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elections and held
Any free elections that were to be held in Poland would have to produce a government in which Moscow had complete confidence, and all pressure from the West for free voting by anti-Soviet elements in Poland would be met by restrictions on voting by these elements.
They figured prominently in the Balafrej government of May, 1958, which the King was reportedly determined to keep in office until elections could be held.
Since a national interpretation cannot be avoided it is unfortunate that the elections were not held in a way to maximize party responsibility and the educational effect of mass political participation.
Determined to find a course that would reunite the nation and not alienate the South, Lincoln urged that speedy elections under generous terms be held throughout the war.
That same year, first parliamentary and presidential elections were held.
The most recent elections to the House of Representatives were held on 12 March 2009.
* 1989 – General elections are held in Nicaragua with the Sandinista National Liberation Front winning a majority.
The Prime Minister and Cabinet is formed by the political party which gains a simple majority in the general elections held in Barbados.
These elections constitutionally must be held no longer than every five years apart, however elections can be called whenever the Government so chooses to seek a new mandate or loses a vote of no confidence in Parliament.
Each of the elections since independence in September 1966 has been freely and fairly contested and has been held on schedule.
General elections are held at least every 5 years.
The next elections are going to be held in 2013.
In 1995, Burkina held its first multiparty municipal elections since independence.
Members serve four-year terms ; elections are held every four years, or earlier in the relatively rare case that the Bundestag is dissolved prematurely by the president.
Hopes were raised among the Balkan ethnicities of reforms and autonomy, and elections were held to form a representative, multi-ethnic, Ottoman parliament.
The Brezhnev Doctrine stayed in effect until it was finally ended with the Soviet non-invasion of Poland during the 1980-1981 crisis and later refusal of Mikhail Gorbachev to use military force when Poland held free elections in 1989 and Solidarity defeated the Communist Party.
Fraudulent Polish elections held in January 1947 resulted in Poland's official transformation to the People's Republic of Poland.
Cameroon's first multiparty legislative and presidential elections were held in 1992 followed by municipal elections in 1996 and another round of legislative and presidential elections in 1997.
In 1991, following growing pressure for a more pluralistic society, multi-party elections were held for the first time.
However, in November 1992 elections were held for an enlarged Legislative Assembly and the Government was soundly defeated, casting doubt on constitutional reform.
After the elections, Mr. Jefferson was appointed Minister and leader of government business ; he also held the portfolios of Tourism, Aviation and Commerce in the Executive Council.
Internal and international pressure led to multi-party presidential elections being held in 1992.

elections and May
King Muhammad 5, was known to be most sympathetic to the formation of local self-government and made the first firm promise of elections on May Day, 1957.
These were rejected in a referendum the following May at the same time as parliamentary elections which left Kocharyan's party in a very powerful position in parliament.
After the Starr Report was submitted to the House providing what it termed " substantial and credible information that President Clinton Committed Acts that May Constitute Grounds for an Impeachment ", the House began impeachment hearings against Clinton before the mid-term elections.
The PPT won the May 1957 pre-independence elections thanks to a greatly expanded franchise, and Lisette led the government of the Territorial Assembly until he lost a confidence vote on 11 February 1959.
Déby won a flawed 63 % first-round victory in May 2001 presidential elections after legislative elections were postponed until spring 2002.
Over 4 million Cambodians ( about 90 % of eligible voters ) participated in the May 1993 elections, although the Khmer Rouge or Party of Democratic Kampuchea ( PDK ), whose forces were never actually disarmed or demobilized, barred some people from participating.
Costa Rica was among the first to call for a postponement of the May 22 elections in Peru when international observer missions found electoral machinery not prepared for the vote count.
On 22 April and 7 May 1990, the first free multi-party elections were held in Croatia.
On 15 May 2006, Ahmed Abdallah Sambi, a cleric and successful businessman educated in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, was declared the winner of elections for President of the Republic.
At the end of the Conference on 27 January 1960 it was announced that elections would be held in the Congo on 22 May 1960, and full independence granted on 30 June 1960.
He was re-elected, unopposed, to a second 6-year term in April 1987 and to a third 6-year term in May 1993 multiparty elections.
The first elections to the Scottish Parliament were held on 6 May 1999, with Dewar leading the Scottish Labour Party against their main opponents, the SNP under Alex Salmond.
Congressional and first-round presidential elections were held on May 31, 1998.
The elections for Ethiopia's first popularly-chosen national parliament and regional legislatures were held in May and June 1995.
Under the terms of the Treaty of Ciudad Juárez, Díaz and Corral agreed to resign by the end of May 1911, with Díaz's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francisco León de la Barra, taking over as interim president solely for the purpose of calling general elections.
Tensions between Georgia and separatist authorities in Ajaria increased after the elections, climaxing on May 1, 2004 when Abashidze responded to military maneuvers held by Georgia near the region by having the three bridges connecting Ajaria and the rest of Georgia over the Choloki River blown up.
At the May 1969 federal elections, the UMNO-MCA-MIC Alliance polled only 48 percent of the vote, although it retained a majority in the legislature.
The elections of deputies to the 16 May 1830 had gone very badly for King Charles X. Charles X reacted by proroguing the Chamber of Deputies and sending them all packing, and then unilaterally changed the electional laws in an attempt to create a new Chamber of Deputies more favorable to him, and muzzled the press.
National elections held on 13 May 2001 returned Berlusconi to power at the head of the five-party center-right " Freedom House " coalition, comprising the prime minister's own party, Forza Italia, the National Alliance, the Northern League, the Christian Democratic Center, and the Democrats ' Center Union.
Between 17 May 2006 and 21 February 2007 Romano Prodi served as Prime Minister of Italy following the narrow victory of his l ' Unione coalition over the Casa delle Libertà led by Silvio Berlusconi in the April 2006 Italian elections.
The quota principle of reserved seats for non-Africans was abandoned, and open elections were held in May 1963.
By the summer of 1947, however, the KSČ's popularity had significantly dwindled, and most observers believed Gottwald would be turned out of office at the elections due for May 1948.
Led by the opposition National Conservative Party, right-wing nationalists won a majority of the seats nationwide and also captured the Riga mayoralty in the 29 May 1994 municipal elections.

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