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her and opening
Pip's abject leave-taking of Miss Havisham, during which he kneels to kiss her hand, signalizes his homage to a supposed patroness who seems to be opening up for him a new world of glamour ; ;
She was standing on a flat rock three feet above ground and when she saw him she rose to full height and roared, opening her mouth wide, lashing her tail, and stamping at the rock with both forefeet in irritation, as much as to say: `` How dare you disturb me in my sacred precinct ''??
She jumped as the little man now appeared at the window and, reaching through the opening, offered her a bottle of coke.
The Living Room has another scoop: Jane Russell will make one of her rare night club singing appearances there, opening Jan. 22.
This trade has become renowned as one of the most lopsided in baseball history, including a mention by Susan Sarandon in her opening soliloquy in the 1988 film Bull Durham: " Bad trades are a part of baseball.
Queen Boadicea features in the opening lyrics of the song " The Good Old Days " written by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat for British rock band The Libertines from their 2002 album " Up the bracket ", the line reads, " If Queen Boadicea is long dead and gone, Still then the spirit in her children's children's children, it lives on ".
On the opening date of Lollapalooza in 1995, Love notoriously got into a physical fight backstage with Kathleen Hanna and punched her in the face.
Despite the efforts of his successor Emperor Yohannes IV to establish a relationship with the United Kingdom, Ethiopia was ignored by the world powers until the opening of the Suez Canal, and more important, the Mahdist War, drew outside attention to her once more.
Her grandparents were in a band that played throughout Ireland, her father was the leader of the Slieve Foy Band before opening Leo's Tavern, and her mother played in a dance band and later taught music at Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair.
Such men have openly libelled him, like Dewes and Weldon, whose falsehoods were detected as soon as uttered, or have fastened upon certain ceremonious compliments and dedications, the fashion of his day, as a sample of his servility, passing over his noble letters to the Queen, his lofty contempt for the Lord Keeper Puckering, his open dealing with Sir Robert Cecil, and with others, who, powerful when he was nothing, might have blighted his opening fortunes for ever, forgetting his advocacy of the rights of the people in the face of the court, and the true and honest counsels, always given by him, in times of great difficulty, both to Elizabeth and her successor.
Post-war she sells homemade pies to survive, eventually opening her own bakery.
Degas invited Mary Cassatt to display her work in the 1879 exhibition, but he also caused dissension by insisting on the inclusion of Jean-François Raffaëlli, Ludovic Lepic, and other realists who did not represent Impressionist practices, causing Monet in 1880 to accuse the Impressionists of " opening doors to first-come daubers ".
Polgár prefers aggressive openings, playing 1. e4 as White and the Sicilian or King's Indian Defence with black, but she has also said her opening choices will also depend upon her trainer.
The midwife sat facing the mother, encouraging and supporting her through the birth, perhaps offering instruction on breathing and pushing, sometimes massaging her vaginal opening, and supporting her perineum during the delivery of the baby.
It depicts the iconic moment in the show's opening credits where Moore tosses her tam o ' shanter in the air, in a freeze-frame at the end of the montage.
Other defining recordings include " Sugar Town ", the 1967 number one " Somethin ' Stupid " ( a duet with her father ), the title song from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, several collaborations with Lee Hazlewood such as " Jackson ", and her cover of Cher's " Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down )", which features during the opening sequence of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.
The theory is that the extreme offer will cause the other party to reevaluate his or her own opening offer and move close to the resistance point ( as far as you are willing to go to reach an agreement ).
In his opening statements, Feldman said " We have doubts ": doubts as to who kidnapped her and killed her, and doubts as to the cause of death.

