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book and Nirvana
The title is a reference to the song " About a Girl " by Nirvana, a band that is featured in the book, and Patti Smith's tribute to Kurt Cobain, " About a Boy ".
The book has essays on Britpop, grunge, emo, and many other types of music, as well as pieces on musical acts including Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit, and The Smashing Pumpkins.
Notably, neither Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl nor Cobain's mother contributed to the book.
In this book, the fundamental philosophical notions of Buddha ’ s Teaching, such as reincarnation, karma, and Nirvana were interpreted.
Defenestration is credited in the book Road to Nirvana as one of the bands that influenced Kurt Cobain ’ s music and Billy Corgan often credited Chainsaw Kittens as one of his favorite bands — Corgan even once wrote Meade when he was working the first Smashing Pumpkins album lauding the brilliance of Chainsaw Kittens first album, Violent Religion.
Lyric sheets which originally appeared in Michael Azerrad's book Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana were airbrushed in portions upon their reprinting in Journals.

book and Stories
The second half of the book, " Personal Stories " ( subject to additions, removal and retitling in subsequent editions ), is made of AA members ' redemptive autobiographical sketches.
In 2011 Hill published her second book, Reimagining Equality: Stories of Gender, Race, and Finding Home, which focuses on the sub-prime lending crisis that resulted in the foreclosure of many homes owned by African-Americans.
Then later, in 1902, Heart of Darkness was included in the book " Youth: a Narrative, and Two Other Stories " ( published November 13th 1902, by William Blackwood ).
It can be found, most notably, in Tolkien's book titled Tree and Leaf, and in other places ( including the collections The Tolkien Reader, Poems & Stories, A Tolkien Miscellany, and Tales from the Perilous Realm ).
Among his films is Kwaidan ( 1965 ), a collection of four ghost stories drawn from the book Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things by Lafcadio Hearn, each of which has a surprise ending.
In 2010, Chris de Burgh released an album called Moonfleet & Other Stories featuring a story based on the book.
Students in the Period of the Fall of Communism-Life Stories “, published as the book One Hundred Student Revolutions by M. Vaněk and M. Otáhal ( 1999 ), was funded by the Grant Agency AV ČR.
He also wrote and illustrated the poetry book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, published in 1997, and a compilation of his drawings, sketches and other artwork, entitled The Art of Tim Burton, was released in 2009.
He is considered one of the most important contributors to the development of the medium and is known for the cartooning studio he founded ; for his highly influential series The Spirit ; for his use of comics as an instructional medium ; for his leading role in establishing the graphic novel as a form of literature with his book A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories.
Smith science fiction novel Skylark Three ( originally published in Amazing Stories in 1930 ), the second book of the Skylark tetralogy.
His first major breakthrough came in 1912 at age eighteen with his first book illustration for Carl H. Claudy's Tell Me Why: Stories about Mother Nature.
The earliest mentions of the Nights refer to it as an Arabic translation from a Persian book, Hazār Afsān ( or Afsaneh or Afsana ), meaning " The Thousand Stories ".
Stories of the transition from old town to new town were captured in the book ' Slates and Suet Puddings ' by Carmyl Winkler.
It debuted during Season Four and was the basis of a spin-off comic book, Spidey Super Stories, an easier-to-read comic that was produced by Marvel Comics from 1974 to 1981.
Spider-Man ’ s hand opens a special Spidey Super Stories comic book in which the show ’ s logo is seen on the first open page.
She also features prominently in the book The Captive Queen of Scots by Jean Plaidy, in the short story " Antickes and Frets " by Susanna Clarke, in her 2006 collection The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories and The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare by Arliss Ryan, and is the main character in the Jan Westcott historical / biographical fiction novel The Tower and The Dream.
Alternatively, the comic book story " Mickey's Strange Mission " from Walt Disney's Comics & Stories # 245 ( 1961, by Carl Fallberg and Paul Murry ) suggests a cultured ancestry for Pete, giving his full name as the genteel Percy P. Percival.
In 2009, author Bahman Maghsoudlou published his book " Grass: Untold Stories " detailing background information and historical references related to the making of the movie.
In 1937 Western, as the request of Kay Kamen ( who oversaw licensing and marketing at Disney ), assumed production of the newsstand version of Mickey Mouse Magazine, which in October 1940 was succeeded by the comic book Walt Disney's Comics and Stories.
Dwight Eisenhower, and it was so memorable that he devoted a chapter to it (" Through Darkest America With Truck and Tank ") in his 1967 book At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends.
In the autobiographical sketches which form a large part of the book Bennett writes openly for the first time about his homosexuality ( Bennett has had relationships with women as well, although this is only touched upon in Untold Stories ).
Gorky's first book Очерки и рассказы ( Essays and Stories ) in 1898 enjoyed a sensational success and his career as a writer began.
Ernest Hemingway used it as the title of his only play, which he wrote in Madrid while the city was being bombarded and published in 1938 in his book The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories.
* The Invisible Collection see Collected Stories below, ( Original title: Die Unsichtbare Sammlung, first published in book form in ' Insel-Almanach auf das Jahr 1927 ')
Several years later, Serling adapted this and other episodes into short stories for a book, Stories From the Twilight Zone.

