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contrast and
In the final aspect of the vision, Israel s restoration, as a holy place, is declared in contrast to the Edomite lineage that shall end.
So, according to Obadiah there will not remain even a remnant after Edom s judgment ; This is in contrast to Amos 9: 12, where Amos refers to such a remnant, however, it is stated that their possession will be given to Israel.
This demarcation can be made by noting the presence of external gills in the mudpuppy, which are lacking in the hellbender, as well as by noting the presence of four toes on each hind foot of the mudpuppy ( in contrast with the hellbender s five ).
In Poland, for example, today s 14 % level of unionisation is in marked contrast to that of the Soviet-controlled era, when almost all workplaces were unionised.
In contrast, Stalin and allies proposed that alliances with capitalist political parties were essential to realising a revolution where Communists were too few ; said Stalinist practice failed, especially in the Northern Expedition portion of the Chinese Revolution ( 1925 – 1927 ), wherein it resulted in the right-wing Kuomintang s massacre of the Chinese Communist Party ; nonetheless, despite the failure, Stalin s policy of mixed-ideology political alliances, became Comintern policy.
Rather than having a specific message for any of his films, Pyryev promoted Stalin s slogan “ life has become better, life has become more joyous .” Sometimes this message was in stark contrast with the reality of the time.
Four years later the club adopted the traditional uniform of blue and white vertical stripes at the insistence of the VFA, who wanted a visible contrast between Geelong's and Hotham s uniforms.
For example, in order to contrast the people s disobedience with the obedience of the Rechabites, God has Jeremiah invite the Rechabites to drink wine, in disobedience to their ancestor s command.
In contrast to the misfortunes of Scott s team, Amundsen s trek proved rather smooth and uneventful.
“ Throughout his career Capra depended upon his skill as an editor to achieve the contrast of the individual and the group, critical in the success of his Hollywood movies .” Capra thought it would be most effective to use the enemy s original film and propaganda in the series in order to expose the enemies with their own images.
In contrast to Confucius li-based theory, the Legalism advocates the utilization of codified laws and harsh punishment to achieve social order.
By contrast, the rest of Europe combined sent only 882, 412 people from 1500 to 1795, and the fleet of the English ( later British ) East India Company, the VOC s nearest competitor, was a distant second to its total traffic with 2, 690 ships and a mere one-fifth the tonnage of goods carried by the VOC.
This vision clashes with an older interpretation of the First Republic as a progressive and increasingly democratic regime that presented a clear contrast to Salazar s ensuing dictatorship.
In contrast, Economic norms theory shows how market-contracting is a learned norm, and state spending, regulation, and redistribution are necessary to ensure that most everyone can participate in the “ social market ” economy, which is in everyone s interests.
Knowledge results from hypotheses verified in the contrast with a real object ; this real object, despite being mediated by the subject s theoretical frame, retains its materiality and will offer resistance to those ideas that do not conform to its truth.
In contrast, he said that Congress was promoting a coup d état or a civil war with a declaration full of affirmations that had already been refuted beforehand and which, in substance and process ( directly handing it to the ministers rather than directly handing it to the President ) violated a dozen articles of the ( then-current ) Constitution.
" The report shows that, in contrast to the use of disposable nappies, it is consumers behaviour after purchase that determines most of the impacts from reusable nappies.
The troubled loans are now weighing on the agency s capital reserve fund, which by early 2012 had fallen below its congressionally mandated minimum of 2 %, in contrast to more than 6 % two years earlier.
Professor Mark Glancy, teacher of film history at Queen Mary University of London has said: “ It s horrendously inaccurate and attributes crimes committed by the Nazis in the 1940s to the British in the 1770s .” In contrast, Australian film critic David Edwards asserts that " this fictional story is set around actual events, but it is not a history of what America was, or even an image of what it has become-it's a dream of what it should be .... The Patriot is a grand epic full of action and emotion .... But it's also surprisingly insightful in its evaluation of the American ideal-if not the reality.
This theory is in contrast to Fisher s theory that male sexual traits, such as the peacock s train, are the result of selection for attractive traits because these traits are considered attractive.

