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analysis and however
In the final analysis, then, the user becomes either a bull or a bear in a given instance, notwithstanding any amount of forethought and calculation, however elaborate.
After several hours of analysis, however, mission controllers determined that the malfunction could be worked around and Young and Duke could proceed with the landing.
This analysis neglects other potential bottlenecks such as memory bandwidth and I / O bandwidth, if they do not scale with the number of processors ; however, taking into account such bottlenecks would tend to further demonstrate the diminishing returns of only adding processors.
Definitions of evil vary, as does the analysis of its root motives and causes ; however, evil is commonly associated with conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish their psychological well-being and dignity, destructiveness, motives of causing pain or suffering for selfish or malicious intentions, and acts of unnecessary or indiscriminate violence.
Difficulties arise, however, in performing cost-benefit analysis.
Historians committed to a social science approach, however, have criticized the narrowness of narrative and its preference for anecdote over analysis, and its use of clever examples rather than statistically verified empirical regularities.
Galileo, however, felt that the descriptive content of the technical disciplines warranted philosophical interest, particularly because mathematical analysis of astronomical observations — notably the radical analysis offered by astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus concerning the relative motions of the Sun, Earth, Moon, and planets — indicated that philosophers ' statements about the nature of the universe could be shown to be in error.
In the scientific domain C, however, the analysis of B reveals that the stars are thousands of light years away, the sun is eight light minutes away, and the moon is about a light second away.
The result however has been challenged by others who claimed that this is an overestimation by an order of magnitude due to flawed statistical analysis.
A mathematically rigorous convergence analysis of an iterative method is usually performed ; however, heuristic-based iterative methods are also common.
Because he employed no calculating assistants, however, he did not extend the mathematical analysis beyond Mars.
William Roberts's review, for the August 1816 British Review, was more positive than previous analysis but with no detail about the work: " passing over the two other poems which are bound together with ' Christabel ', called ' The Fragment of Kubla Khan ', and ' The Pains of Sleep '; in which, however, there are some playful thoughts and fanciful imagery, which we would gladly have extracted if our room would have allowed it.
Investigations have not yet discovered settlement or agricultural activity around the edge of Lindow Moss that would have been contemporary with Lindow Man ; however, analysis of pollen in the peat suggests there was some cultivation in the vicinity.
Many scholars, however, have disagreed with specific claims Weber makes in his historical analysis.
In this case, the contrast appears largely to be conveyed with a difference in the voice onset time of the initial consonant as the configuration of the mouth is the same for and ; however, there is also a possible difference in duration, which visual analysis using high quality video supports.
He separated neodymium, as well as the element praseodymium, from a material known as didymium by means of fractional crystallization of the double ammonium nitrate tetrahydrates from nitric acid, while following the separation by spectroscopic analysis ; however, it was not isolated in relatively pure form until 1925.
Phylogenetic analysis, however, indicates that the monocots are a development from a dicot ancestor.
Molecular genetic testing by linkage analysis or direct mutation screening is available clinically ; however, genetic heterogeneity is a significant complication to molecular genetic testing.
The phenomenon of refraction of sound in the atmosphere has been known for centuries ; however, beginning in the early 1970s, widespread analysis of this effect came into vogue through the designing of urban highways and noise barriers to address the meteorological effects of bending of sound rays in the lower atmosphere.
The technique for RFLP analysis is, however, slow and cumbersome.
The ideal switch is often used in circuit analysis as it greatly simplifies the system of equations to be solved, however this can lead to a less accurate solution.
Such work is sometimes seen as less interesting and less appreciated by peers, especially if an analysis, however diligent and time-consuming, does not turn up much of interest.
The American theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler coined the term wormhole in 1957 ; however, in 1921, the German mathematician Hermann Weyl already had proposed the wormhole theory, in connection with mass analysis of electromagnetic field energy.

analysis and touches
Modern analysis is a vast and rapidly expanding branch of mathematics that touches almost every other subdivision of the discipline, finding direct and indirect applications in topics as diverse as number theory, cryptography, and abstract algebra.
The work of Grattan-Guinness touches on all historical periods, but he specialises in the development of the calculus and mathematical analysis, and their applications to mechanics and mathematical physics, and in the rise of set theory and mathematical logic.

