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early and 1943
She was the John Harvey, one of those Atlantic sea-horses that had sailed to Bari to bring beans, bombs, and bullets to the U.S. Fifteenth Air Force, to Field Marshal Montgomery's Eighth Army then racing up the calf of the boot of Italy in that early December of 1943.
Virtually all productions today, however, use the original ending, as do nearly all of the film versions of this play, including Dariush Mehrjui's Sara ( the Argentine version, made in 1943 and starring Delia Garcés, does not ; it also modernizes the story, setting it in the early 1940s ).
After Kristallnacht in 1938, thousands of the city's Jews were imprisoned in the nearby Sachsenhausen concentration camp or, in early 1943, were shipped to death camps, such as Auschwitz.
These Are The Men ( 1943 ) was a more ambitious piece where Thomas ' verse accompanies Leni Riefenstahl's footage of an early Nuremberg rally.
Beginning his musical career in the swing era with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra became an unprecedentedly successful solo artist from the early to mid-1940s, after being signed to Columbia Records in 1943.
The German opposition was in an unenviable position by the late spring and early summer of 1943.
Hawks completed initial shooting of the film in early 1941, but due to perfectionism and battles with the Hollywood Production Code, Hughes continued to re-shoot and re-edit the film until it was finally released in 1943, with Hawks uncredited as director.
Himmler visited the camp at Sobibor in early 1943, by which time 250, 000 people had been killed at that location alone.
In 1943 Hergé met Edgar P. Jacobs, another comics artist, whom he hired to help revise the early Tintin albums.
Soviet military industrial output also had increased substantially from late 1941 to early 1943 after Stalin had moved factories well to the East of the front, safe from German invasion and air attack.
The conflict between oppressive, spiritually destructive conformity ( mauvaise foi, literally, " bad faith ") and an " authentic " way of " being " became the dominant theme of Sartre's early work, a theme embodied in his principal philosophical work L ' Être et le Néant ( Being and Nothingness ) ( 1943 ).
It was not until the concluding months of 1943 that the only realized attempt to build a " true four engined " version of the A-series He 177, the He 177B emerged with only three airworthy prototypes produced by early 1944, some three years after the first flights of the Avro Lancaster prototypes, the most commonly encountered RAF bomber pounding Germany on strategic night raids from 1942 to the end of the war in Europe.
In 1943 he was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee to paint glassblowers at a Birmingham factory making cathode ray tubes for the early radar sets.
An early supporter was the French linguist Albert Cuny — better known for his role in the development of the laryngeal theory — who published his Recherches sur le vocalisme, le consonantisme et la formation des racines en « nostratique », ancêtre de l ' indo-européen et du chamito-sémitique (' Researches on the Vocalism, Consonantism, and Formation of Roots in " Nostratic ", Ancestor of Indo-European and Hamito-Semitic ') in 1943.
During the early period of American involvement in World War II ( December 7, 1941 – September 22, 1943 ), the Purple Heart was awarded both for wounds received in action against the enemy and for meritorious performance of duty.
Two Polish slave janitors of Peenemünde's Camp Trassenheide in early 1943 provided maps, sketches and reports to Polish Home Army Intelligence, and in June 1943 British intelligence had received two such reports which identified the " rocket assembly hall ', ' experimental pit ', and ' launching tower '.
It was late 1942 and early 1943 before larger tank formations of corps size were fielded to employ armor in mass again.
In early 1943 a unification of the system saw the abolition of all the remaining functional ranks.
In early September 1943, von Braun promised the Long-Range Bombardment Commission that the A-4 development was ' practically complete / concluded ', but even by the middle of 1944, a complete A-4 parts list was still unavailable.
By the early 1940s, the British film industry began to combine documentary techniques with fictional stories in films like Noël Coward's In Which We Serve ( 1942 ), Millions Like Us ( 1943 ) and The Way Ahead ( 1944 ).
