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assigning and God
The line between pantheism and panentheism can be blurred depending on varying definitions of God, so there have been disagreements when assigning particular notable figures to pantheism or panentheism.
The Qur ' anic passages Sura, Sura and Sura provide a basic understanding of the serious nature and consequences of assigning partners or equals to God, a sin known in Islam as Shirk.

assigning and responsibility
The Domain Name System distributes the responsibility of assigning domain names and mapping those names to IP addresses by designating authoritative name servers for each domain.
Moi sponsored irregular army units that attacked the Luo, Luhya, and Kikuyu communities, and he disclaimed responsibility by assigning the violence to ethnic clashes arising from a land dispute.
Some do so on a purely organizational basis, naming some Wizards " Head Wizards " or " Junior Wizards " or assigning sphere of responsibility to Wizards, despite the technical equality of their abilities in the game world.
They usually have the responsibility of assigning employees tasks, guiding and supervising employees on day-to-day activities, ensuring quality and quantity production, making recommendations, suggestions, and upchanneling employee problems, etc.
* Tax farming, the principle of assigning the responsibility for tax revenue collection to private citizens or groups.
Attribution can be external ( assigning causality to an outside agent or force-claiming that some outside thing motivated the event ) or internal ( assigning causality to factors within the person-taking personal responsibility or accountability for one's actions and claiming that the person was directly responsible for the event ).
His political commitment included assigning implementation responsibility to Baroness Lee, the widow of Aneurin Bevan, the charismatic leader of Labour's left wing whom Wilson had joined in resigning from the Attlee cabinet.
The Defense Reorganization Act of 1958 wanted to correct these deficiencies by assigning responsibility for Unified and Specified Command intelligence support.
Veteran Human Rights Watch researcher Cynthia J. Arnson writes that " particularly during the years 1980 – 1983 when the killing was at its height ( numbers of killings could reach as far as 35, 000 ), assigning responsibility for the violence and human rights abuses was a product of the intense ideological polarization in the United States.
A successful application to the court results in an order assigning paternity to a specific man, possibly including support responsibility and / or visitation rights.
In particular the general use of the term " responsibility " in everyday life and the legal field in particular is about assigning or apportioning blame for an event ; responsibility assumption suggests a greater ability to affect the future.
Within a week after the disaster, President Gerald Ford requested a $ 200 million appropriation for initial payments for damages, without assigning responsibility for Teton Dam ’ s failure.
* President Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco of Brazil ends the impasse over whether the Brazilian Air Force or the Brazilian Navy should control aircraft operated from the aircraft carrier Minas Gerais, assigning the responsibility to the navy.
The presence of a hiring hall places the responsibility on the union to ensure that its members are suitably qualified and responsible individuals before assigning them to an employer.
Some historians have suggested that between Nero's persecution of Christians in 64 CE, and the Jewish revolt in 66 CE, Gentile Christians saw more sense in assigning Jews, rather than Romans, responsibility for Jesus ' death.
Of the Bush administration, Scheuer warns against assigning it full responsibility for the nation's troubles since September 11, 2001.
We cannot escape this bitter truth by assigning partial responsibility to other partners who took part in the war ” Mommsen ended his essay by writing that the Federal Republic marked the end of the Sonderweg, and Germans should accept the “ burden ” of the past as way of inspiring them to do better in the future
PAS has been criticized for making clinical work with children who are alienated more confusing and Gardner's analysis has been criticized for inappropriately assigning all responsibility of the child's behavior to one parent when the child's behavior is oftentimes, but not always, the result of a dynamic in which both parents and the child play a role.
Later, Lovejoy teamed up with Richard Bierregaard to assist him with the project by assigning him the responsibility of conducting all of the fieldwork.
In 1814, he selected del Bufalo and some other priests to undertake the responsibility, assigning them to them the church of San Felice at Giano Vetusto, in the Campania region of Italy.
In 1913, the Navy could not spare ships for this purpose, so the Revenue Cutter Service ( forerunner of the United States Coast Guard ) assumed responsibility, assigning the USRC Seneca and USRC Miami to conduct the patrol.
The unit has also been delegated with the responsibility of assigning Internet domain names under the idf. il second level domain.

