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1931 and book
The English Biblical scholar Robert Henry Charles ( 1855 – 1931 ) reasoned on internal textual grounds that the book was edited by someone who spoke no Hebrew and who wished to promote a different theology from John's.
Also in 1931, Hayek critiqued Keynes's Treatise on Money ( 1930 ) in his " Reflections on the pure theory of Mr. J. M. Keynes " and published his lectures at the LSE in book form as Prices and Production.
Frederick Phillips Brooks, Jr. ( born April 19, 1931 ) is a software engineer and computer scientist, best known for managing the development of IBM's System / 360 family of computers and the OS / 360 software support package, then later writing candidly about the process in his seminal book The Mythical Man-Month.
The hydraulic ram principle has been used in some proposals for exploiting wave power, one of which was discussed as long ago as 1931 by Hanns Günther in his book In hundert Jahren.
It was Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye ( 1929 – 1931 ) that most succinctly summed up his five points of architecture that he had elucidated in the journal L ' Esprit Nouveau and his book Vers une architecture, which he had been developing throughout the 1920s.
* 1931 – Luciano Bottaro, Italian comic book artist ( d. 2006 )
Common use of the phrase " The Great Depression " for the 1930s crisis is most frequently attributed to British economist Lionel Robbins, whose 1934 book The Great Depression is credited with ' formalizing ' the phrase, though US president Herbert Hoover is widely credited with having ' popularized ' the term / phrase, informally referring to the downturn as a " depression ", with such uses as " Economic depression cannot be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement ", ( December 1930, Message to Congress ) and " I need not recount to you that the world is passing through a great depression " ( 1931 ).
In his 1931 book The Mysterious Universe, Eddington's rival James Jeans attributed the monkey parable to a " Huxley ", presumably meaning Thomas Henry Huxley.
The book was adapted into a critically acclaimed film of the same name in 1931 through RKO Pictures.
( 1931 ) and Wild Talents ( 1932 ); one book was written between New Lands and Lo!
As Hitler and his Nazi Party rose to prominence, Chaplin's popularity throughout the world became greater than ever ; he was mobbed by fans on a 1931 trip to Berlin, which annoyed the Nazis, who published a book in 1934 titled The Jews Are Looking at You, in which the comedian was described as " a disgusting Jewish acrobat " ( despite the fact that Chaplin was not Jewish ).
In 1931, he published the results of his excavation in a book, entitled simply Skara Brae.
Faber and Faber published book editions of " Anna Livia Plurabelle " ( 1930 ), and " Haveth Childers Everywhere " ( 1931 ), HCE's long defence of his life which would eventually close chapter III. 3.
and included passing references to various things and places from the book — such as the Lake of Hali and the Yellow Sign — in " The Whisperer in Darkness " ( 1931 ),
The book, originally written in 1931, was not published until 1965.
Starting in 1931, Taylor worked as book reviewer for the Manchester Guardian, and from 1957 he was a columnist with the Observer.
Harry Clarke ( March 17, 1889 – January 6, 1931 ) was an Irish stained glass artist and book illustrator.
* Moses Schönfinkel, 1924, " Über die Bausteine der mathematischen Logik ," translated as " On the Building Blocks of Mathematical Logic " in From Frege to Gödel: a source book in mathematical logic, 1879 – 1931, Jean van Heijenoort, ed.
( 1931 ) and Wild Talents ( 1932 ); one book was written between New Lands and Lo!
His book Hitler ( 1931 ), which presented Adolf Hitler as a " man of peace " whose party-members were threatened by communist street violence, confirmed his unpopularity among liberals and anti-fascists, especially after Hitler came to power in 1933.
He played in those three World Series, winning the first two, but was sometimes blamed for the loss of the 1931 World Series, when the St. Louis Cardinals, led by Pepper Martin, stole eight bases and the Series, although, in his book, The Life of a Baseball Hall of Fame Catcher, author Charlie Bevis cites the Philadelphia pitching staff's carelessness in holding runners as a contributing factor.
In 1931, Jean de Brunhoff's first Babar book, The Story Of Babar was published in France, followed by The Travels of Babar then Babar The King.
A. J. Cronin's first novel, Hatter's Castle ( 1931 ), includes a scene involving the Tay Bridge Disaster, and the 1942 filmed version of the book recreates the bridge's catastrophic collapse.
A 2004 article in Skeptic Magazine states that Däniken took many of the book's concepts from The Morning of the Magicians, that this book in turn was heavily influenced by the Cthulhu Mythos, and that the core of the ancient astronaut theory originates in H. P. Lovecraft's short stories " The Call of Cthulhu " written in 1926, and " At the Mountains of Madness " written in 1931.
The book covers the period from his birth in 1905 in Budapest, the dual capital of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, to 1931, when he joined the Communist Party of Germany.

1931 and Advertising
In 1931, Éamon de Valera invited him to work for de Valera's recently founded newspaper, Irish Press, where Childers became Advertising Manager.
* Dream of Santa: Haddon Sundblom's Advertising Paintings for Christmas, 1931 – 1964, by Haddon Sundblom, Barbara Fahs Charles, J. R. Taylor
* Art in Advertising ( 1931 ) ( with Dorothy E. M. Holditch ).

