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autumn and 2008
In autumn 2008, several cases were reported in the southern Swedish provinces of Småland, Halland, and Skåne,
In autumn 2008, the Montana Lottery, one of only four U. S. states to legalize sports betting, began offering fantasy sports wagering for the first time.
Matti Vanhanen's two cabinets followed suit until autumn 2008, when the state became a major shareholder in the Finnish telecom company Elisa with the intention to secure the Finnish ownership of a strategically important industry.
In a survey of 2000 people conducted by Coolbrands in autumn 2008, Cockney was voted equal fourth coolest accent in Britain with 7 % of the votes, while The Queen's English was considered the coolest, with 20 % of the votes.
Three new episodes of the show were shown in autumn 2008, and were followed by a two-part finale in 2010.
In 2008, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue: The Official Stage Tour embarked on another best of tour, with the intention of visiting many parts of the UK that were missed in the autumn 2007 dates.
The Cure announced a last-minute postponement of their autumn 2007 North American 4Tour in August in order to continue working on the album, rescheduling the dates for spring 2008.
Two Nico tribute concerts took place in Europe in the autumn of 2008 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Nico's birth and the 20th anniversary of her death.
Tottenham Hotspur advised in its 2007 / 8 Interim Financial Statement that the preferred option would be announced in the first half of 2008, but delayed this decision until the autumn.
Caroline Lucas speaking as the first Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales at its autumn conference in 2008.
Following a public consultation in autumn 2008, the western extension of the congestion charging zone, which had bordered on Kensal Green, was scheduled to be removed.
Work on installing the new organ, by the Nicholson's of Malvern firm of organ builders, began in autumn 2008.
In the autumn of 2008, 25 UK and US hospitals began participation in a 3 year study, coordinated by Dr. Sam Parnia and Southampton University.
On 18 April 2007, the Post Office announced that 70 of its branches nationwide are to move into W H Smith stores by autumn 2008.
In the autumn of 2008, the game Rock Band 2 was released and featured a re-recorded version of " Where'd You Go?
In autumn 2008 work started on site clearance at East Grinstead for construction of the new station about south of the national rail station.
McGonagle will take over as director of the NCAD ( National College of Art & Design ) in the autumn of 2008.
In Gordon Brown's autumn 2008 reshuffle, Bryant was promoted from his role as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Harriet Harman to the ministerial position of Deputy Leader of the House of Commons otherwise known as Parliamentary Secretary to the House of Commons.
Three new artworks were added to the college courts and gardens in the summer and autumn of 2008: " Sailing into the future " by Philip de Konig, " Conversing Figures " by Christophe Gordon-Brown and " Finback " by Ben Barrel.
The first train of the new class designated RENFE Class 114 was presented in autumn 2008.
Following the collapse of the Icelandic banking system in the autumn of 2008, Iceland was forced to ask for financial help from the International Monetary Fund and friendly nations.
Starting in autumn 2008, these flights were operated on behalf of the Royal Air Force by a civilian airline, Flyglobespan.
In the autumn of 2008, following a scandal causing its leader, Bettina Geysen to step down, the Social Liberal Party ended its cooperation with SP. A.
A separate £ 2 million project to transform the terminal forecourt at Aberdeen Airport got underway in July 2008 and was completed that autumn.

autumn and band
Many U. S. university bands meet for a week of band camp prior to the beginning of the autumn semester.
The Parlophone label signed the band and re-released the single in the autumn of the same year.
Mabel attributed the end of their friendship to an exchange in the autumn of 1912 when, during lunch, Gertrude sent her " such a good strong look over the table that it seemed to cut across the air to me in a band of electrified steel — a smile traveling across on it — powerful — Heavens !".
The band subsequently continued as a quartet led by Tilbrook, with Jim Kimberley replacing Soan on some tour dates, and ″ Christopher Holland ″ exiting in the autumn to fnish a solo album www. cosmicharmony. co. uk to be replaced by Tilbrook's other frequent writing partner Chris Braide.
After circulating a three-track demo and signing a deal with Taste Media, the band started recording sessions for their third album in autumn 2002.
The band recorded two independent albums in their hometown of Tulsa, Boomerang ( recorded in autumn 1994, released in 1995 ) and MMMBop ( released in 1996 ).
" The band toured both the U. S. and Europe that summer and autumn, with Cook's song a part of the live set.
She remained in the band until completing touring behind their album In My Head in the autumn of 1985, then graduated UCLA in 1986.
In autumn 2010 the band started recording with a few new members and in March 2011 they released their sixth studio album, Plaan Delta.
The band, with Electra, recorded a second cassette album ( known variously as Twelfth Night, The Electra Tapes and Early Material ) which was released to coincide with an autumn tour.
The Charlatans were the only Madchester band to take the number 1 spot, with the album Some Friendly in the autumn of 1990.
Butler formed his first band, Rare Breed, with old friend John " Ozzy " Osbourne in the autumn of 1967.
In the autumn of 1981 Visage went into the studio again and recorded The Anvil as a five-piece band without McGeoch and only limited guest work from Adamson.
In the autumn of that year she made a solo tour with her band throughout Switzerland.
In the autumn of 2010, he played a number of shows with a new five-piece backing band, including In Tua Nua rhythm section Paul Byrne ( drums ) and Jack Dublin ( bass ), with manager Joey Cashman on whistle.
The band started the autumn of 2003 with a win for Favourite Newcomer at the National Music Awards, as well as Best Band at that year's Disney Channel Kids ' Awards.
He was asked to rejoin and the band continued as a fourpiece for a short time in autumn 1964.
The band toured the UK in summer and autumn 1979, particular triumphs being sold-out concerts at the Royal Albert Hall and the Dominion Theatre in London ( the latter a five-night sellout ).
The sessions reportedly went so well that Farrar and the other band members intended to record once again in the autumn of 2004.
Dingo was still a very popular band and when the fans gathered in Nivala, Tuiskula in the autumn of 1986, they were shocked by the news of their favourite band falling apart.
In the autumn of 2001, the band entered Dug-Out Studio with well-known producer Daniel Bergstrand to record the most diverse and mature Thyrfing-album to date, Vansinnesvisor ().
In the autumn seasons of 2007 and 2008, the band released Attera Orbis Terrarum-Part I and Attera Orbis Terrarum-Part II respectively.
In autumn, the band released the Love & Death CD.

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