contrast and s
In contrast to the tiger, these emperor penguin s show that teeth and claws are not necessary to be a carnivore.
Bottom: Phase contrast micrograph s of a serpentine channel ~ 15 μm wide.
The semimajor axis | semimajor axes of resonant trans-Neptunian object s ( red ) are clumped at locations of low-integer resonances with Neptune ( vertical red bars near top ), in contrast to those of cubewano s ( blue ) and nonresonant ( or not known to be resonant ) scattered disk | scattered objects ( grey ).
In contrast, in many seed plant s and heterosporous fern s, only a single product of meiosis will become a megaspore ( macrospore ), with the rest degenerating.
In contrast to the earlier series, many of Tom Jr .' s inventions are designed to operate in space, and his " genius is unequivocally original as he constructs nuclear-powered flying labs, establishes outposts in space, or designs ways to sail in space on cosmic rays ".

contrast and findings
In contrast to the finding of the plesiosaur skeletons a few years earlier, for which she was not credited, when Buckland presented his findings on coprolites to the Geological Society, he mentioned Anning by name and praised her skill and industry in helping to solve the mystery.
" He also points to the fact that the disapproval was not based on inaccurate findings, but rather a methodological process which stands in contrast to that of science, something the geographers have arguably sought to ascribe themselves to.
According to some later commentators, many people were shocked by the findings, which contrast with the rescue of Jews by Poles during the Holocaust.
In contrast, Byrne and Mclean s findings differed slightly from Fairburn et al .’ s cognitive behavioral model of bulimia nervosa in that the drive for thinness was the major cause of purging as a way of controlling weight.
" These findings strongly contrast with those in the old frontier history as well as those found in the new urban history.
This was in direct contrast with in vitro findings, where the compound was found to enhance HIV and SIV infections in various assays.
In contrast to the major and minor findings typical of the syndrome, there may be an association with other conditions, meaning that in persons with the specified syndrome these associated conditions occur more frequently than would be expected by chance.
In contrast, other findings suggest that speed reading courses which teach techniques that largely constitute skimming of written text result in a lower comprehension rate ( below 50 % comprehension on standardized comprehension tests ) ( Carver 1992 ).
These findings contrast with those in people with other anxiety disorders, who evince decreased ( rather than increased ) grey matter volumes in bilateral lenticular / caudate nuclei, while also decreased grey matter volumes in bilateral dorsal medial frontal / anterior cingulate gyri.
These findings contrast with those in people with other anxiety disorders, who evince decreased ( rather than increased ) grey matter volumes in bilateral lenticular / caudate nuclei, while also decreased grey matter volumes in bilateral dorsal medial frontal / anterior cingulate gyri.
In contrast with Ringelmann's first findings, Bibb Latané et al.
By contrast, however, the very strategies employed to control these factors may also limit the generalizability or External Validity of the findings.
These findings are in contrast to findings in upper motor neuron lesions.
These findings contrast with other reports involving much more tissue damage.
The nineteen Pitted Ware samples from Gotland were dominated by mtDNA haplogroups U4, U5 and U5a, though it should be noted that, because of the low resolution of the tests performed, some haplotypes reported as U4 may actually belong to haplogroup H. By contrast the three Funnelbeaker samples from Gökhem contained no haplogroup U. This is consistent with findings elsewhere in northern Europe of a distinct difference in mtDNA between hunter-gatherers and farmers.
If esophageal perforation is suspected, even in the absence of physical findings, contrast radiographic studies of the esophagus and a CT scan should be obtained promptly.
In contrast, presidential findings in their modern use are not published in these or other governmental publications.
In contrast to the findings of the United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia and those of the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court, Mr. Justice Michael Hanna ruled that the hyperlink to Ryanair's terms and conditions was plainly visible, and that placing the onus on the user to agree to terms and conditions in order to gain access to online services is sufficient to comprise a contractual relationship.

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