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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 349
from Brown Corpus
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any and social
These Seven Founders constituted an intellectual and social elite, the most respectable and disinterested leadership any revolution ever confessed.
Social invention did not have to await social theory any more than use of the warmth of a fire had to await Lavoisier or the buoyant protection of a boat the formulations of Archimedes.
In any event, whether society may have cancer, or merely a virus infection, the `` disease '', we shall find, is political, economical, social, and even medical.
Naturally this includes all communication forms, e.g. languages, or any social, political, economic or religious structures employed for such control.
His artistic accomplishments guaranteed him entry into any social gathering.
Brains and beauty, high position in both the social and intellectual worlds, athlete, fabled lover -- if ever the world was any man's oyster it was his.
As Mrs. Letch Feeley, was it any wonder that I, once the social arbiter of Filmdom, was excluded from the smart entertainments given by the Astaires, the Coopers, the Gables, the Colmans, the Rathbones, the Taylors, the Thalbergs and such devout, closely knit families as the Barrymores and the Crosbys??
The norms, as elements, refer to `` all criteria for judging the character or conduct of both individual and group actions in any social system ''.
Group pressures toward conformity are slight or non-existent, and deviant behavior in mate selection incurs few if any social sanctions.
But there is very little frank and conscious espousal of the interests of any one social class by the people who have the power to make decisions in education.
It is a matter of some disappointment to me that still many of my own countrymen are too shortsighted to ascribe any symbolic significance to the plight of a minority, such as artists, in any social order.
Her position covers a number of daily tasks common to any social director.
The ongoing grave economic situation largely prevents any government support for social institutions.
As Jacques Revel notes, the success of the Annales School, especially its use of social structures as explanatory forces contained the seeds of its own downfall, for there is " no longer any implicit consensus on which to base the unity of the social, identified with the real.
The following year, The Guardian challenged the succession law in court, claiming that it violated the European Convention on Human Rights, which provides " The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status.
: Science of the mind, or cultural or spiritual science ), a term generally used in German to refer to the humanities and social sciences ; in fact, the term " science " is used more broadly in Europe as a general term that refers to any exact knowledge.
Ballroom dance may refer, at its widest, to almost any type of social dancing as recreation.
Today, Internet forums occupy much of the same social and technological space as BBSes did, and the term BBS is often used to refer to any online forum or message board.
If there be any party which is more pledged than another to resist a policy of restrictive legislation, having for its object social coercion, that party is the Liberal party.
There is speculation as to whether this condition may occur with greater frequency in the general, untreated population ; successful social function of these potentially high-achieving individuals may lead to being labeled as normal, rather than as individuals suffering any substantial dysregulation.
As in any social dance, cooperation is vital to contra dancing.
Collectivism is any philosophic, political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human being.

any and system
by the same token, we reject any Soviet attempt to impose its system on us or other peoples by force or subversion.
An adequate system of VA hospitals is better equipped to care for the veterans than any 50 state hospitals.
Do they, the A.M.A., offer any solution other than outright abolition of a medical system unsurpassed anywhere in the world??
The highway system is an agency of government, and when it grinds up 40,000 Americans every year the government is destroying its own taxpayers, which is obviously a silly thing for any government to do.
Furthermore, unexpectedly rapid progress or a technological break-through on any one weapon system, in itself, often diminishes the relative importance of other competitive systems.
It is not clear whether this system bears any resemblance to the in vivo iodinating mechanism, and a system generating peroxide has not been identified in thyroid tissue.
International law had to fit the conditions of Europe, and nothing that could not fit this system, or the interests of the great European nations collectively, could possibly emerge as law in any meaningful sense.
It has surrendered any claims of description in favor of psychological accounts of nothingness, as in Heidegger's system ( 1929 ).
At any rate, Manchester did not lag far behind the first commercial system which was set up in 1844 between Baltimore and Washington.
Verbal and adverbial elements too participated in each epic diction, but it is for the present sufficient to mark the large nominal and adjectival supply of semantic near-equivalents, and to designate the members of any system of equivalents as basic formulas of the poetic language.
When the system is arranged for automatic leveling, the platform angles respond to any horizontal components of acceleration acting on the accelerometers.
The case histories provide some interesting illustrations of ideological diffusion, embodied in the unwed mother's inability to identify independently a given value system or behavior pattern,, and her subsequent disinclination to assume any individual responsibility for her sexual behavior.
If laborers are merely commodities competing against each other in a market place like so many bags of wheat and corn ( unsupported, by the way, by any agricultural subsidy ), then they may be pardoned for reacting with complete antagonism to a system that imposes such status upon them.
It is connected by teletype with the State Library in Albany, which will supply any book to a system that the system itself cannot provide.
Pass In Review practically guarantees enjoyment, and is a dramatic demonstration of the potentialities of any stereo music system.
But this argument cannot be pushed very far because the Communist system makes up for any shortcomings of its leaders in respect to corrosion.
Thus, an algorithm can be considered to be any sequence of operations that can be simulated by a Turing-complete system.
In the federal system, Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 32 ( i )( 4 ) provides that the court must " address the defendant personally in order to permit the defendant to speak or present any information to mitigate the sentence.
The Löwenheim-Skolem theorems tell us that if we restrict ourselves to first-order logic, any axiom system for the reals admits other models, including both models that are smaller than the reals and models that are larger.
The primary disadvantage of analog signaling is that any system has noise – i. e., random unwanted variation.
Because the percentage of each constituent can be varied, with any mixture the entire range of possible variations is called a system.

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