her and remarks
Miriam had not yet goaded him into mentioning her directly, but one can feel the generalized anger in Wright's remarks to reporters when he was asked, one morning on arrival in Chicago, what he thought of the city as a whole.
Lewis's remarks about his marriage were suggestive enough to induce American reporters to invade the offices of Harcourt, Brace & Company for information, to pursue Mrs. Lewis to Cromwell Hall, and, after she had returned to New York, to ferret her out at the Stanhope on upper Fifth Avenue where she had taken an apartment.
The remarks she made about the sufferings of a lonely woman seemed so broad at first that he didn't know what to make of them, but after the sixth drink he put his arm around her and suggested that they go upstairs and look for her checkbook there.
She is vacationing at the Kennedy summer home in Hyannis Port, Mass., and in his welcoming remarks, the President said he was representing her.
He had never heard so many bells, and as he lay there listening, he thought of her scolding him for his remarks when he had looked up at the obelisk and the church at the top of the Spanish Steps.
" John Chadwick, a decipherer of Linear B, remarks "" her name may be connected with hērōs, ἥρως, ' hero ', but that is no help, since it too is etymologically obscure.
In her remarks, Smith explained that in 1967 when she moved to New York City ( Brooklyn ), she would never have been accepted into Pratt, but most of her friends ( including Mapplethorpe ) were students at Pratt and she spent countless hours on the Pratt campus.
As Seo-Young Chu remarks in her 2011 book Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep?
Holmes is pleased when he is recognised for having superior skills and responds to flattery, as Watson remarks, as a girl does to comments upon her beauty.
Talking about not having a father figure in her early life, she remarks: " I might have been an immaculate conception.
Observers often characterised her as a spoiled snob capable of cutting remarks or hauteur.
Mrs. Allen: Somewhat vacuous, she sees everything in terms of her obsession with clothing and fashion, and has a tendency to utter repetitions of remarks made by others in place of original conversation.
Mulhern speculates that her remarks about Izumi were not so much directed at Izumi's poetry but at her behavior, lack of morality and her court liaisons, of which Murasaki disapproved.
In his Life of Antony, Plutarch remarks that " judging by the proofs which she had had before this of the effect of her beauty upon Caius Caesar and Gnaeus the son of Pompey, she had hopes that she would more easily bring Antony to her feet.
With their help C-3PO and the others discover Shmi's diary, whereof Leia remarks that the droid described reminds her of Threepio.
The current leader of the party, Marine Le Pen, publicly rebuked Gollnisch for his remarks, and distanced herself for a time from the party machine in protest against her father's comment.
He is unable to get the police, the judge, or even his mother ( Jessie Royce Landis ) to believe what happened to him, especially when a woman at Townsend's residence says he got drunk at her dinner party ; she also remarks that Lester Townsend is a United Nations diplomat.
When the Doctor remarks upon her ability, she comments that he should have stayed in university.
Staid Victorians were often scandalised by Mary Anne's uninhibited remarks but soon learned not to insult her within Disraeli's hearing.

her and Long
Twenty years ago her daughter Betsey Long, then 13 years of age, won the Grand Challenge Trophy, Children's Handling Class ( as they were called then ) at Westminster.
During her work she participated as a surface analysis consultant on the NASA Long Duration Exposure Facility experiment.
Long ago Count Dracula killed her out of disgust due to her unnaturally strong bloodlust, but she survives as a ghost.
When Elizabeth was 3 years old, the family moved to 142 Long Acre, where they were to live for 2 years, whilst two more children were born and her father moved up in the world, becoming not only the manager of a larger pawnbroker ’ s shop, but also a silversmith.
In the Swedish folktale Little Rosa and Long Leda, an elvish woman ( älvakvinna ) arrives in the end and saves the heroine, Little Rose, on condition that the king's cattle no longer graze on her hill.
In the Historia Brittonum Hengist had an unnamed daughter ( her name is first given in Historia Regum Britanniae as Rowena ) who seduced Vortigern, eventually leading to the Night of the Long Knives when Hengist's men massacred the Britons at a peace accord.
After a brief honeymoon on Long Island, New York, the Monroes returned to New York City to live with her father until Congress adjourned.
In 1975, she emigrated from Taiwan to her family's 36 acre ( 14. 6 hectare ) estate in Lattingtown, Long Island, New York, USA, where she kept a portrait of her late husband in full military regalia in her living room.
Soong sold her Long Island estate in 2000 and spent the rest of her life in a Gracie Square apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan owned by her niece.
A lesbian KGB agent, Bea Taussig — who has unluckily fallen in love with Long — describes Gregory and his work to her KGB handler, Tanya Bisyarina.
Lamb, his daughter Hebe, her boyfriend Melville Long, and Hebe's friend Sandra Rush ( a twentyish lingerie model who becomes Lamb's love interest ) pursue many adventures, most of which fall well outside the perimeter of law and order.
Thompson's attribution of the Long Rede to her grandmother has been disputed, since Adriana Porter died in 1946, well before Gerald Gardner published The Old Laws, and no evidence for Porter's authorship exists other than Thompson's word.
Long a level-headed character who sacrifices her own desires for those of her friends, she gradually abandons these priorities to be more independent and please herself.
Several of these contain her Long Text in full or in part ; three complete texts being in the British Library Sloane Collection, etc.
may have been Julian of Norwich's spiritual director and editor of her Long Text Showing of Love.
For example, Loretta Long was chosen to play Susan when the children who saw her audition stood up and sang along with her rendition of " I'm a Little Teapot ".
All six Eurovision contest song candidates were recorded by Newton-John and included on her Long Live Love album, her first for the EMI Records label.

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