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acceptance and speech
During his acceptance speech he reflected on the important influence of traditional European music and the melancholy of the Swedish soul on ABBA's brand of pop music.
Dylan referred to this in his 1998 Grammy acceptance speech for his Time out of Mind being named Album of the Year:
In 1972, the winning author John Berger, known for his Marxist worldview, protested during his acceptance speech against Booker McConnell.
In his acceptance speech, Powell reminded Americans that " It is for America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, to help freedom ring across the globe, unto all the peoples thereof.
During his acceptance speech for the AFI award, he stressed his most important values:
The Timoshenko Medal acceptance speech by Grigory Barenblatt ( to be published by ASME in summer 2006 ).
In ElBaradei's acceptance speech in Stockholm, he stated that only one percent of the money spent on developing new weapons would be enough to feed the entire world, and that, if we hope to escape self-destruction, then nuclear weapons should have no place in our collective conscience, and no role in our security.
* Pritzker Prize information and acceptance speech
In his acceptance speech after his election, Rau claimed “ A patriot I will be ” because “ a patriot is someone who loves his fatherland, a nationalist is someone who despises the fatherlands of the others ”.
During his acceptance speech, Cagney lightly chastised impressionist Frank Gorshin, saying, " Oh, Frankie, just in passing, I never said ' MMMMmmmm, you dirty rat!
Congressman Paul Ryan cites Kemp as a mentor, and mentioned him in his acceptance speech as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee in 2012.
In 1999, he took his girlfriend of several years to the Academy Awards, and thanked her during the acceptance speech for his Best Actor award.
British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin heard Marshall's radio broadcast speech and immediately contacted French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault to begin preparing a quick European response to ( and acceptance of ) the offer.
During his acceptance speech at the 2004 Academy Awards, Jackson mentioned the film, noting that it had been " wisely overlooked by the Academy.
In January 2009, Robyn won a Swedish Grammis Award for Best Live Act 2008 ; in her acceptance speech, she said that Madonna was to thank for the prize.
It has been suggested by the Guardian and Entertainment Weekly that his attack on television producer Malcolm Gerrie for cutting short his acceptance speech may have turned voters against him.
In her acceptance speech, Louis-Dreyfus held up her award and exclaimed, " I'm not somebody who really believes in curses, but curse this, baby!
This included an acceptance speech by Gagarin.
In giving his acceptance speech, Willkie used a full text of the speech which was typewritten with double spacing in ordinary pica type, whereas experienced politicians used triple space in large letters as notes for giving speeches.
As Governor Clinton's nomination acceptance speech approached, Ross Perot dropped out of the race, convinced that staying in the race with a " revitalized Democratic Party " would cause the race to be decided by the United States House of Representatives.
Clinton gave his acceptance speech on July 17, 1992, promising to bring a " new covenant " to America, and to work to heal the gap that had developed between the rich and the poor during the Reagan / Bush years.
However, she was rumored to be the odds-on favorite, and NBC Television cameras were set up in her hospital room so that if she was announced as the winner, Garland could make her acceptance speech live from her hospital bed.
The following day Humphrey's acceptance speech overshadowed Johnson's own acceptance address:

acceptance and week
But on December 10, after a week of press scrutiny, Kerik withdrew acceptance of the nomination.
Students often agree, as a condition of acceptance to a programme, not to devote more than twelve hours per week to work or outside interests.
The RAN's diver training program is centred around a 10-day clearance diver acceptance test ( CDAT ), colloquially known as " hell week ".
By 1970, aloha wear had gained acceptance in Hawaii as business attire for any day of the week.
* Justin Timberlake apologized for the Super Bowl halftime show the previous week in his acceptance speech that night.
However, on December 10, after a week of press scrutiny, Kerik withdrew acceptance of the nomination citing personal reasons and a potential controversy over the immigation status of a nanny and housekeeper he had employed.
Then, in 2004, he " called in " to a live broadcast during the week of the 2004 Republican National Convention to give a preview of his nomination acceptance speech.
In his letter of acceptance, Cobb agreed to move to Seattle about 15 November 1913 and to accept a salary of $ 40 a week " for the present.