analysis and upon
Mass spectrometric analysis of gases evolved upon heating to 410-degrees-C indicated nitrogen oxides and water vapor.
The French physicist Pierre Victor Auger also discovered it in 1923 upon analysis of a Wilson cloud chamber experiment and it became the central part of his PhD work.
The lack of artifacts caused concern for some archaeologists and the petrofabric analysis was inconclusive, but further research at Maes Howe and on the Bush Barrow Lozenge led MacKie to conclude that while the term ' science ' may be anachronistic, Thom was broadly correct upon the subject of high-accuracy alignments.
During his tenure Doke developed and promoted a method of linguistic analysis and description of the Bantu languages that was based upon the structure of these languages.
In this analysis, he heavily drew upon Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish.
1 ) The discount rate assumption relies on the market for competing investments at the time of the analysis, which would likely change, perhaps dramatically, over time, and 2 ) straight line assumptions about income increasing over ten years are generally based upon historic increases in market rent but never factors in the cyclical nature of many real estate markets.
Hayek's analysis was based on Böhm-Bawerk's concept of the " average period of production " and on the effects that monetary policy could have upon it.
Modern historical analysis usually draws upon other social sciences, including economics, sociology, politics, psychology, anthropology, philosophy and linguistics.
This was the framework upon which the Talmud was based ; the Talmud's dialectic analysis of the content of the Mishna ( gemara ; completed c. 500 ) became the basis for all later halakhic decisions and subsequent codes.
John Chipman observed in his survey that McKenzie stumbled upon the questions of intermediate products and discovered that " introduction of trade in intermediate product necessitates a fundamental alteration in classical analysis.
" One may introduce arguments for and against this proposition, based upon such things as standards of statistical analysis, the definition of " overweight ," etc.
In this situation the analysis would be free from ascertainment bias and the pedigrees would be under " nontruncate selection " In practice, most studies identify, and include, families in a study based upon them having affected individuals.
Comparison of processors speeds requires thorough analysis, as the speed of a given CPU is dependent upon many factors, such as the type of instructions being executed, the execution order and the presence of branch instructions ( problematic in CPU pipelines ).
Under Abel's guidance, the prevailing obscurities of analysis began to be cleared, new fields were entered upon and the study of functions so advanced as to provide mathematicians with numerous ramifications along which progress could be made.
His analysis of the product of labor upon natural resources as property ( usufruct ) is more nuanced.
This analysis highlights the fact that the Soviet economy was structured upon the accumulation of capital and the extraction of surplus value from the working class by the planning agency in order to reinvest the surplus in new production in a perpetual cycle – or to distribute to managers and senior officials in the form of bonuses, indicating the Soviet Union ( and other Soviet-type economies ) were in reality state capitalist economies.
The council sought to revive the central role of Scripture in the theological and devotional life of the Church, building upon the work of earlier popes in crafting a modern approach to Scriptural analysis and interpretation.
Adorno rejected the so-called unity of theory and praxis advocated by the students and argued that the students ' actions were premised upon a mistaken analysis of the situation.
Plato's teleological perspective is also built upon the analysis of a priori order and structure in the world that he had already presented in The Republic.
Statistician David J. Bartholomew, of the London School of Economics, said that Dr. Gould erred in his use of factor analysis, irrelevantly concentrated upon the fallacy of reification ( the abstract as concrete thing ), and ignored the contemporary scientific consensus about the existence of the psychometric g.
The analysis of the wave can be based upon comparison of the local wavelength with the local water depth.
The analysis of the wave can be based upon comparison of the local wavelength with the local water depth.
Humphry Davy, an English chemist was among the first to expound on the chemical basis of soil fertility and wrote in 1813: “ If land be unproductive, and a system of ameliorating it is to be attempted, the sure method of obtaining the object is to determine the cause of the sterility, which must necessarily depend upon some defect in the constitution of the soil, which may be easily discovered by chemical analysis .” His ideas were not immediately accepted.
They are often called upon to provide analysis information to any EOP staff member.

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