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contrast and recorded
The adjective derived from this noun, * þiudiskaz, " popular ", was later used with reference to the language of the people in contrast to the Latin language ( earliest recorded example 786 ).
In stark contrast to its predecessor, Huevos was recorded in a swift, fiery fashion, with many first takes, and minimal second guessing.
" One notable contrast with the speeches recorded by Robert the Monk, Guibert of Nogent and Baldric of Dol is the lesser emphasis on Jerusalem itself, which Urban only once mentions as his own focus of concern: in the letter to the Flemish he writes, " they Turks have seized the Holy City of Christ, embellished by his passion and resurrection, and blasphemy to say — have sold her and her churches into abominable slavery.
By contrast, Rabbinical Judaism regards an Oral Law ( codified and recorded in the Mishnah and Talmuds ) as being equally binding on Jews, and mandated by God.
In contrast, Sapporo's heaviest snowfall occurred in 1939, and that was only, and more northerly Wakkanai has recorded similar maxima.
In contrast to females, some male northern bottlenose whales have been repeatedly recorded together over several years, and possibly form long-term associations.
By contrast, under Neil McBain and subsequently Bill Findlay, the team recorded five consecutive top six finishes between 1934 – 35 and 1938 – 39, and won the Football League Third Division South Cup in 1937.
In contrast, in courts not of record, oral proceedings are not recorded, and the judge makes his or her decision based on memory.
This is in contrast to a " taped " or " recorded confession ," which typically only includes the final statement of the suspect.
However, others simply argue that the lack of high frequency noise and the higher fidelity of the digital medium make the recorded higher frequencies more prominent, which results in such perceived harshness in contrast to analog recording.
It is also used in aviation, where some heights are recorded and reported with respect to AMSL ( contrast with flight level ), and in the atmospheric sciences.
By contrast, Green stated that he had fond memories of jamming at the commune when speaking in 2009: " I had a good play there, it was great, someone recorded it, they gave me a tape.
In contrast to other wiped colour episodes from the Pertwee era where the missing colour information had been inadvertently recorded on the surviving black and white film copies as a sequence of visual artefacts / dots or chroma dots, in the case of Episode 1 of this story this information was found to be incomplete, and only the red and green colour signal information was recoverable, requiring the missing blue signal information to be obtained via other means.
They are named that way in contrast with the Conquistadors, who were so far the only Spanish / Portuguese peoples recorded in the South American history.
In the fiscal year ending March 2004, for example, the library reported more than 250, 000 reference inquiries ; in contrast, it recorded only 32, 000 requests for research from the National Diet.
By contrast, in the audio versions of the books — including those recorded by voice actress Barbara Rosenblat, whom Peters has praised for her accurate pronunciation — Amelia's surname is pronounced " pea-body.
Many, especially on weapons, recorded only the date, maker and so on, in contrast with earlier narrative contents.
Colored filters are commonly used in black and white photography to alter the effect of different colors in the scene, changing contrast recorded in black and white of the different colours.
By contrast, just over two years earlier, the smallest attendance at the park was recorded, with a puny number of 511 souls showing up for a game on a Thursday, May 6, 1971 against the Boston Red Sox.
No fatalities from envenomation are recorded for P. utriculus, in contrast to the larger species.
In contrast to the vast majority of antiquarians of the time, Cunnington realised that to fully understand the barrows which fascinated him they should be excavated and recorded carefully and methodically.
In contrast, the total number of casualties was one of the highest ever recorded: 311 persons killed and 2, 652 wounded.
In contrast the first stream gage below Isabella Dam has recorded an average annual mean of but a maximum daily discharge of only.
For recent times, the number of recorded tiny changes is quite large ; by contrast, the lack of clear, trustworthy data for ancient times forces historians and geographers to draw approximate borders for respective divisions.

contrast and average
In contrast, other researchers such as Richard Nisbett argue that environmental factors can explain all of the average group differences.
By contrast, a study of the jaguar in the Brazilian Pantanal region found average weights of 100 kg ( 220 lb ), and weights of or more are not uncommon in old males.
A natural monopoly by contrast is a condition on the cost-technology of an industry whereby it is most efficient ( involving the lowest long-run average cost ) for production to be concentrated in a single firm.
By contrast, South Korea had an average population density of 425 persons per square kilometer in 1989.
By contrast, the central and southern parts of Guangdong province experience an average January temperature of above, while the July mean is generally above.
The strong contrast in refractive index between pores and solid parts of sintered alumina results in very strong scattering, with light completely changing direction each 5 micrometers on average.
In contrast the 150: 1 payout occurs only on average of once every 6, 241 plays.
In contrast to the other common sex chromosome aneuploidies — 47, XXX, 45, X ( Turner syndrome ), and 47, XXY ( Klinefelter syndrome )— the average IQ scores of 47, XYY boys identified by newborn screening programs were not reduced compared to the general population .< ref name =" Bender 1986 ">< ref name =" Leggett 2010 "> In a summary of six prospective studies of 47, XYY boys identified by newborn screening programs, twenty-eight 47, XYY boys had an average 100. 76 verbal IQ, 108. 79 performance IQ, and 105. 00 full-scale IQ.
Speckle contrast reduction is essentially the creation of many independent speckle patterns, so that they average out on the retina / detector.
In the Alpine zone, the valley floor is relatively mild in contrast with the colder higher areas ( Bormio, 1, 225 m, average in January, in July ).
No woman, by contrast, agreed to such propositions from men of average attractiveness.
This is in contrast to the mean time to failure ( MTTF ), which measures average time to failures with the modeling assumption that the failed system is not repaired ( infinite repair rate ).
In Concepción, by contrast, the average monthly temperatures are somewhat lower in the summer at but higher in the winter at, and the amount of rain is much greater: in the summer, Concepción receives an average of 0. 8 inch ( 20 millimeters ) of rain per month ; in June and July, the city is pounded by an average of 10 inches ( 253 mm.
By contrast winters are cool with July average maximum and minimum temperatures being 16. 5 ° C and 4. 8 ° C respectively.
But, the rates still remain quite low, partially due to the high costs of systems and Internet usage per hour in contrast to the average monthly wage.
( In contrast, medical studies of human penis size have consistently found erections average between about 5 and 6 inches.
Summertime is also the dry season, with July averaging only of precipitation, in contrast to November's average of.
In contrast, in AD & D the fireball spell is unlikely to kill a character in a same average level as the caster.
Exposed to westerly winds from the Atlantic, heavy with rain, the windward side of the mountains has up to 1, 600 mm of rain annually ( West Harz, Upper Harz, High Harz ); in contrast, the leeward side only receives an average of 600 mm of precipitation per annum ( East Harz, Lower Harz, Eastern Harz foothills ).
In the center of Almaty, like any large city, there is a " heat island " – average daily temperature contrast between the northern and southern suburbs of the city is 3. 8 % and 0. 8 ° C ( 1. 4 ° F ) in the coldest and 2. 2 % and 2. 6 ° C ( 4. 7 ° F ) in the hottest five days.
Because domesticated rats are protected from predators and have ready access to food, water, shelter, and medical care, their average lifespan is around 2 years, in contrast to wild R. norvegicus, which average a lifespan of less than one year.

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