book and Behind
Their work was virtually unknown until 1970, when two Americans, Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander published a book, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.
Kirlian's research first became known in the United States after Shelia Ostrander's and Lynn Schroeder's book " Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain " was published in 1970.
" The manuscript became his book Behind the Mirror.
Left Behind is also the title of the first book in the series.
It was recreated for the video games Spy Hunter ( 2001 ), King's Quest V, Lego Indiana Jones, Sonic Unleashed and Civilization V and appeared in the novels Left Behind, Appointment with Death, The Eagle in the Sand and The Red Sea Sharks, the nineteenth book in The Adventures of Tintin series.
A documentary film, The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story was released in 1999, followed by a book written by Leslie Iwerks and John Kenworthy in 2001.
In 2002 Michael Stuart ( now Michael Stuart-Ware ), the drummer on Da Capo and Forever Changes, wrote the acclaimed book Behind the Scenes on the Pegasus Carousel with the Legendary Rock Group Love.
* Battle of Armageddon ( Left Behind ), an account of the prophesied epic battle from the Left Behind book series
a book review titled " A Wholesome Reality Hides Behind A Dark Conspiracy "
According to William J. Mann's book, Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood, 1910 – 1969, photographer Jerome Zerbe spent " three gay months " in the movie colony taking many photographs of Grant and Scott, " attesting to their involvement in the gay scene.
For the Left Behind book, go to The Mark ( Left Behind ).
Feng-hsiung Hsu (; Cantonese: Heoi2 Fung1 Hung4 ) ( nicknamed Crazy Bird ) is a computer scientist and the author of the book Behind Deep Blue: Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion.
" However, in his book The Man Behind the Rosenbergs, he claimed that Julius Rosenberg passed him a wealth of extremely useful information on US electronic systems.
Having left higher education, Spare became employed as a bookplate designer and illustrator, with his first book commission being for Ethel Rolt Wheeler's Behind the Veil, published by the company David Nutt in 1906.
This was followed by the novels House of Destiny and The Dream Factory and the non-fiction book Psycho: Behind the Scenes of the Classic Thriller.
According to a book written by Barrett's brother Scott ( A Place in the Sun: The Truth Behind Jay's Journal ), and interviews with the family, Sparks used roughly 25 entries of 212 total from Barrett's actual journal.
In Michael Munn ’ s book John Wayne: The Man Behind The Myth, Wayne gives the reasons why he refused the part: “ First is that they offered it to Frank Sinatra first, but he'd hurt his hand and couldn't do it.
E. Howard Hunt also wrote the foreword to Giammarco's book For Your Eyes Only: Behind the Scenes of the James Bond Films ( ECW Press, 2002 ).
Biafra home-made armoured vehicle the " Red Devil ," celebrated also in the book by Sebastian Okechukwu Mezu Behind The Rising Sun, was a red terror in the battle field.
Stephen Fry wrote the foreword to the book ' Lived in London: Blue Plaques and the Stories Behind Them '.
* The Battle In Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the WTO Demonstrations, by Janet Thomas, Fulcrum Publishing, 2000 ( book ).
In 1999, his brother James Slovak published a book entitled Behind the Sun: The Diary and Art of Hillel Slovak, which features Slovak's diaries and paintings.

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