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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 364
from Brown Corpus
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any and event
In any event, the critical productivity of that time is abundant proof that if he was taking laudanum, it was never in command of him to the extent that it had been during his vagrant years.
In any event, the yearly sacrifice of 40,000 victims is a hecatomb too large to be justified by the most ardent faith.
In any event Rector sent him to the local hospital to have it checked, telling him to keep his ears open while he was in the village to see if he could find out what Kayabashi was planning.
In any event it is a form of borrowing which could be and should be rendered unnecessary.
But in any event, I submit that the power to depose belongs to Congress, not to this Court.
In the event that agreement is not reached on the use of the rupees for grant or loan purposes within six years from the date of this Agreement, the Government of the United States of America may use the local currency for any purposes authorized by Section 104 of the Act.
In the event the rupees set aside for loans under Section 104 ( E ) of the Act are not advanced within six years from the date of this Agreement because the Export-Import Bank of Washington has not approved loans or because proposed loans have not been mutually agreeable to the Export-Import Bank of Washington and the Department of Economic Affairs of the Government of India, the Government of the United States of America may use the rupees for any purpose authorized by Section 104 of the Act.
The questionnaire also stated that, in any event, all replies would be treated confidentially.
But in any event, full credit should be given to the Cost Section for its express and overt recognition of a vital distinction too often ignored in utility-cost analyses: namely, that between a cost allocation designed to reflect the actual behavior of costs in response to changes in rates of output of different classes of utility service ; ;
In any event, the extraordinary result of this injury was that he became `` psychically blind '', while at the same time, apparently, the sense of touch remained essentially intact.
This theory makes it possible for any event throughout eternity to be continuously available at any moment to consciousness.
The ordinary man and woman, however, saw little of the great professional games of those Golden Days, or of any other sporting event for that matter.
In any event, the example of Acheson's trampling by the Senate did not encourage Dulles to provoke it.
A vague feeling that Anthony Payne had had it coming was hardly a thought and was, in any event, reprehensible.
( Pp. 228-229 ) in any event, it is obvious that the anti-trust laws did not prevent the formation of some of the greatest financial empires the world has ever known, held together by some of the most fantastic ideas, all based on the fundamental notion that a corporation is an individual who can trade and exchange goods without control by the government ''.
In any event, it is an irreversible step, and if we are at all honest with ourselves, we will know we have no other alternative than to live in the world in which God has seen fit to place us.
Tilghman also failed to act decisively on these orders, which in any event were now too late to be adequately carried out.
The steps shown in the above diagram can be found in any acoustical event or process.
The named kings of Uruk may have been contemporaries of the last kings of Akkad, but in any event could not have been very prominent.
Hume understands a miracle to be any event which contradicts the laws of nature.
In any event, the Traité élémentaire was sufficiently sound to convince the next generation.
It may be viewed as didactic, mocking, or merely descriptive ; in any event it preserves the attitudes and practices that were the foundation of a long and significant tradition in Western literature.
Anomalous operation, also known as anomalous perturbation, is any paranormal phenomena in which it is said that an individual ( a ) uses Psi ( parapsychology ) to influence a physical event, or ( b ) to effect a physical change, in object.

any and whether
So far as `` sacredness '' inheres in any aspect of creation it seems to me to be found in human personality, whether in Lambarene, Africa, or in Washington, D.C..
The other reason ( and the one with which I am here concerned ) is that one thus becomes inclined to inquire of any opinion, or change of opinion, whether it represents the wisdom of experience or is only the result of the difference between youth and age which is as inevitable as the all too obvious physical differences.
But while war still serves as a catalyst for the values that Malraux wishes to express, these values are no longer linked with the triumph or defeat of any cause -- whether that of an individual assertion of the will-to-power, or a collective attempt to escape from the humiliation of oppression -- as their necessary condition.
There is even some question whether the U.S. can any longer defend itself against an initiative by the Left.
At that time consideration will be given to whether in the light of the United States supplies of rice available for Title 1, disposal, India's production, consumption and stocks of food grains, other imports from the United States and countries friendly to the United States, India's storage capacity, and other related factors, any increase would be possible in the portion of the total rice programmed which is currently planned for procurement during the first year.
Within sixty days after the receipt of notice that the Export-Import Bank is prepared to act favorably upon an application the Department of Economic Affairs will indicate to the Export-Import Bank whether or not the Department of Economic Affairs has any objection to the proposed loan.
All this, though, is simply a prelude, a curtain-raiser, for what ensues, and I doubt whether any Occidental could accurately forecast it.
It is not clear whether this system bears any resemblance to the in vivo iodinating mechanism, and a system generating peroxide has not been identified in thyroid tissue.
Obviously, a satisfactory answer to the third question is imperative, if the argument is to get under way at all, for if there is any possibility of doubt whether the patient's tactual sensitivity had been impaired by the occipital lesion, any findings whatsoever in regard to the first question become completely ambiguous and fail altogether, of course, as evidence to establish the desired conclusion.
It is very important indeed, in the field of extra-sensory perception and its relation to the survival hypothesis, to know whether the statements are actually only those which any intuitive person might venture and an eager sitter attach to himself.
However, by cultivating a wine dealer and accepting his advice, one will soon enough ascertain whether he has any knowledge of wines ( as opposed to what he may have been told by salesmen and promoters ) and, better yet, whether he has a taste for wine.
There was no way to know, no way to guess whether any one of them was surprised at Sarah's appearance, believing her to be drugged and senseless -- and just possibly dead.
There was no directive for it -- the Security Council's resolution had not mentioned political matters, and in any case the United Nations by the terms of its charter may not interfere in the political affairs of any nation, whether to unify it, federalize it or Balkanize it.
Many people seem hopeful, yet it is difficult to predict whether or not there will be any more real attainment of Christian unity in 1961 than there was in 1861.
The next traditional step then was to accept it as the authoritative textbook of the Christian faith just as one would accept a treatise on any earthly `` science '', and I submitted to its conditions according to Christ's invitation and promise that, `` If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself '' ( John 7: 17 ).
The nineteenth-century immigration, whether Protestant or Roman Catholic, was not so much concerned, for very few if any among them held slaves: they were mostly in the Northern states where slavery had disappeared or was on the way out, or were too poverty-stricken to own slaves.
These dynamic relationships, between what can be observed on the ground, as opposed to what can be observed by compiling many local observations remain fundamental in any kind of anthropology, whether cultural, biological, linguistic or archaeological.
Seaborg leaked the synthesis of the elements 95 and 96 on the U. S. radio show for children, the Quiz Kids, five days before the official presentation at an American Chemical Society meeting on 11 November 1945, when one of the listeners asked whether any new transuranium element beside plutonium and neptunium had been discovered during the war.

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