assigning and which
Final ratings were made on the basis of a point system which was developed after studying the distributions of actual behaviors recorded and assigning weight values to each type of behavior that was deviant from the discovered norms.
* Author: The GM plans out ( in the loosest sense ) the plot of the story of which the Player Characters will become heroes ( or villains, or rich, or whatever ); creating ( or adapting, or just choosing ) the setting, populating that region with villains and other NPCs, and assigning them any necessary backgrounds, motivations, plans and resources.
#* This is done by first noting that a sentence such as is either refutable or has some model in which it holds ; this model is simply assigning truth values to the subpropositions from which B is built.
" In the works of authors like Clemens Timpler of Heidelberg and Steinfurt, Bartolomaeus Keckermann of Heidelberg and Danzig, and Johann Heinrich Alsted of Herborn there appeared a new, unified vision of the encyclopaedia of the scientific disciplines in which ontology had the role of assigning to each of the particular sciences its proper domain.
Like Wang systems, MultiMate controlled most editing operations with function keys, assigning four functions to each of the 10 function keys, which IBM initially located at the left side of the keyboard in two vertical rows.
The term is used to embrace two ideas: " human speciesism ," which is the exclusion of all nonhuman animals from the protections afforded to humans, and the more general idea of assigning value to a being on the basis of their species, so that human beings favouring rights for chimpanzees over rights for dogs because of human-chimpanzee similarities, would be an example of " human-chimpanzee speciesism.
Because of the long-standing usage of the term " unobtainium " within the space elevator research community to describe a material with the necessary characteristics, LiftPort Group President Michael Laine has advocated assigning the term as the generic name for cables woven of carbon nanotube fibers, which seem to satisfy the requirements for this application.
* Emperor Xiao Wen Di institutes an " equal-field " system of agriculture, assigning each peasant family about 19 acres ( 140 mu ) of land, of which a small portion is to be kept permanently by the farmer and his family with the rest reverting to the state upon his death of retirement.
In order to reach ( ii ), he appeals to Carnap's theory of inductive probability, which is ( from the Bayesian point of view ) a way of assigning prior probabilities which naturally implements induction.
In military communications, Multilevel Precedence and Preemption ( MLPP ) is a priority scheme ( a ) for assigning one of several precedence levels to specific calls or messages so that the system handles them in a predetermined order and time frame, ( b ) for gaining controlled access to network resources in which calls and messages can be preempted only by higher priority calls and messages, ( c ) that is recognized only within a predefined domain, and ( d ) in which the precedence level of a call outside the predefined domain is usually not recognized.
and the method assigning the prior, which differs from one objective Bayesian to another objective Bayesian.
For example, the sentence involving Napoleon can be rewritten as “ any group of people that includes me and the parents of each person in the group must also include Napoleon ,” which is easily interpreted as a statement in second-order logic ( one would naturally start by assigning a name, such as G, to the group of people under consideration ).
A DEM-simulation is started by first generating a model, which results in spatially orienting all particles and assigning an initial velocity.
The VGP is also in charge of the local fraternity's Grievance Board which is in charge of assigning just punishment for misconduct that may happen amongst chapter brothers.
This resulted in Western observers assigning their own designations to the missions, for example Luna E-1 No. 1, the first failure of 1958 which NASA believed was associated with the Luna programme was known as Luna 1958A.
This can be improved by the 3D algorithm, which arranges the processors in a 3D cube mesh, assigning every product of two input submatrices to a single processor.
For example, splitting up the job of checking all of the numbers from one to a hundred thousand to see which are primes could be done by assigning a subset of the numbers to each available processor, and then putting the list of positive results back together.
This is often done by assigning capacity to various booking classes, which sell for different prices and which may be linked to fare restrictions.
MI5 soon ' turned ' them, assigning them their codenames, which were the names of a pair of cartoon strip characters ( see Mutt and Jeff ).

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