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comparison and scheduled
In comparison, the UK budget rebate for 2005 is scheduled to be approx € 5. 5 billion.
In comparison, the 82nd Airborne Division and 101st Airborne Division had been assigned as active combat formations to serve overseas in Europe, the 11th Airborne Division was scheduled to be deployed to the Pacific Theater of Operations, and the 17th Airborne Division had been assigned as the United States strategic reserve formation.
The fixed route contract is scheduled to expire September 25, 2011, and was proposed to be awarded to First Transit, the apparent low bidder and highest scorer on the comprehensive review, however, Veolia has complained to the RTC board of bidding irregularities in the First Transit bid as well as an unfair emphasis on price in comparison to other technical factors.
In comparison, the UK budget rebate for 2005 is scheduled to be approx € 5. 5bn.

comparison and flights
In terms of comparison, as far as the distance of non-stop flights was concerned, their result ranked second only to that of Russell Boardman and John Polando, and ranked fourth in terms of duration of flight at the time.

comparison and operate
Where there is comparison or contrast, dominant stresses normally operate to center attention.
Aside from facilitating increased reliability and lower power consumption, transistors also allowed CPUs to operate at much higher speeds because of the short switching time of a transistor in comparison to a tube or relay.
However, the B-58 was expensive to develop and purchase, required enormous amounts of fuel and maintenance in comparison to the B-47, and was estimated to cost three times as much to operate than the much larger and longer-ranged B-52.
The Fox affiliate body features fewer stations that produce their own newscasts in comparison to stations aligned with NBC, ABC and CBS, whose vast majority of their affiliates operate their own news departments.
We can achieve this bound as follows: first sort the edges by weight using a comparison sort in O ( E log E ) time ; this allows the step " remove an edge with minimum weight from S " to operate in constant time.
In comparison with conventional polymer matrix composites, MMCs are resistant to fire, can operate in wider range of temperatures, do not absorb moisture, have better electrical and thermal conductivity, are resistant to radiation damage, and do not display outgassing.
In various scientific instruments this method may be used instead of a pen for recording as it has the advantage of being able to operate over a wide temperature range, does not clog or dry prematurely, and has very small friction in comparison to other methods.
As the name suggests, in comparison with conventional operations the armed forces involved operate at a greatly reduced tempo, with fewer soldiers, a reduced range of tactical equipment and limited scope to operate in a military manner.
In comparison to devices relying on components that operate only briefly and do not normally conduct electricity ( such as MOVs or GDTs ), SM devices tend to be bulkier and heavier than those simpler spike shunting components.
These comparison sites operate on a commission-basis by agreement with their participating health funds.
These tiny engines operate in an environment where viscosity dominates inertia, and where thermal noise makes moving in a specific direction as difficult as walking in a hurricane: the forces impelling these motors in the desired direction are minuscule in comparison with the random forces exerted by the environment.
In May 2012, Experian announced it had signed an agreement to sell PriceGrabber, its price comparison shopping business and North America online lead generation activities, which operate under the brands Classes USA and LowerMyBills to Ybrant Digital Limited, a digital marketing services business based in Hyderabad, India.
Also, the basic location of the gear shift in comparison to the column shifter makes console shifters easier to operate than column shifters.
By comparison, noninteractive programs operate without human contact ; examples of these include compilers and batch processing applications.
Turret deck ships had a low net tonnage ( an approximate measure of cargo space ) in comparison to their deadweight capacity ( weight of cargo ) allowing them to operate at a lower fee structure than a conventional hull.
However, this unique governing structure has also allowed the Council to operate more efficiently in comparison to other state legislatures with regard to consideration and passage of laws.
By comparison, noninteractive programs operate without human contact ; examples of these include compilers and batch processing applications.
In the UK, MSN Money operate a financial price comparison website in conjunction with BeatThatQuote. com.
Procedural extensions for looping and comparisons operate under Null comparison rules similar to those for DML statements and queries.
Cost comparison studies done in the early 1950s pointed out the desirability of letting contractors operate the station.
In comparison, Class 58s were expensive to maintain and operate, and delivered much lower availability.

