( Vassula Rydén: critical inquiry ), analyzing Rydén's first six books.
He still maintained his friendship with John Fitzpatrick, wrote a book analyzing the steel strike and founded the Trade Union Educational League, which received financial support from the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, the left-led union that had contributed $ 100, 000 for relief for steel strikers.
Weber himself wrote: " An ideal type is formed by the one-sided accentuation of one or more points of view and by the synthesis of a great many diffuse, discrete, more or less present and occasionally absent concrete individual phenomena, which are arranged according to those onesidedly emphasized viewpoints into a unified analytical construct ... " It is a useful tool for comparative sociology in analyzing social or economic phenomena, having advantages over a very general, abstract idea and a specific historical example.
After analyzing all of Corben's major works, Alberto García Marcos wrote, " Den's stories seem to wander aimlessly, with a minimal plot that weaves scenes of heroism, sex and action while giving unlimited power to the imagination of the author in the design of scenes and characters and the graphic experimentation.
" In another instance of a slightly more narrow modern view, Justice Rehnquist, an opponent of substantive due process analysis, wrote in the decision of the 1989 case Graham v. Connor that " because the Fourth Amendment provides an explicit textual source of constitutional protection against this sort of physically intrusive governmental conduct, that Amendment, not the more generalized notion of ' substantive due process ,' must be the guide for analyzing these claims.
He wrote much on Italian topics, analyzing the renaissance and the approach of fascism.
Justice Sandra Day O ' Connor wrote the majority opinion of the Court, which effectively overturned Metro Broadcasting, Inc. v. FCC,, in which the Court had created a two tiered system for analyzing racial classifications.
As Sarachild wrote in 1969, " We assume that our feelings are telling us something from which we can learn ... that our feelings mean something worth analyzing ... that our feelings are saying something political, something reflecting fear that something bad will happen to us or hope, desire, knowledge that something good will happen to us.
Sergiusz Kowalski, who was analyzing the history of the journal from 1993 to 1995, wrote: “ The authors of Tygodnik Powszechny appreciate moderation, openness, readiness to dialogue and compromise ” looking for “ modus vivendi between liberal democracy and Church, between modernity and tradition ” ( Kowalski 1997: 148 )
" Mind you, long before Troubled Seas, people of high education, embracing progressive ideas and a new outlook were being shown invariably as outrageous, vulgar rogues, worse than even the ugliest freaks of the uneducated community ," he wrote, analyzing the character of Shamilov, from The Rich Fiancee, who, full of philosophical pretences, always starting on books and articles he never finishes ... in a moral sense " loses even next to the half-wit Styopushka, a society jester.
The New York Times, in analyzing the revival's failure, wrote that " What went wrong with ' Brighton Beach Memoirs ' is a case study in success and failure on Broadway today.

analyzing and is
Going back over this ground and analyzing the composition of forces which have created the present scene is one of the tasks undertaken by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, in Santa Barbara.
In analyzing the watercolors of Roy Mason, the first thing that comes to mind is their essential decorativeness, yet this word has such a varied connotation that it needs some elaboration here.
Certainly, in analyzing an action which truly faced such alternatives, `` it is never possible that no world would be preferable to some worlds, and there are in truth no circumstances in which the destruction of human life presents itself as a reasonable alternative ''.
Much effort is also put into analyzing biological systems.
It is often used in signal processing for analyzing functions or series of values, such as time domain signals.
The conservation of angular momentum is used extensively in analyzing what is called central force motion.
Constant angular momentum is extremely useful when dealing with the orbits of planets and satellites, and also when analyzing the Bohr model of the atom.
This design was introduced by Japanese manufacturer Olfa Corporation in 1956 as the world's first snap-off blade and was inspired from analyzing the sharp cutting edge produced when glass is broken and how pieces of a chocolate bar break into segments.
Bioinformatics is a branch of biological science which deals with the study of methods for storing, retrieving and analyzing biological data, such as nucleic acid ( DNA / RNA ) and protein sequence, structure, function, pathways and genetic interactions.
The actual process of analyzing and interpreting data is referred to as computational biology.
Cryptanalysis ( from the Greek kryptós, " hidden ", and analýein, " to loosen " or " to untie ") is the art and science of analyzing information systems in order to study the hidden aspects of the systems.
When analyzing the deformation or motion of solids, or the flow of fluids, it is necessary to describe the sequence or evolution of configurations throughout time.
A good reference, analyzing the methodological structure of casuistic argument, is The Abuse of Casuistry: A History of Moral Reasoning ( 1990 ), by Albert Jonsen and Stephen Toulmin ( ISBN 0-520-06960-9 ).
When analyzing electrical circuits, the actual direction of current through a specific circuit element is usually unknown.
Computer vision is a field that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding images and, in general, high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e. g., in the forms of decisions.
The scope of classical control theory is limited to single-input and single-output ( SISO ) system design, except when analyzing for disturbance rejection using a second input.
A key distinction between analysis of algorithms and computational complexity theory is that the former is devoted to analyzing the amount of resources needed by a particular algorithm to solve a problem, whereas the latter asks a more general question about all possible algorithms that could be used to solve the same problem.
A generation of cryptanalysts has cut its teeth analyzing ( that is trying to " crack ") the DES algorithm.
The historical, continental rationalism expounded by René Descartes is often regarded as antithetical to empiricism, while some contemporary rationalists assert that reason is strongest when it is supported by or consistent with empirical evidence and hence relies heavily on empirical science in analyzing justifications for belief.
In analyzing quantum states and black holes, physicist Don Page writes that " determining experimentally whether or not information is lost down black holes of solar mass ... would require more than measurements to give a rough determination of the final density matrix after a black hole evaporates ".

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