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Page "government" ¶ 16
from Brown Corpus
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establishing and conditions
First, we can encourage responsibility by establishing as conditions for assistance on a substantial and sustained scale the definition of objectives and the assessment of costs.
Later it developed that the Soviets had a very different interpretation of democracy, which will be discussed later, and their judgment never told them that the Big Three should unite in establishing democratic conditions, as we understand them, within their zone of influence.
The law includes health-related provisions to take effect over the next four years, including expanding Medicaid eligibility for people making up to 133 % of the federal poverty level ( FPL ), subsidizing insurance premiums for people making up to 400 % of the FPL ($ 88, 000 for family of 4 in 2010 ) so their maximum " out-of-pocket " payment for annual premiums will be from 2 % to 9. 5 % of income, providing incentives for businesses to provide health care benefits, prohibiting denial of coverage and denial of claims based on pre-existing conditions, establishing health insurance exchanges, prohibiting insurers from establishing annual coverage caps, and support for medical research.
In Europe and North America, labour unions brought about laws granting workers the right to strike, establishing minimum work conditions and forbidding or regulating child labor.
‘ We made a peaceful entry into this new country, establishing a reputation for fair trade and decent behaviour ... but gold was our interest and we had traced the rivers and tributaries as far as practicable where conditions and results justified the effort and found nothing worthwhile.
The PCC began establishing " peasant leagues " in rural areas and " popular fronts " in urban areas, calling for improved living and working conditions, education, and rights for the working class.
For example, Edward Deci asked his research subjects to solve a soma cube under conditions with varying incentives in his dissertation work on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation establishing the social psychological theory of crowding out.
At the Sixth Congress, Zhou delivered a long speech insisting that conditions in China were not favorable for immediate revolution, and that the main task of the CCP should be to develop revolutionary momentum by winning over the support of the masses in the countryside and establishing a Soviet regime in southern China, similar to the one that Mao Zedong and Zhu De were already establishing around Jiangxi.
A third point of view is that breed-specific legislation should not ban breeds entirely but should strictly regulate the conditions under which specific breeds could be owned, for example, forbidding certain classes of individuals from owning them, specifying public areas from which they would be prohibited, and establishing conditions, such as requiring a dog to wear a muzzle, for taking dogs from specific breeds into public places.
However, players can mitigate the effects of these restrictions to a considerable extent by joining many tables at the same time ( which in itself is both acceptable and somewhat commonplace ) or by establishing accounts on different sites and rotating play between them ( note that while there is nothing unacceptable about someone playing in as many online poker rooms as he pleases, establishing multiple accounts on the same site violates virtually all online poker rooms ' terms and conditions and is thus by definition cheating ).
Islamic law puts several legal conditions on the process of establishing a waqf.
Other labor organizations typically bargain for the same wage, hour, and conditions improvements, but embrace a critique of capital as establishing and maintaining a permanent working class and an elite ruling class.
The advanced economy and favorable geographic and natural conditions of the area attracted the Milesian Greeks who colonized the Colchian coast establishing here their trading posts at Phasis, Gyenos, and Sukhumi in the 6th-5th centuries BC.
The material contains a wealth of information about the foundation of the society, its role in establishing Liberia, efforts to manage and defend the colony, fund-raising, recruitment of settlers, conditions for black citizens of the American South, and the way in which black settlers built and led the new nation.
On 11 August 1997, the IMF unveiled a rescue package for Thailand with more than $ 17 billion, subject to conditions such as passing laws relating to bankruptcy ( reorganizing and restructuring ) procedures and establishing strong regulation frameworks for banks and other financial institutions.
This legislation de-coupled the legislation governing the amount of the federal transfer from the legislation establishing the terms and conditions to be met to receive it.
Each game begins by outlining the premise (" there are five people who might attend this afternoon's meeting ") and establishing a set of conditions governing the relationships among the subjects (" if Amy is present, then Bob is not present ; if Cathy is present, then Dan is present ...").
Under Kelley's leadership, the League established labeling certifying that products were made under fair working conditions, protected workers from exploitation by employers, promoted food inspection and advocated for child labor restrictions, the limiting of work hours and establishing minimum wage laws for women.
" " Since then, government has assumed responsibility for more and more areas of social life: schooling, regulating wages and working conditions, establishing standards for products of all sorts, and providing financial assistance to the elderly, the ill, and the unemployed.
A bilateral investment treaty ( BIT ) is an agreement establishing the terms and conditions for private investment by nationals and companies of one state in another state.

