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autumn and 1911
A century later, in autumn 1911, the canals again suffered a water shortage so the Oxford Canal brought its well at Napton back into use.
In the autumn of 1911, Kossel was invited to the United States to deliver the Herter Lecture at Johns Hopkins.
A wild, elemental, pent-up force seemed suddenly let loose, disregarding precedents and agreements, impatient of compromise, shaking the old complacent trade unionism by the ears, sometimes, as in the rail strike of 1911, forcing conservative leaders ahead of it like fallen leaves driven before an autumn wind.
It was initially published in serial format starting in the autumn of 1910, and was first published in its entirety in 1911.
Polonia Warsaw was formed in the autumn of 1911 as a union of two school teams.
He was involved in the Norwegian Students ' Society, which he chaired in 1908, 1909 and in the autumn of 1911.
Hendrik A. Lorentz was chairman of the first Solvay Conference held in Brussels in the autumn of 1911.

autumn and Coal
By autumn 1874 it was common knowledge that these operators ( including the Coal & Iron Co .) were intent upon precipitating a ruinous miners ' strike by which to destroy the WBA ( by this time renamed the Miners and Laborers Benevolent Association, or M & LBA ).

autumn and Company
The Glenmont Lumber Company opened a sawmill in the autumn of 1898, followed by Scanlon-Gipson Lumber Company opening a planing mill in the summer of 1899.
Henry's imagination was caught by the rich potential of the Northwest Territories and he sailed to England in the autumn of 1776 with a proposal for the Hudson's Bay Company.
He spent from autumn 1861 to summer 1863 in England, then regarded asthe motherland of technology ”, at Beyer, Peacock and Company of Gorton, Manchester.
In the autumn of that year the Spokane Trust Company to whom he owed $ 600, 000 foreclosed on the Noble estate and he lost all his holdings.
Daimler, an ardent Anglophile, had spent from autumn 1861 to summer 1863 working in England, then regarded asthe motherland of technology ”, at Beyer, Peacock and Company of Gorton, Manchester.
In autumn 1672, Shaftesbury played a key role in setting up the Bahamas Adventurers ' Company.
In autumn 1903 Childers travelled to the United States as part of a reciprocal visit between the Honourable Artillery Company of London and the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts of Boston.
In the autumn of 1786, the Svenska Västindiska Kompaniet ( Swedish West India Company ) was established on the island.
A stage adaptation was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the autumn of 1999 at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Robert Semple ( 26 February 1777 in Boston, Massachusetts, U. S. – June 19, 1816 in modern-day Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ) was Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company from autumn 1815 until his death.
A minor in the care of two guardians, he inherited several properties and a substantial fortune in South Sea Company shares, which were sold just before the so-called ‘ South Sea Bubble ’ burst in the autumn of 1720, ruining thousands of investors.
William was a bright child but his education was halted when his father died on 22 October 1718 and the family's investment in the South Sea Company failed in the autumn of 1720.
* The Edge ( 2011 ) Commissioned by Big Brum Theatre in Education Company for performance in autumn 2012
The Honda Z was a retro-styled subcompact ( 656 cc ) SUV by Honda Motor Company, introduced in 1998 at Honda Primo Japanese dealerships, and discontinued in autumn 2002.
During the autumn of 1660, while the Duke's Company was still getting financed ( mostly by means of the actors buying company shares ) and having temporary quarters set up, the King's Company offered a string of well-received productions.
Earlier in the autumn season of 1970 a controversial new staging of Hamlet caused outrage in the press for the nudity and alternative acting styles of the Company.

autumn and purchased
LARC was purchased in the autumn of 1999 by people active in Reclaim the Streets, just after their success in the Carnival against Capitalism which occurred June 18, 1999.
Having struggled to compete with more modern family attractions, Flevohof went bankrupt in 1993, and was subsequently purchased by the Walibi Group that autumn, who redeveloped the site as an amusement park.
Each autumn money flowed out of the city as harvests were purchased andin an effort to attract money back — interest rates were raised.
It was not until the autumn of 1916 that Schroeder Mills & Timber Co. purchased outright, the of timber berths in Mowat and Blair, from the Victoria Harbour Lumber Co.
In autumn 2009, new Nova LFS models were purchased to replace the existing iXpress fleet.

