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fact and lecturers
Due to that effort, when World War II ended, academician Šercer was sentenced by the newly created government of Yugoslavia to one year of forced labor and the confiscation of the property, found guilty of supporting the NDH, despite the fact that two lecturers at the institution were Serbs, and one of them Muslim ( Muhamed Kontardžić ), with the student national structure at the school balanced.

fact and medieval
Mail armour provided an effective defence against slashing blows by an edged weapon and penetration by thrusting and piercing weapons ; in fact a study conducted at the Royal Armouries at Leeds concluded that " it is almost impossible to penetrate using any conventional medieval weapon " Generally speaking, mail's resistance to weapons is determined by four factors: linkage type ( riveted, butted, or welded ), material used ( iron versus bronze or steel ), weave density ( a tighter weave needs a thinner weapon to surpass ), and ring thickness ( generally ranging from 18 to 14 gauge in most examples ).
Boyarin suggests that this in part reflects the fact that much of Judaism's more than 3, 000-year history predates the rise of Western culture and occurred outside the West ( that is, Europe, particularly medieval and modern Europe ).
The historical significance of the Tantric method lies in the fact that it impacted every major Indian religion extant in the early medieval period ( c. 500-1200 CE ): thus the Hindu sects of Shaivism, Shaktism and Vaishnavism, as well as Buddhism and Jainism all developed a well-documented body of Tantric practices and related doctrines.
Many published works mistakenly claim that the strict modern form of the villanelle originated with the medieval troubadours, but in fact medieval and Renaissance villanelles were simple ballad-like songs with no fixed form or length.
Berengar's real significance for the development of medieval theology lies in the fact that he asserted the rights of dialectic in theology more definitely than most of his contemporaries.
The extraordinary circumstances of the April parliament had forced the king into submission, but under normal circumstances the powers of the king in medieval England were virtually unlimited, a fact that Edward was able to exploit.
In common with other embroidered hangings of the early medieval period, this piece is conventionally referred to as a " tapestry ", although it is not a true tapestry in which the design is woven into the cloth ; it is in fact an embroidery.
Whether the medieval instruments in fact represent forms of cornett is impossible to prove, but a number of extant 16th-century Italian curved cornetts that end in a beast ’ s head might be considered supporting evidence.
The medieval veneration of the Virgin Mary was contrasted by the fact that ordinary women, especially those outside aristocratic circles, were looked down upon.
It was interpreted with concurrent meanings in all four modes of medieval exegesis: literally as historical fact, and allegorically as the death of the ancient order at the coming of the new.
In fact, the European university put Aristotelian and other natural science texts at the center of its curriculum, with the result that the " medieval university laid far greater emphasis on science than does its modern counterpart and descendent.
In fact, in terms of its urban sprawl, medieval Angkor even approaches the size of modern Los Angeles, and is said to have been seventeen times larger than Manhattan Island.
In the medieval period, France retained its association with pear growing, and the majority of pears consumed in England were in fact imported from France.
In fact, there are more medieval romances dedicated to narrating the adventures of Gawain than there are even to Lancelot, who is perhaps better known in popular culture today.
Despite the fact that many of the dates and figures of Oxford's medieval and early life are imprecise, Blackfriars ' history is unusually well documented, largely as a result of the hall being part of an international fraternity of scholarship, which was able to monitor and document its fortunes, even during times of the hall's collapse.
Orderic Vitalis, a medieval chronicler, records that Robert fitzThurstin gave the nickname to Ranulf, because Robert resented the fact that Ranulf, though of low birth, ordered the nobility around.
Some Hindus believe the Buddha accepted and incorporated many tenets of Hinduism in his doctrine, however, Buddhists disagree and state there was no such thing as Hinduism at the time of Buddha and in fact, " Indeed, it absorbed so many Buddhist traits that it is virtually impossible to distinguish the latter in medieval and later Hinduism.
These rumors are likely related to the fact that the medieval historian the Templar of Tyre wrote about a Mongol general named " Mulay " who occupied Syria and Palestine for a few months in early 1300.
Explaining that the medieval usurer differed to modern capitalist by the fact that in medieval society wealth was fixed ( land ), while in industrial society the function of money had changed completely: “ At the new framework, none could accumulate money under the bed for stroke him between dawn swoon of fetishistic perversion, but I had to bet it quickly on overall growth of the economy before inflation turned it into dust.
He was disheartened by the fact that the talents of many of England's younger sons were wasted due to an economic recession and the medieval system of primogeniture, in which the oldest son inherited all of the family's land.
We do have some secular poetry ; in fact a great deal of medieval literature was written in verse, including the Old English epic Beowulf.
Alfred Hessel describes the Philobiblon as “ he particular charm of the apology consist in fact that it contains sound library theory — though clothed in medieval garb ”.

