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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 412
from Brown Corpus
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any and other
She's got more guts than any other woman in the world.
The Brahmaputra has its headwaters in the tableland of the world, the towering white headwalls of the Himalayas that are unknown to man as any other space on the planet.
He was the lawman who survived more gunfights than any other famous gun-slinging character in the book.
He saw the most action, beat up more badmen with his bare fists, broke up the most gangs and sent more murderers to the gallows than any other U.S. marshal who lived before or after him.
That any sort of duty was owed by his nation to other nations would have astonished a nineteenth-century statesman.
Certainly no other seven American statesmen from any later period achieved so much in so concentrated a span of years.
As Lipton puts it: `` The Eros is felt in the magic circle of marijuana with far greater force, as a unifying principle in human relationships, than at any other time except, perhaps, in the mutual metaphysical orgasms.
it is a spectacle absolutely painful, an epiphany of the suffering flesh unredeemed by spirit, untouched by any spirit other than abasement and humiliation.
They may even enroll a colored student or two for show, though he usually turns out to be from Thailand, or any place other than the American South.
It is true that New England, more than any other section, was dedicated to education from the start.
In any social system in which communications have an importance comparable with that of production and other human factors, a point like f in Figure 2 would ( other things being equal ) be the dwelling place for the community leader, while e and h would house the next most important citizens.
So in these pages the term `` technology '' is used to include any and all means which could amplify, project, or augment man's control over himself and over other men.
Examples are in public utilities, making military aircraft and accessories, or where the investment and risk for a proprietorship would be too great for a much needed project impossible to achieve by any means other than the corporate form, e.g. constructing major airports or dams.
Drifting through a third illness, apparently without any provision for the handling of a major national emergency other than a talk with the vice-president, Eisenhower revealed the singularly static quality of his thinking.
The fact that he has cast over those materials the light of a skeptical mind does not make him any the less Southern, I rather think, for the South has been no more solid than other regions except in the political and related areas where patronage and force and intimidation and fear may produce a surface uniformity.
It may be that in this comment he has broken from the conventional pattern more violently than in any other regard, for the treatment in his books is far removed from even the genial irony of Ellen Glasgow, who was the only important novelist before him to challenge the conventional picture of planter society.
and George Washington Harris, whose Tennessee hillbilly character Sut Lovingood perpetrated more unmalicious mischief and more unintended pain than any other character in literature.
Carl says it is the greatest poem ever written to the guitar because he has never heard of any other poem to that subtle instrument.
The United States is always ready to participate with the Soviet Union in serious discussion of these or any other subjects that may lead to peace with justice.
by the same token, we reject any Soviet attempt to impose its system on us or other peoples by force or subversion.
`` Go back to America or any other place '', well-meaning friends of Captain Heard advised them, `` but put thoughts of going to Burma out of your heads ''.
`` History has this in common with every other science: that the historian is not allowed to claim any single piece of knowledge, except where he can justify his claim by exhibiting to himself in the first place, and secondly to any one else who is both able and willing to follow his demonstration, the grounds upon which it is based.

any and man
`` Lived alone here for three years, before any man came.
knowing that its ageless mass would always dwarf the short span of time allotted to any man.
Never, he'd once told Joyce, had he encountered any man or situation that called for a gun.
So great a man could not but understand, too, that the thing that moves men to sacrifice their lives is not the error of their thought, which their opponents see and attack, but the truth which the latter do not see -- any more than they see the error which mars the truth they themselves defend.
At the same time the multiple transvestitism involved -- the fat man as girl and as baby, as coquette pretending to be a baby -- touches for a moment horrifyingly upon the secret sources of a life like Jacoby's, upon the sinister dreams which form the sources of any human life.
In this respect experience is broader and full of a richer variety of potential meanings than the mind of man or any of his arts or culture are capable of making clear and distinct.
But the fact remains that even the unconscious acceptance of himself as a man of destiny divinely protected must be censored in any man who evades the responsibility for his major decisions, and thus for imposing his will on the people.
The portrait that had developed, fragmentarily but consistently, was the portrait of a man to whom serious thinking is alien enough that the making of a decision inhibits, when it does not forestall, any ability to review the decision in the light of new evidence.
and, as in the March home, any young man who called on the Szolds found himself confronted with a phalanx of femininity which made it rather difficult to direct his particular attention to any one of them.
`` I should, of course '', he said, `` like any other man, be honored and gratified should the Democrats see fit to nominate me.
The reporters were questioning the Interior man and the French officer, both of whom remained noncommittal as to what action, if any, would be taken in my regard.
As a stanch party man and a rabid Democrat, he had little tolerance for Whigs like Pike, and Pike lost any immediate personal advantage his victory over Woodruff might have gained him.
A man could travel anywhere he pleased, eat whatever he fancied -- without handing over any money ''.
But now he knows `` that an intellectual is not only a man to whom books are necessary, he is any man whose reasoning, however elementary it may be, affects and directs his life ''.
Though Walter Ulbricht, by grace of Soviet tanks, may be head man in East Germany, that does not give him any right to usurp the government of East Berlin or to absorb that semi-city into the Soviet zone.
Under any name -- Mr. Speaker, Mr. Democrat, Mr. Sam -- he was a good man.
Threaded on a skewer with new boiled potatoes, a bit of green pepper, a fresh white mushroom -- any one of these spiced meats makes a man a cook, and a meal a feast.
But with the exception of professional athletes, few contact sports and physical education activities in our schools have any carryover in the adult life of the average American man or woman.
He was promised that no harm would befall him if he would come out, but he cursed and replied that he would shoot any man coming near the door.
no individual word in The Iliad or The Odyssey can be credited to any one man ; ;

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