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contrast and both
For both Plato and Aristotle artistic mimesis, in contrast to the power of dialectic, is relatively incapable of expressing the character of fundamental reality.
In he's hurting himself more than he's hurting you both himself and you have stronger stress than they would ordinarily have if there were no contrast.
For the illusion of depth created by the contrast between the affixed material and everything else gives way immediately to an illusion of forms in bas-relief, which gives way in turn, and with equal immediacy, to an illusion that seems to contain both -- or neither.
The principals stood in stark contrast both physically and politically.
By contrast, the Rijndael specification per se is specified with block and key sizes that may be any multiple of 32 bits, both with a minimum of 128 and a maximum of 256 bits.
The largest species are red alder ( A. rubra ) on the west coast of North America, and black alder ( A. glutinosa ), native to most of Europe and widely introduced elsewhere, both reaching over 30 m. By contrast, the widespread Alnus viridis ( green alder ) is rarely more than a 5 m tall shrub.
This was in marked contrast to the four attempts at political union between 1606 and 1689, which all failed owing to a lack of political will in both kingdoms.
It is also known as the Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine or the Apocalypse of John, ( both in reference to its author ) or the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ ( in reference to its opening line ) or simply Revelation, ( often erroneously called Revelations in contrast to the singular in the original Koine ) or the Apocalypse.
With many traditional domestic Liberal policies now regarded as irrelevant, he focused the party on opposition to both the rise of Fascism in Europe and the appeasement foreign policy of the British government, arguing that intervention was needed, in contrast to the Labour calls for pacifism.
Zealous by contrast was barely touched: Hood had situated Zealous outside the arc of most of the French ship's broadside and in any case Guerrier was not prepared for an engagement on both sides simultaneously, with its port guns blocked by stores.
By contrast, Judaism sees God as a single entity, and views trinitarianism as both incomprehensible and a violation of the Bible's teaching that God is one.
Critical social theory is, in contrast, a form of self-reflective knowledge involving both understanding and theoretical explanation to reduce entrapment in systems of domination or dependence, obeying the emancipatory interest in expanding the scope of autonomy and reducing the scope of domination.
In contrast, Dante decided to write his epic, the Divine Comedy in Italian — a choice that defied the traditional epic choice of Latin dactylic hexameters — and produced a masterpiece beloved both then and now.
Egoism and altruism both contrast with ethical utilitarianism, which holds that a moral agent should treat one's self ( also known as the subject ) with no higher regard than one has for others ( as egoism does, by elevating self-interests and " the self " to a status not granted to others ), but that one also should not ( as altruism does ) sacrifice one's own interests to help others ' interests, so long as one's own interests ( i. e. one's own desires or well-being ) are substantially equivalent to the others ' interests and well-being.
Egoism, utilitarianism, and altruism are all forms of consequentialism, but egoism and altruism contrast with utilitarianism, in that egoism and altruism are both agent-focused forms of consequentialism ( i. e. subject-focused or subjective ), but utilitarianism is called agent-neutral ( i. e. objective and impartial ) as it does not treat the subject's ( i. e. the self's, i. e. the moral " agent's ") own interests as being more or less important than the interests, desires, or well-being of others.
By contrast, the Gemini capsule's avionics were designed so the cabin could be exposed to the vacuum of space when one of two large hatches was opened, so no airlock was required, and both the spacewalking astronaut and his companion command pilot were in vacuum during the EVA.
In contrast, the Allies improved both the quantity and quality of pilots graduating from their training programs.
In contrast, isogamy is the state of gametes from both sexes being the same size and shape, and given arbitrary designators for mating type.
In contrast to a gamete, the diploid somatic cells of an individual contain one copy of the chromosome set from the sperm and one copy of the chromosome set from the egg ; that is, the cells of the offspring have genes expressing characteristics of both the father and the mother.