She displayed a number of artworks in exhibitions during the 30s and early 40s, and her first solo exhibition was held in 1943.
Jansson displayed a number of artworks in exhibitions during the 1930s and early 1940s, and her first solo exhibition was held in 1943.
In a speech in early January 1943, Raeder called World War II an ideological war, praised National Socialism for its " moral strength ", and claimed that only through National Socialist indoctrination could the war be won.

early and Thomas
One of the early humorists already mentioned, Thomas Bangs Thorpe, can be used to illustrate another point where Faulkner touches authentic Southern materials and also earlier literary treatment of those materials.
Thomas early Sunday went to the home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Thomas, 511 Blanche St., NW, looking for his wife, Margaret Lou Thomas, 18, and their 11-month-old baby.
In early 1776, Thomas Paine argued in the closing pages of the first edition of Common Sense that the “ custom of nations ” demanded a formal declaration of American independence if any European power were to mediate a peace between the Americans and Great Britain.
In American history important spokesmen included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur ( 1735 – 1813 ), and John Taylor of Caroline ( 1753 – 1824 ) in the early national period.
* Anastasius, a novel by Thomas Hope in the early 19th century.
Saint Thomas Aquinas's aesthetic is probably the most famous and influential theory among medieval authors, having been the subject of much scrutiny in the wake of the neo-Scholastic revival of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and even having received the approbation of the celebrated Modernist writer, James Joyce.
As early as 1573, Thomas Digges had suggested that this theory should necessitate a parallactic shifting of the stars, and, consequently, if such stellar parallaxes existed, then the Copernican theory would receive additional confirmation.
An early professed empiricist, Thomas Hobbes, known as an eccentric denizen of the court of Charles II of England ( an " old bear "), published in 1651 Leviathan, a political treatise written during the English civil war, containing an early manifesto in English of rationalism.
In the early 19th century there was much interest in enclosing and " improving " the open moorland on Dartmoor, encouraged by Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt's early successes at Tor Royal near Princetown.
The term " Cheer Leader " had been used as early as 1897, with Princeton's football officials having named three students as Cheer Leaders: Thomas, Easton and Guerin from Princeton's classes of 1898, 1898 and 1899, respectively, on October 26, 1897 ; these students would cheer for the team also at football practices, and special cheering sections were designated in the stands for the games themselves for both the home and visiting teams.
Historians widely believe that the widower Thomas Jefferson, both before and during his presidency of the United States in the early 19th century, had an intimate relationship of 38 years with his mixed-race slave Sally Hemings, in such an arrangement, and fathered all of her six children of record.
In the early days after the death of John Thomas the group could have moved in a number of directions.
The first recorded Diprotodon remains were discovered in a cave near Wellington in New South Wales in the early 1830s by Major Thomas Mitchell who sent them to England for study by Sir Richard Owen.
In the early part of his marriage, Thomas and his family lived hand-to-mouth, settling in the Welsh fishing village of Laugharne.
Thomas ' early poetry was noted for its verbal density, alliteration, sprung rhythm and internal rhyme, and he was described by some critics as having being influenced by English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Head of Programmes Wales at the BBC, Aneirin Talfan Davies, who commissioned several of Thomas ' early radio talks, believed that the poet's " whole attitude is that of the medieval bards.
* Dylan Thomas: Quite early one morning and other memories ( Caedmon TC 1132 – 1960 )
He spent his early youth attending Public School 149 in East New York, Brooklyn, where he began entertaining his young classmates with songs and jokes, before moving to Thomas Jefferson High School, but he never graduated.
The medieval universities of Western Christendom were well-integrated across all of Western Europe, encouraged freedom of enquiry and produced a great variety of fine scholars and natural philosophers, including Thomas Aquinas of the University of Naples, Robert Grosseteste of the University of Oxford, an early expositor of a systematic method of scientific experimentation ; and Saint Albert the Great, a pioneer of biological field research The University of Bologne is considered the oldest continually operating university.

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