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Letter and which
Lincoln removed McClellan as general-in-chief and appointed Henry Wager Halleck in March 1862, after McClellan's " Harrison's Landing Letter ", in which he offered unsolicited political advice to Lincoln urging caution in the war effort.
About a fifth of the law code is taken up by Alfred's introduction, which includes translations into English of the Decalogue, a few chapters from the Book of Exodus, and the " Apostolic Letter " from Acts of the Apostles ( 15: 23 – 29 ).
The link between the Mosaic Law and Alfred's code is the " Apostolic Letter ," which explained that Christ " had come not to shatter or annul the commandments but to fulfill them ; and he taught mercy and meekness " ( Intro, 49. 1 ).
The Letter of Philip ( speech 12 ) to which speech 11 seems to respond may also be by Anaximenes, or it may be an authentic letter by Philip, perhaps written with the aid of his advisers.
Letter 33 contains the statement of Abba Mari that two letters which he desired to insert could not be discovered by him.
Athanasius ' letters include one " Letter Concerning the Decrees of the Council of Nicaea " ( De Decretis ), which is an account of the proceedings of that council, and another letter in the year 367 which was the first known listing of the New Testament including all those books now accepted everywhere as the New Testament.
Sartre, popularly understood as misreading Heidegger ( an understanding supported by Heidegger's essay " Letter on Humanism " which responds to Sartre's famous address, " Existentialism is a Humanism "), employs modes of being in an attempt to ground his concept of freedom ontologically by distinguishing between being-in-itself and being-for-itself.
The incident was chronicled in the Boston News Letter, which called Teach the commander of a " French ship of 32 Guns, a Briganteen of 10 guns and a Sloop of 12 guns.
This resulted in the famous " Letter to the Alexandrians ", which reaffirmed Jewish rights in the city but also forbade them to move in more families en masse.
The information used to create the late-fourth-century Easter Letter, which declared accepted Christian writings, was probably based on the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius of Caesarea, wherein he uses the information passed on to him by Origen to create both his list at HE 3: 25 and Origen ’ s list at HE 6: 25.
During the same Fortran Standards Committee meeting at which the name " FORTRAN 77 " was chosen, a technical proposal was incorporated into the official distribution, bearing the title, " Letter O considered harmful ".
* Nathaniel Hawthorne's book The Scarlet Letter opens with an account of the author himself finding the letter and records which tell the story of Hester Prynne, which is narrated in the rest of the book.
Nilus of Sinai, in his Letter to Heliodorus Silentiarius, records a miracle in which St. Plato of Ankyra appeared to a Christian in a dream.
He defended himself against critics of his religious views in his " Letter to Christophe de Beaumont, the Archbishop of Paris in which he insists that freedom of discussion in religious matters is essentially more religious than the attempt to impose belief by force.
Letter shapes have changed over the centuries, including the creation for Medieval Latin of lower case forms which did not exist in the Classical period.
" " The Letter " contained the nonsense lyric, " the ' puppetutes ' of love ," which was later picked up by the Steve Miller Band as " the pompatus of love " and used in their song " The Joker ".
The information used to create the late-4th-century Easter Letter, which declared accepted Christian writings, was probably based on the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius of Caesarea, wherein he uses the information passed on to him by Origen to create both his list at HE 3: 25 and Origen ’ s list at HE 6: 25.
His conversations with Boris Nicolaevsky, a Menshevik leader who held the manuscripts on behalf of SPD, formed the basis of " Letter of an Old Bolshevik ", which was very influential in contemporary understanding of the period ( especially the Ryutin Affair and Kirov murder ) although there are doubts about its authenticity.
Owain's " Pennal Letter ", in which he promised Charles VI of France and Avignon Pope Benedict XIII to shift the allegiance of the Welsh Church from Rome to Avignon, produced no effect due to the commitment of his senior aides to the conflict.
Letter writing was the primary form through which business was conducted both in state and church, so it became an important aspect of rhetorical education.
At the same time, seeing a moment of royal weakness, Bohemian Protestants demanded greater religious liberty, which Rudolf granted in the Letter of Majesty in 1609.
Hi Infidelity spawned four hit singles written by Richrath and Cronin, including the # 1 " Keep On Loving You " ( Cronin ), the # 5 " Take It on the Run " ( Richrath ), " In Your Letter " (# 20 ) ( Richrath ), and " Don't Let Him Go " (# 24 ) ( Cronin ), and remained on the charts for 65 weeks, 32 of which were spent in the top ten, including 15 weeks atop the Billboard 200.
This " Letter " marks the real breakthrough to reading Egyptian hieroglyphs, for not only the alphabet chart and the main text, but also the postscript in which Champollion notes that similar phonetic characters seemed to occur in not only Greek names but also native Egyptian names.