autumn and current
During a meeting assembled on the island in the autumn of 1291, de Molay spoke of reforming the Order, and put himself forward as an alternative to the current Grand Master.
Therefore, it was decided to erect Berlin Brandenburg Airport at the current site of Schönefeld Airport, originally scheduled to open in autumn 2012.
The current designs were released in autumn 2009.
Between autumn of 1941 and spring of 1944, during World War II, western parts of the current area of Novgorod Oblast, including the city of Novgorod, were occupied by German troops.
The Dennis and Gnasher Annual is the current name of the book that has been published since 1955 to tie in with the children's comic The Beano, specifically the Dennis the Menace comic strip. Since they are traditionally published in the northern autumn and in time for Christmas, since 1965 ( with the release of Dennis the Menace 1966 ) they have had the date of the following year on the cover.
In 1885, he invented and demonstrated the first trolley pole, a device used by electric streetcars ( trams ) to collect current from overhead wires, introducing it publicly on a line installed temporarily at the Toronto Industrial Exhibition in autumn 1885.
Latterly a decision was made to colocate the three stations at Wish's current site in Orrell, and Tower moved premises in early autumn 2009.
The Dayton Accords nominally ended the current war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, fixating the borders between the two warring parties roughly to the ones established by the autumn of 1995.
The first pupils to the current school were admitted in the autumn of 1970, there was one fifth year and two third year classes ( there was no fourth year then ).
The scenes are rotated at the official start of every season to reflect the current season ; for example, Phillies, NASCAR, CART AND DIRT and other spring footage starts showing on the open on March 21, and Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers, and 76ers autumn footage starts on September 23, while the Mummers Parade and other winter footage is shown from December 21 to March 21.

autumn and location
Young aardwolves generally achieve sexual maturity after two years The breeding season varies depending on their location, but normally takes place during the autumn or spring.
The courthouse is also the location of the Mountain Foliage Festival, held in the autumn and featuring a parade, crafts, arts and music, as well as a race in which contestants use outhouses, the Grand Privy Race.
Akershus University College was opened in autumn 2003 at Telenor's previous location.
The region is an important location for bird migration in both spring and autumn, including half of the eastern North American Tundra Swan population.
Dobruja's relatively level terrain and its bare location facilitate the influx of humid, warm air in the spring, summer and autumn from the northwest, as well as that of northern and northeastern polar air in the winter.
Director Robert Mulligan had hoped to shoot the film on location in Connecticut, where it takes place, but because it was autumn when the film entered production ( and therefore the color of the leaves would not reflect the height of summer, when the story takes place ) this idea was dropped.
Its peninsular location makes Nemuro very windy, especially during autumn and winter, with mean wind speeds as high as in November.
Like Toyooka in Hyōgo Prefecture, Maizuru has a climate resembling the Hokuriku region rather than the rest of Kansai, though it is less wet than other Hokuriku towns during the late autumn and winter because its location on a deep inlet means the northerly winds driven by the Siberian High and Aleutian Low do not produce as much rain and / or snow.
Since 2007 Dubna is a headquarter and primary location of international jazz festival MuzEnergo with free for public one-day open air festival in summer and one-week events in local venues in spring and autumn.
The secret radio station, built over seven months using smuggled parts, was broadcasting from the camp until the autumn of 1942 when it was dismantled by Pilecki's men after concerns that the German's might discover its location because of " one of our fellow's big mouth ".
The larger northern field contains a small children's playground and is most often used for general recreation and is also the location where travelling fairgrounds and local fairs will set-up during the summer and autumn months.
The film was shot on location in London in February and March of 2012 and will be transmitted in the early autumn of the same year.
Imported in Roman times, vines have ideal growing conditions: warm climate, minimum condensation due to the protective Palatinate Forest in the west, and attenuation of frost in the autumn due to the hillside location that benefits the outflow of cold air masses.
* Pinatjuwingga ( Peenakauwingga ): Bald Hill & Water Place: A location near Cherry Gardens indicating the geographical location of permanent water in an area noted in times past for the abundance of native cherries that would be collected in late summer and early autumn when water was at its scarcest.

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