1931 and Methods
His pioneering work About the Analytical Methods of Probability Theory was published ( in German ) in 1931.
1931 ) and wrote New Methods of Cell Physiology ( 1962 ).
Methods in Social Science: A Case Book ( 1931 ) pp 353 – 67 online edition

1931 and ,"
" Benjamin Franklin ," Dictionary of American Biography ( 1931 ) – vol 3, with hot links online
" Probabilism: A Critical Essay on the Theory of Probability and on the Value of Science ," ( translation of 1931 article ) in Erkenntnis, volume 31, September 1989.
He had composed and recorded Creole Rhapsody as early as 1931 ( issued as both sides of a 12 " record for Victor and both sides of a 10 " record for Brunswick ), and his tribute to his mother, " Reminiscing in Tempo ," had filled four 10 " record sides in 1935 ; however, it was not until the 1940s that this became a regular feature of Ellington's work.
The Brokaws had a daughter, Frances de Villers, nicknamed " Pan ," who had been born soon after the Brokaws marriage in 1931.
* St. David Pendleton Oakerhater, Okuhhatuh or " Making Medicine ," Southern Cheyenne ( 1847 – 1931 ), veteran of the Red River War, Fort Marion prisoner of war, ledger artist, deacon of Whirlwind Mission, sun dancer, canonized saint in the Episcopal Church
The 1931 rendition was brought to radio in 1948 by " Academy Award Theater ," with Menjou and O ' Brien reprising their roles from the film.
In January 1931, in response to a trade magazine advertisement from Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, California, requesting photographs of " cute kids ," Spanky's Aunt Dottie ( Virginia's sister ) sent pictures from Sonny's portfolio.
Kreiser and Ossietzky, the paper's editor, were questioned by a magistrate of the Supreme Court about the article later that year, and were finally indicted in early 1931 for " treason and espionage ," the assertion being that they had drawn international attention to state affairs which the state had purposefully attempted to keep secret.
The Estate, including the circa 1900 mansion " Carolyn Hall ," named after Ream's wife, was sold to the Marians in 1931, but the Mansion burned down in 1964 and a new main school building was built in its place.
" In the pulps, Cranston is a separate character ; Allard frequently disguises himself as Cranston and adopts his identity (" The Shadow Laughs ," 1931 ).
Jeffrey City began in 1931 as " Home On the Range, Wyoming ," the homestead of a Nebraska couple named the Petersons, who relocated because Mr. Peterson was sick after having been gassed in World War I. Mrs. Peterson opened two gas pumps when the highway came through, and began cooking for those who stopped.
In 1931 the GN also developed the " Inside Gateway ," a route to California that rivaled the Southern Pacific Railroad's route between Oregon and California.
*" Probabilism: A Critical Essay on the Theory of Probability and on the Value of Science ," ( translation of 1931 article ) in Erkenntnis, volume 31, September 1989.
While Kane had risen to fame in the late 1920s as " The Boop-Oop-A-Doop Girl ," a star of stage, recordings, and films for Paramount, her career was nearing its end by 1931.
* Gordon, David M. " The China-Japan War, 1931 – 1945 ," The Journal of Military History v70 # 1 ( 2006 ) 137-182 ; major historiographical overview of important books and interpretations ; in Project Muse
" Arthur Henderson and the British Political Crisis of 1931 ," Historical Journal ( 1988 ) 31 # 1 pp. 117-139 in JSTOR
Radio critics praised her for having an excellent radio voice and for speaking with confidence ( see for example Larry Wolters, " First Lady to Give First Talk At White House ," Chicago Tribune, March 22, 1931, p. G9 ).
Her most famous song, which became her theme, " Sally ," was worked into the title of her first film, Sally in Our Alley ( 1931 ), which was a major box office hit.
In 1931 she was given her own series, teaming with ZaSu Pitts ( pronounced " Zay-soo ," also her character's name ) for slapstick comedies.
After reading an advert in the underground magazine Oz ( in 1969 ) for the " International Fortean Organisation " ( INFO ), an American group " founded in 1966 ... by Paul and Ronald Willis ," who had acquired material from the original Fortean Society ( started in 1931, but in limbo since the 1959 death of its founder Tiffany Thayer ), Rickard began to correspond with the brothers, particularly Paul.
Since 1931, China and Japan had been embroiled in incessant, smaller conflicts, often known as " incidents ," that saw China lose territories piece by piece.
The expression at a broad social level of basic perinatal feelings, such as " suffering fetus " or " toxic placenta ," is part of the narrative in psychohistory, developed by Lloyd deMause ( born 1931 ).
In 1931, Weisinger hosted a meeting of pioneer SF fan club " The Scienceers ," which was attended by a young Julius Schwartz, who recalled that the two became " very friendly ... got along well together.
Referring to the Bloomsbury Group " intellectuals without intellect ," Campbell penned a verse satire of them entitled The Georgiad ( published in 1931 ).

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