Letter and fragment
Kufic fragment of Sura Sad, lines 62-64, late 9th century C. E. Surat Sad () ( The Letter Sad ) is the 38th sura of the Qur ' an with 88 ayat and 1 sajdah ( 39: 24 ).
The fragment consists of two folios of two illuminated canon tables – of unusual construction – set beneath an ornamental arcade and the Letter by Eusebius of Caesarea which usually prefaces canon tables.

Letter and Irenaeus
The sole surviving work attributed to his authorship is his Letter to the Philippians ; it is first recorded by Irenaeus of Lyons.
One has been the " Letter to Flora " from a Valentinian teacher, Ptolemy — who is also known from the writings of Irenaeusto a non-Gnostic Christian named Flora.

Letter and speaks
In Letter 97 to Trajan, Pliny the Younger perhaps indicates, in about 112, that such a meal was normally taken separately from the Eucharistic celebration ( although he is silent about its nomenclature ): he speaks of the Christians separating after having offered prayer, on the morning of a fixed day, to Christ as to a god, and reassembling later for a common meal.
* Letter X: This letter talks extensively about a wide variety of snakes and even speaks to the American Indians practices of eating them.
" May prayer strengthen us for the spiritual battle that the Letter to the Ephesians speaks of: ' Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might ' ().
Letter 12 speaks of Francis Bacon, author of Novum Organum and father of experimental philosophy.
Letter 20 speaks briefly of the belles lettres of the nobility, including the Earl of Rochester and Edmund Waller.
* Letter X: This letter talks extensively about a wide variety of snakes and even speaks to the American Indians practices of eating them.

Letter and Polycarp
19. 1-2 Theme of the Letter: Polycarp ’ s meaning as example of a martyr ’ s behavior in accordance with the gospel — a summation
The Letter to the Philippians ( often simply called To the Philippians ) is an epistle composed around 110 to 140 AD by one of the Apostolic Fathers, Polycarp of Smyrna from Antioch, to the early Christian church in Philippi.

Letter and having
While imprisoned for having taken part in a nonviolent protest, Dr. King wrote the now famous Letter from Birmingham Jail, a defining treatise in his cause against segregation.
After having the Saviour's Letter reviewed, and approved by the NOI's headquarters in Chicago in July 1955, Wolcott received a letter of approval from the Nation of Islam acknowledging his official membership as a registered Muslim / registered believer / registered laborer in the NOI.
In 2005, Canada changed its Letter of Credence and Letter of Recall by removing all references to Elizabeth II as Queen of Canada, Canada's head of state, instead having them run in the name of the Governor General, who is the Queen's representative.
After holding the job for 22 years, and having worked in television for 42 years, Cooke retired in 1992, although he continued to present Letter from America until shortly before his death.
References to such communal meals are discerned in, in Saint Ignatius of Antioch's Letter to the Smyrnaeans, where the term " agape " is used, and in a letter from Pliny the Younger to Trajan, in which he reported that the Christians, after having met " on a stated day " in the early morning to " address a form of prayer to Christ, as to a divinity ", later in the day would " reassemble, to eat in common a harmless meal ".
In 1917, having discussed the idea with colleagues for some time with no response, he published the controversial " Lansdowne Letter ", which called for a statement of postwar intentions from the Entente Powers.
This being inclosed with a strong Brick Wall, and having a Walk round, and two cross Walks, decently planted with Yew-trees, the four Quarters may serve four Parishes, where the Dead need not be disturbed at the Pleasure of the Sexton, or piled four or five upon one another, or Bones thrown out to gain Room .</ br > Wren, Letter of advice to the Commissioners for Building Fifty New City Churches, 1711 </ ref > In 1830, George Frederick Carden, editor of The Penny Magazine, successfully petitioned Parliament about the parlous state of London's over-full church burial yards.
In Letter 11, Voltaire argues in favour for the English practice of inoculation, which was little known in continental Europe at the time, having only been made known in Great Britain through the efforts of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
Then a strong war-leader arose ( in the Schechter Letter, he is named Sabriel ), who succeeded in having himself named ruler of the Khazars.
It is in the episode " A Black Letter Day " ( season 4, episode 13 ) that we see the last of Lana, as per the episode description, " Lana thinks Jack is having an affair with Janet or Chrissy after she reads an advice column and jumps to conclusions ".
Letter writers to the Radio Times were split on the merits of the show: some such as P. Tricker of Alpheton, Suffolk praising it for having " brilliant special effects, well-written scripts and actors who were convincing " while others like Martin Bower of Allendale, Northumberland slated the " dated designs, poor music cheap sets " and P. Curwen of Balloch, Dunbartonshire described it as " boring – too much talk and not enough action ".
Due to his having been the " ghost writer " of the Dutch bishops ' Pastoral Letter on the upcoming Council in 1961, he was rendered suspect with the Congregation of the Holy Office, led by Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani ( President ) and the Dutchman Sebastiaan Tromp ( secretary ).

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