fact and universities
Much of the distinct character of France's anthropology today is a result of the fact that most anthropology is carried out in nationally funded research laboratories ( CNRS ) rather than academic departments in universities
His view on class division and technocracy are as follows " Since when no one works for another, the profiteer from wealth disappears, just as government will disappear when no one pays attention to those who learned four things at universities and from that fact they pretend to govern men.
TM researchers, in a published response, suggested that the studies in question were not biased due to the fact that they were conducted in collaboration with independent researchers at several other universities.
In a published response, TM researchers suggested that the studies were not biased due to the fact that they were conducted in collaboration with independent researchers at several other universities.
In fact, some have been standardized, and are used in local schools and universities around the world.
In 1952, three years after the People's Republic of China was established, Yenching University was merged into Peking University and Peking University lost its " national " appellation to reflect the fact that all universities under the new socialist state would be public.
After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Fudan lost its " National " appellation and became Fudan University to reflect the fact that all universities under the new socialist state would be public.
In fact, there is very little variation in the tuition fees charged by universities — nearly all charge the maximum tuition fee on all courses.
For the most part, universities and research institutes have refused to test Oates ' theories because of a lack of theoretical basis to make his predictions even worth testing, and the fact that many of his claims are untestable, but one of the few scientific experiments to evaluate Oates ' claims did not support his findings.
Although several American universities which predate the American Revolution purport to hold royal charters, in a number of cases they were in fact created by a grant from a local authority such as a colonial legislature.
The impetus for the creation for the Academy arose from the fact that only members of the Church of England were given places at ancient universities.
This belief, coupled with the lure of the advantages of the tutorial system and the fact that the Baptist Church remained the only Free Church denomination without a college in one of the ancient universities, led Wheeler Robinson to decide to relocate the College to Oxford.
This table was compiled using the same criteria as their World University Rankings but with the weighting for academic reputation reduced to recognise the fact that older universities have deeper and more established alumni networks.
" She spoke of how universities and hospitals often had a special kind of hubris reflected in the fact that they often thought it was OK to destroy a neighborhood to suit their needs ," said Andrew Berman of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation.
Naguib also began to study the Hebrew language in the 1950s, and soon after the Revolution he ordered that Hebrew be taught at military college and at Cairo and Alexandria universities, realising that the Egyptian army had been handicapped during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War by the fact that very few soldiers could interpret Israeli communications.
* American Revolutionary War: Many surgeons during this time were not licensed practicing physicians, 400 out of 3, 500 doctors were fully licensed, in fact only two universities offered medical degrees which was King's College in New York, and the College of Philadelphia.
At the age of seven, when asked what newspaper he reads, if any, Andrew stated that he reads The Financial Times ( although he later revealed he was in fact just repeating what his father had told him when asked the same question ), and all three could say which prep schools, public schools and universities they planned to attend ( Oxford / Cambridge in all cases ); two named the specific Oxbridge college they intended to join.
" In recognition of this fact, and of Clark's role in establishing the two colleges, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Hokkaido became sister universities in 1976.
Despite the fact that it is no longer used by the Carnegie Foundation, the descriptor Research I is still commonly used in reference to universities with the largest research budgets, often by the institutions themselves in their promotional materials.
However, the term remains in use, primarily for choirs found in North American colleges and universities, despite the fact that most American glee clubs are choruses in the standard sense and no longer perform glees.
The university has always been actively engaged in international exchange, as evidenced by the fact that it has successively established liaisons with more than 50 universities and research institutes in about 20 countries and regions, such as The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Greece, etc.
In 1998, the two universities were merged under the name of CPPSU, despite the fact that the CPPCU stands on a higher rank than CPPSU.
The story is in fact given in two near contemporaneous ( 2nd century A. D .) Buddhist histories, the Asokâvadâna and the Divyâvadâna ; the two narratives are almost verbatim the same and very obviously have a common origin. 5 This non-contemporary story ( which surfaces more than three centuries after the alleged facts ) about Pushyamitra ’ s offering money for the heads of Buddhist monks is rendered improbable by external evidence: the well-attested historical fact that he allowed and patronized the construction of monasteries and Buddhist universities in his domains, as well as the still-extant stupa of Sanchi. 6 After Ashoka ’ s lavish sponsorship of Buddhism, it is perfectly possible that Buddhist institutions fell on slightly harder times under the Sungas, but persecution is quite another matter.

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