establishing and self-help
After establishing a career as a writer, becoming best known for his science fiction and fantasy stories, he developed a self-help system called Dianetics which was first published in May 1950.
She concentrated on improving the lives of her neighbors by establishing a self-help program which was responsible for new sewer systems, paved streets, a water system, and community center.

establishing and is
Purpose of this inventory is to include all eligible productive facilities in SBA's facilities register so that the small business concerns may have an opportunity to avail themselves of the services authorized by the Congress in establishing the Small Business Administration.
State governments have been taking the lead in establishing area vocational schools, but their focus is still on area job opportunities.
One of the greatest problems associated with automatic leveling is establishing a true level in the presence of high-level acceleration noise.
* 1842 – The Webster – Ashburton Treaty is signed, establishing the Canada – United States border east of the Rocky Mountains.
* 1980 – The Montevideo Treaty, establishing the Latin American Integration Association, is signed.
* 1792 – The Coinage Act is passed establishing the United States Mint.
* 1454 – The Treaty of Lodi is signed, establishing a balance of power among northern Italian city-states for almost 50 years.
The purpose of RHA is to enhance the quality of residence hall life and provide a cohesive voice for the residents by addressing the concerns of the on-campus populations to university administrators and other campus organizations ; providing cultural, diversity, educational, and social programming ; establishing and working with individual hall councils.
Individuals who survived to this, the latest and highest stage of evolutionary progress would be “ those in whom the power of self-preservation is the greatest — are the select of their generation .” Moreover, Spencer perceived governmental authority as borrowed from the people to perform the transitory aims of establishing social cohesion, insurance of rights, and security.
According to Richard I. Pervo, " Townsend's methodologically adventurous but ultimately cautious essay is another valuable lesson in the danger of establishing the date of Acts – or any work – by arguing for the earliest possible time of origin.
However, it is used extensively in establishing results about well-ordering and the ordinals in general.
* 1606 – The Charter of the Virginia Company of London is established by royal charter by James I of England with the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in North America.
The Arrhenius definition of acid – base reactions is a development of the hydrogen theory of acids, devised by Svante Arrhenius, which was used to provide a modern definition of acids and bases that followed from his work with Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald in establishing the presence of ions in aqueous solution in 1884, and led to Arrhenius receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1903 for " recognition of the extraordinary services ... rendered to the advancement of chemistry by his electrolytic theory of dissociation ".
Empirical reason cannot here play the role of establishing rational truths because it goes beyond possible experience and is applied to the sphere of that which transcends it.
Simultaneously, Bonn is establishing itself as a national and international centre of meetings, conventions and conferences, many of which are directly related to the work of the United Nations.
In addition to establishing the level and denomination of the final contract, the final contract may be doubled ( by the opponents ) or redoubled ( by the declaring side after the opponents had already doubled ), in which case the score for the hand is increased, whether the contract is made or defeated.
This continues for approximately four years until establishing the final shape of the breast ( size, volume, density ) when she is a woman of approximately 21 years of age.
A careful longitudinal analysis of symptoms and episodes, enriched if possible by discussions with friends and family members, is crucial to establishing a treatment plan where these comorbidities exist.
" Grading services certify the authenticity and rate the quality of individual coins, thus — it is hoped — establishing the worth of the coin relative to all others of its kind.
: A further argument is that relativistic difficulties about establishing which measurement occurred first also undermine the idea that one observer is causing what the other is measuring.
A recent example is the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union which was intended to be included in the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, that failed to be ratified.

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