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fact and project
However, confusion often stems from the fact that plural verb forms are often used in British English with the singular forms of these count nouns ( for example: " The team have finished the project .").
In fact, waiting to update EV only once per month ( simply because that is when cost data are available ) only detracts from a primary benefit of using EVM, which is to create a technical performance scoreboard for the project team.
Applying EVM in fast-changing work environments is, in fact, an area of project management research.
As with the petition, the more people who get involved, the more powerful the message to governments: “ We are no longer willing to accept the fact that hundreds of millions live in chronic hunger .” Groups and individuals can also decide on their own to organize an event about the project, simply by gathering friends, whistles, t-shirts and banners ( whistles and t-shirts can be ordered, and petition sign sheets downloaded, on the endinghunger. org website ) and thereby alert people about chronic hunger by using the yellow whistle.
Spanish news outlets expressed outrage over the Sovereign Bay project in January 2009, particularly over the fact that infill material to create the quays and breakwater was reportedly coming from Spanish quarries in Andalucia.
Brother Robert Fanovich, head of Presentation Brothers ' College ( PBC ) in St. George's tasked some of his senior students with conducting a research project into the era and specifically into the fact that Maurice Bishop's body was never discovered.
The environmental impact of Nepal's hydroelectric projects has been limited by the fact that most are " run-of-the-river " with only one storage project undertaken to date.
The scheme has met with strong opposition from environmentalists, who protest the damage that would be done to the rivers and jungle. The project will be like the original plans only in the fact that the US government would buy the land for investors to start building the canal.
In fact, the Inca Empire was conceived like an ambitious and audacious civilizing project, based on a mythical thought, in which the harmony of the relationships between the human being, nature, and gods was truly essential.
Early methodologies suffered from the fact that they only delivered software in the final phase of development ; any problems encountered in earlier phases meant costly rework and often jeopardized the whole project.
In the following decades the idea of a power project became inseparable from the seaway-in fact, the various governments involved believed that the deeper water created by the hydro project were necessary to make the seaway channels feasible.
the play's strongly patriotic themes were credited by the Conservative Party for helping them secure a large percentage of the middle class votes, despite the fact Coward had conceived the project a full year before the election was held, and the playwright strenuously denied having any motivation to influence its outcome.
The large size of the Qattara Depression and the fact that it falls to a depth of 133 m below mean sea level has led to several proposals to create a massive hydroelectric project in northern Egypt rivalling the Aswan High Dam.
The fact that those several different perspectives can be put together into a software architecture stands as the vindication of the need and justification of creation of software architecture before the software development in a project attains maturity.
government of Hermann Müller into approving spending for the " pocket battleships despite the fact that the SPD had elected in the May 1928 Reichstag elections on a platform of stopping the " pocket battleship " project.
While the project for the RNEP seems to be in fact canceled, Jane's Information Group speculated in 2005 that work might continue under another name.
In fact, many planetariums today have what are called projection orreries, which project onto the dome a Sun with planets ( usually limited to Mercury up to Saturn ) going around it in something close to their correct relative periods.
In both cases, McConnell contends that competence ultimately determines whether a project succeeds or fails, regardless of the development approach taken ; furthermore, he claims that incompetent " impostor organizations " ( which merely imitate the form of successful software development organizations ) are in fact engaging in what he calls Cargo cult software engineering.
Unfortunately for Brunel, the Admiralty vacillated over payment, despite that fact that Brunel had spent more than £ 2, 000 of his own money on the project.
Seeing the merits of this project and the fact Federal funding would be a one time opportunity, the village board moved to submit an application to the IEPA.
In fact, the Issaquah City Council voted in 2008 to cancel the 15-year-running SE Bypass project.
On April 23, 2009, Lindsey Graham ( R-South Carolina ) and eight other senators introduced legislation to provide " rebates " from a $ 30 billion federally managed fund into which nuclear power plants had been paying, so as to refund all collected funds if the project was in fact cancelled by Congress.
* " Nuclear Waste " – Sierra Club fact sheet in opposition to Yucca Mountain project

fact and was
He was, in fact, showing signs of reviving.
So simple, in fact, that it might even work -- although Pamela, now, in her new frame of mind, was careful not to pretend too much assurance.
The mere fact that the tall figure with the rifle and field glasses had been seen riding that way was enough to frighten three rustling homesteaders out of the Upper Laramie country in a single week.
In fact, I was watching you on that little seventeen-inch screen when you rang my bell.
Her heart, her maternal feeling, in fact her being was too busy expressing itself, as quietly thrilled by this sight of her Nicolas curled asleep under a blanket, in a park like a scene from Poussin.
His advice, his voice saying his poems, the fact that he had not so much as touched her -- on the contrary, he had put his head back and she had stroked his hair -- this was all new.
It was also subtly familiar, for it was the odor of the human body, but multiplied innumerable times because of the fact that the aborigines never bathed.
But though the Southern States, when drafting a constitution to unite themselves, narrowed the difference to this fine point by omitting to assert the right to secede, the fact remained that by seceding from the Union they had already acted on the concept that it was composed primarily of sovereign states.
To my knowledge, Lincoln remains the only Head of State and Commander-in-Chief who, while fighting a fearful war whose issue was in doubt, proved man enough to say this publicly -- to give his foe the benefit of the fact that in all human truth there is some error, and in all our error, some truth.
But he was `` afraid of the future -- he would in fact welcome a way back to social integration, a functional art of some kind ''.
The obvious natural fact to ancient thinkers was the diurnal rotation of the heavens.
It was symbolized ( at least for those of us who recognized ourselves in the image ) by that self-consuming, elegiac candle of Edna St. Vincent Millay's, that candle which from the quatrain where she ensconced it became a beacon to us, but which in point of fact would have had to be as tall as a funeral taper to last even the evening, let alone the night.
To you, for instance, the word innocence, in this connotation, probably retained its Biblical, or should I say technical sense, and therefore I suppose I must make myself quite clear by saying that I lost -- or rather handed over -- what you would have considered to be my innocence two weeks before I was legally entitled, and in fact by oath required, to hand it over along with what other goods and bads I had.
One cause of Schopenhauer's pessimism was the fact that he failed to learn the guitar.
By this time she had learned that it was futile to argue with her young husband, yet the uncomfortable fact remained: the American Congregationalists were sending them as missionaries to the Far East and paying their salaries.
That unused room was large enough for -- well, say an elephant could get into it and, as a matter of fact, an elephant did.
He also disliked Runyon, for no good reason other than the fact that the Demon's talent was so marked as to put him well beyond the Hetman's say-so or his supervision.
His accomplishments, and the fact that he was resident, did much to offset the unkind words travelers used to describe Little Rock after a visit there.
Underneath all the high-sounding phrases of royal and papal letters and behind the more down-to-earth instructions to the envoys was the inescapable fact that Edward would have to desert his Flemish allies and leave them to the vengeance of their indignant suzerain, the king of France, in return for being given an equally free hand with the insubordinate Scots.
It was Plummer, in fact, who coined the much quoted remark: `` Mr. Green indeed writes as if he had been present at the landing of the Saxons and had watched every step of their subsequent progress ''.
But his rancor did not cease, and presently, on March 13, when he preached a sermon on the text, `` And Ben-hadad Was Drunk '', he told his congregation how disappointed he was in Mr. Lewis, how he regretted having had him in his house, and how he should have been warned by the fact that the novelist was drunk all the time that he was working on the book.
the mere fact that he was selected, though as a substitute, to act as interlocutor or moderator for it, or perhaps we should say with Buck as ' father of the act ', is in itself a difficult phase of his development to grasp.

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