By contrast, an informal investigation by the High Priest and his cronies ( without witnesses being called ), as told by John, is both historically possible in an emergency on the day before a festival, and accords with the external evidence from Rabbinic sources that Jesus was put to death on the Day of Preparation for the Passover.
In contrast to the chaotic political climate of 1946, the campaign of 1950 proceeded under the implicit understanding that only a strong candidate backed by both the army and the elite would be able to take power.
Staining is employed to give both contrast to the tissue as well as highlighting particular features of interest.
In contrast to previous models, the VE no longer utilises an Opel-sourced platform adapted both mechanically and in size.
The three sides of the beams visible from the playing field must be painted alternatingly in two contrasting colors which both have to contrast against the background.

contrast and most
A true university, like most successful marriages, is a unity of diversities Without forcing all components into a single pattern, the preparation of a master plan is an opportunity to consider interrelation of knowledge at its highest level, which a university -- in contrast to a multiversity -- should stand for.
Built upon seven hills, Istanbul, like Rome, is one of the most ancient cities in the world, filled with splendor and contrast.
In contrast to `` E. B. '', most Rhode Islanders hardly thought of John Brown as being another Moses.
In contrast to " rhizopods ", where most of their morphologies can be mapped to modern classification systems, " actinopods " appear to be extensively polyphyletic.
Each assembly language is specific to a particular computer architecture, in contrast to most high-level programming languages, which are generally portable across multiple systems.
Much of the most highly prized amber is transparent, in contrast to the very common cloudy amber and opaque amber.
In contrast to most of the figures depicted in the Pāli Canon, Ananda is presented as an imperfect, if sympathetic, figure.
By contrast, while defendants in most civil law systems can be compelled to give a statement, this statement is not subject to cross-examination by the prosecutor and not given under oath.
In the most common interpretation of the poem, Blake implies that a visit of Jesus would briefly create heaven in England, in contrast to the " dark Satanic Mills " of the Industrial Revolution.
In contrast most synthetic polymers have much simpler and more random ( or stochastic ) structures.
By contrast most of the party's seats were won either due to the absence of a candidate from one of the other parties or in rural areas on the " Celtic fringe ", where local evidence suggests that economic ideas were at best peripheral to the electorate's concerns.
In the most common usage, β strand refers to a single continuous stretch of amino acids adopting an extended conformation and involved in backbone hydrogen bonds to at least one other strand ; by contrast, a β sheet refers to an assembly of at least two such β strands that are hydrogen-bonded ( or H-bonded ) to each other.
By contrast, in civil law jurisdictions ( the legal tradition that prevails in, or is combined with common law in, Europe and most non-Islamic, non-common law countries ), courts lack authority to act where there is no statute, and judicial precedent is given less interpretive weight ( which means that a judge deciding a given case has more freedom to interpret the text of a statute independently, and less predictably ), and scholarly literature is given more.
* Machine heads at the headstock of a classical guitar point backwards — in contrast to most steel-string guitars, which have machine heads that point outward.
In contrast, most other alkaline halides adopt the sodium chloride ( NaCl ) structure.
This led to very good coverage across most of the country and few problems of interference with other UK-based transmissions ; a stark contrast to the problems associated with Channel 5's launch fourteen and a half years later.
One of the most recognizable constellations of the northern summer and autumn, it features a prominent asterism known as the Northern Cross ( in contrast to the Southern Cross ).
Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful galaxies visible, M51 has many star-forming regions and nebulae in its arms, coloring them pink and blue in contrast to the older yellow core.
In contrast with peanut allergy being most prevalent in the US, celery allergy is most prevalent in Central Europe.
In contrast, most Christian denominations actively seek converts, following the Great Commission, and conversion to Christianity is generally a declaration of faith ( although some denominations view it specifically as adoption into a community of Christ, and orthodox Christian tradition views it as being a literal joining together of the members of Christ's body ).
In contrast to most other nations, the United States considers the three types of agreements as distinct.

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