comparison and from
By comparison, Stone Harbor bird sanctuary's allies seem less formidable, for aside from the Audubon Society, they are mostly the snowy, common and cattle egrets and the Louisiana, green, little blue and black-crowned herons who nest and feed there.
Anatomically, the horse lung appears to be remarkably like that of man, insofar as this can be ascertained from comparison of our findings in the horse with those of others ( Birnbaum, '54 ) in the human being.
Second, the upper portion permits comparison of maturity levels of an equal number of growth centers from the long, short, and round bones of the five regions.
Whether this abnormal TSH differs chemically from pituitary TSH, or is, alternatively, normal TSH with its period of effectiveness modified by some other blood constituent, cannot be decided without chemical study of the activity in the blood of these patients and a comparison of the substance responsible for the blood activity with pituitary Aj.
The international unit ( u. ), adopted to make possible the comparison of results from different laboratories ( Mussett and Perry, 1955 ), has been defined as the amount of activity present in 13.5 mg of the International Standard Preparation.
In the former, the encounter with multiple, distinct cultures, often very different in organization and language from those of Europe, has led to a continuing emphasis on cross-cultural comparison and a receptiveness to certain kinds of cultural relativism.
The Hittite testimony reflects an early form, which may also be surmised from comparison of Cypriot Απειλων with Doric Απελλων.
With more advanced equipment, but still cheap in comparison to professional setups, amateur astronomers can measure the light spectrum emitted from astronomical objects, which can yield high-quality scientific data if the measurements are performed with due care.
In comparison, the cerebellar granule cell axon is characterized by a single T-shaped branch node from which parallel fibers extend.
The traditional etymology is from the Latin aperire, " to open ," in allusion to its being the season when trees and flowers begin to " open ," which is supported by comparison with the modern Greek use of ἁνοιξις ( anoixis ) ( opening ) for spring.
They lived in 100 cantons ( 4. 1 ) from which 1000 young men per year were chosen for military service, a citizen-army by our standards and by comparison with the Roman professional army.
Evidence from comparison studies indicates that at least some individuals with schizophrenia recover from psychosis without taking antipsychotics, and may do better in the long term than those that do take antipsychotics.
Demographic data from the 2001 Botswana census are included for comparison with 2006 CIA estimates.
In the views emerging from the mind-body dichotomy, the body is considered in behavior and therefore considered as little valued and trivial in comparison to mind, spirit or soul.
The final expression follows from the previous one by the symmetry of x and y in the first expression, and by comparison it follows that the sequence of binomial coefficients in the formula is symmetrical.
According to the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, indirect comparison indicates that side-effects from benzodiazepines may be about twice as frequent as from nonbenzodiazepines.
Despite this comparison, a fragment of a non-Christian parchment Codex of Demosthenes, De Falsa Legatione from Oxyrhynchus in Egypt demonstrates that the surviving evidence is insufficient to conclude whether Christians played a major, if not central, role in the development of early codices, or if they simply adopted the format to distinguish themselves from Jews.
Coal ( from the Old English term col, which has meant " mineral of fossilized carbon " since the 13th century ) is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock usually occurring in rock strata in layers or veins called coal beds By comparison in 2007, natural gas provided of oil equivalent per day, while oil provided per day.
By comparison, estimates of the population density per square kilometer of the Indian Ocean's other island microstates ranged from 241 ( Seychelles ) to 690 ( Maldives ) in 1993.
The volume of water the Casiquiare captures from the Orinoco is small in comparison to what it accumulates in its course.
Geikie, a Scottish-born Canadian, reflected the Anglocentric attitude that would be prevalent in Canada for the next hundred years when he referred to the language as " a corrupt dialect ", in comparison to what he considered the proper English spoken by immigrants from Britain.

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