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de and facto
But there is nothing we can do to stop Soviet Russia from granting de facto recognition to East Germany.
The distinction between domiciled ( de jure ) and present ( de facto ) population was not clearly defined.
In the reports, summary results are given for both the de facto ( A and C ) and de jure ( A and B ) populations ; ;
but the subsequent analysis of characteristics is reported only for the de jure population ( or, in some districts, only the de facto population ).
The inclination here is to accept a de facto cease-fire in Laos, rather than continue to insist on a verification of the cease-fire by the international control commission before participating in the Geneva conference.
In practice, the Articles were in use beginning in 1777 ; the final draft of the Articles served as the de facto system of government used by the Congress (" the United States in Congress assembled ") until it became de jure by final ratification on March 1, 1781 ; at which point Congress became the Congress of the Confederation.
Since in practice it is not worth contrasting a zero probability with one that is nearly indistinguishable from zero, he prefers to categorize himself as a " de facto atheist ".
Armenia's economy is highly anticompetitive with government-connected individuals enjoying de facto monopolies over the import and distribution of basic commodities and foodstuffs, and under-reporting revenue to avoid paying taxes.
# Various basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, wheat, cooking oil and butter ( the Salex Group enjoys a de facto monopoly on imports of wheat, sugar, flour, butter and cooking oil.
On November 1, 2006, the Armenian government handed de facto control of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline to Russian company Gazprom and increased Gazprom's stake in the Russian-Armenian company ArmRosGazprom from 45 % to 58 % by approving an additional issue of shares worth $ 119 million.
* 1192 – Minamoto no Yoritomo becomes Seii Tai Shōgun and the de facto ruler of Japan.
During that time, Milan was regarded as the de facto ruler of the country.
After this battle and the loss of one of Portugal's most remarkable infantes, the Duke of Braganza became the de facto ruler of the country.
Alfonso had been in love with a woman of noble family named Lucrezia d ' Alagno, who served as a de facto queen at the Neapolitan court as well as an inspiring muse.
Though the U. S. federal government has no official language, English is the common language used by the federal government and is considered the de facto language of the United States because of its widespread use.
Although English has no official status in the Constitution, Australian English is Australia's de facto official language and is the first language of the majority of the population.
He was a founding member and the de facto early leader of the influential Bourbaki group.
Installed at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques ( IHÉS ), Grothendieck attracted attention by an intense and highly productive activity of seminars ( de facto working groups drafting into foundational work some of the ablest French and other mathematicians of the younger generation ).
Even at this time, Ethernet's widespread acceptance suggested it was to become a de facto standard.
The AFL became the de facto governing body when it pushed for the closure of the International Australian Football Council in 2002.
Abdur Rahman could only succeed in subjugating Hazaras and conquering their land when he effectively utilized internal differences within the Hazara community, co-opting sold-out Hazara chiefs into his bureaucratic sales of the enslaved Hazara men, women and children in 1897, the Hazaras remained de facto slaves until King Amanullah Khan declared Afghanistan's independence in 1919.

de and residence
Broadly, three definitions can be used: de facto residence ; de jure residence ; and, permanent residence.
Every person should be identified uniquely as resident in one place but where they happen to be on census day, their de facto residence, may not be the best place to count them.
Where an individual uses services may be more useful and this is at their usual, or de jure, residence.
' de Witte goes on to write that on 26 – 27 August, the ANC seized Bakwanga, Albert Kalonji's capital in South Kasai, without serious residence.
The town's association with the House of Orange started when William of Orange ( Willem van Oranje ), nicknamed William the Silent ( Willem de Zwijger ), took up residence in 1572
This entailed Simon de Brion's residence in Rome.
During the October Crisis of 1970, the Front de libération du Québec ( FLQ ) kidnapped British Trade Consul James Cross at his residence on the fifth of October.
* the Fort de Brégançon, in southeastern France, is the current official presidential vacation residence ;
Other early critically received ( yet unbuilt ) projects included the Parc de la Villette, Paris ( 1982 ) and the residence for the President of Ireland ( 1981 ).
In his final years, the castle became Richard's favourite residence, and writs and charters were written at Château Gaillard bearing " apud Bellum Castrum de Rupe " ( at the Fair Castle of the Rock ).
Only in mid-1921 was he able to find a permanent residence in the Château de Muzot in the commune of Veyras, close to Sierre in Valais.
Under any circumstance, during the end of the 13th century, Stockholm quickly grew to become not only the largest city in Sweden, but also the de facto Swedish political centre and royal residence.
These all helped to attract many artists from Rio de Janeiro, which has established residence in neighborhoods of the capital paulistana.
In December in Pyongyang, to mark the 20th anniversary of Sun Myung Moon's visit to the DPRK, de jure President Kim Yong-nam hosted the new President in the official residence.
* The Château de Compiègne royal residence is built in France.
German Federal Minister of Defence Thomas de Maizière has his place of residence and political basis in Dresden.
Three other of the earliest Lumiere films, Partie de cartes, l ' Arroseur arrosé ( the first known filmed comedy ), and Repas de bébé, were also filmed in La Ciotat in 1895, at the Villa du Clos des Plages, the summer residence of the Lumiere Brothers.

de and definitions
" While there are no explicit definitions authoritatively put forth by the Catholic Church that would warrant calling the doctrine of creationism de fide, nevertheless, there can be no doubt as to which view has been favored by ecclesiastical authority.
However, the definitions of ‘ matrimonial cause ’ and ‘ de facto financial cause ’ differ in some respects, due to the different sources of Commonwealth power to legislate for these matters.
Although more definitions for the term are used, mostly it means winning the Tour de France, the Giro d ' Italia and the Road World Cycling Championship in one year, although occasionally a broader definition where one grand tour can be exchanged for the Vuelta a España is also seen.
Like extraordinary definitions, the ordinary magisterium may propose teachings both de fide credenda and de fide tenenda, and the latter may advance to the status of the former, and both are held to be infallible.
Among Rousseau's definitions of law, the textually closest variant can be found in a passage of the Lettres écrites de la montagne summarizing the argument of Du contrat social, in which law is defined as " a public and solemn declaration of the general will on an object of common interest.
In 1849 he published a closely related Prodrome de Paléontologie Stratigraphique, intended as a " Preface to Stratigraphic Palaeontology ", in which he described almost 18, 000 species, and with biostratigraphical comparisons erected geological stages, the definitions of which rest on their stratotypes.
Both extraordinary definitions and the universal magisterium may teach de fide credenda or de fide tenenda teachings.
That year Spon published his Histoire de la république de Genève, followed by his Récherches curieuses d ' antiquité ( Lyon 1683 ) and in 1685 a collection of transcriptions of Roman inscriptions gleaned over the years, Miscellanea eruditae antiquitatis, in the preface to which he offered one of the earliest definitions of " archaeologia " to describe the study of antiquities in which he was engaged.
However, the founder of structuralism, Ferdinand de Saussure, held that definitions of concepts cannot exist independently from a linguistic system defined by difference, or, to put it differently, that a concept of something cannot exist without being named.
Legal definitions are limited by local jurisdiction, and race sanctioning bodies like the American Motorcyclist Association ( AMA ) and the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme ( FIM ) set rules that only apply to those who choose to participate in their competitions.

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