acceptance and after
All these emotions were screwed up to new heights when, after acceptance and the first rehearsals, there ensued such a buzz of excitement among Parisian music lovers that Duclos had to come running to Rousseau to inform him that the news had reached the superintendent of the King's amusements, and that he was now demanding that the work be offered first at the royal summer palace of Fontainebleau.
: This may include factory acceptance testing, i. e. the testing done by factory users before the factory is moved to its own site, after which site acceptance testing may be performed by the users at the site.
An educational debate in the time of the Roman Empire arose after Christianity had achieved broad acceptance.
Other recurring themes include the breakdown of Niles ' marriage to the never-seen Maris, Frasier's search for love, Martin's new life after retirement and injury, and the various attempts by the two brothers to gain acceptance into Seattle's cultural elite.
The Scottish acceptance of Magnus III as King of the Isles came after the Norwegian king had conquered Orkney, the Hebrides and the Isle of Man in a swift campaign earlier the same year, directed against the local Norwegian leaders of the various island petty kingdoms.
In 1963, after Iraqi prime minister Abd al-Karim Qasim had been killed in a coup, Iraq reaffirmed its acceptance of Kuwaiti sovereignty and the boundary it had agreed to in 1913 and 1932, in the " Agreed Minutes between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Iraq Regarding the Restoration of Friendly Relations, Recognition, and Related Matters.
A group of gentry active during the reign of Richard II ( 1377 – 99 ) were known as " Lollard Knights " either during or after their lives due to their acceptance of Wycliffe's claims.
The Declaration of acceptance of the general compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice terminated after a 6-month notice of termination delivered by the Secretary of State to the United Nations on October 7, 1985.
The failure of the conciliar theory to gain broad acceptance after the 15th century is taken as a factor in the Protestant Reformation.
In France, the most notable potato dish is the Hachis Parmentier, named after Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a French pharmacist, nutritionist, and agronomist who, in the late 18th century, was instrumental in the acceptance of the potato as an edible crop in the country.
Only after Wegener's death did evidence lead to a gradual change of opinion and ultimate acceptance of his ideas.
Despite his pragmatic acceptance of the new power balance in the Pacific after World War II and his strong support for the American alliance, he publicly professed continued admiration for links with Britain, exemplified by his admiration for Queen Elizabeth II, and famously described himself as " British to the bootstraps ".
The customer would, instead of simply dialing " 0 " for the operator, dial 0 + NPA + 7digits, after which an operator would answer and provide the desired service ( coin collection, getting acceptance on a collect call, etc.
Fry insisted that Grace would not have started the 1948 season with any notion of being beaten by that season's Australian touring team, for " he was sanguine " and would have put everything he could muster into the task of beating them with no acceptance of defeat " till after it happened ".
** Canon Jeffrey John, the first would-be gay bishop in the Church of England, withdraws his acceptance of the post of Bishop of Reading after discussions with church leaders.
But Otto I, after returning and laying siege to the city, compelled its acceptance of Leo VIII.
The result is an acceptance of the status quo and after heavy losses on both sides, a truce is signed.
Most of his work there was altered or demolished after his death and the acceptance of Michelangelo's design, but a few drawings have survived.
And after winning his Best Actor Oscar later in the evening, he said in his acceptance speech, " There must be some terrible mistake, I used up all my English!
An experimental Bankograph was installed in New York City in 1939 by the City Bank of New York, but removed after 6 months due to the lack of customer acceptance.
" A more recent assessment has been that while acceptance of Newton's theories was not immediate, by the end of a century after publication in 1687, " no one could deny that " ( out of the ' Principia ') " a science had emerged that, at least in certain respects, so far exceeded anything that had ever gone before that it stood alone as the ultimate exemplar of science generally.
Less of Book 2 has stood the test of time than of Books 1 and 3, and it has been said that Book 2 was largely written on purpose to refute a theory of Descartes which had some wide acceptance before Newton's work ( and for some time after ).

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