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recent and book
One such is Abraham Meyer, the writer of a recent book, Speaking Of Man.
In a recent book called `` World Peace Through World Law '', two distinguished lawyers, Grenville Clark and Louis Sohn, call for just such an overhaul of the U.N., basing their case on the world-wide fear of a nuclear holocaust.
`` The sexual relationship does not exist in a vacuum '', declares Dr. Mary Steichen Calderone, medical director of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and author of the recent book, Release From Sexual Tensions.
International Master John L. Watson has dubbed the line 1. c4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e6 3. Nf3 Bb4 the " Nimzo-English ", employing this designation in Chapter 11 of his recent book Mastering the Chess Openings, Volume 3.
Although details remain disputed, the vast majority of recent studies agree with Martin Noth's thesis, published in 1943, that the book of Samuel was composed as part of the Deuteronomistic history, the books of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings.
Notably, the book has not received much attention in the recent modern era, possibly in part because of its foreign inward looking virtues and rejection of the modern emphasis on material productiveness.
However, in recent times, leaders of the church have emphasized that Latter-day Saints should not restrict their study of the standard works to the particular book being currently studied in Sunday School or other religious courses.
In a review of the book, Time Magazine wrote, " General Jackson's opinions need surprise no one who has observed George Washington and Abraham Lincoln zealously following the Communist Party Line in recent years.
The term " ecology " () is of a more recent origin and was first coined by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel in his book Generelle Morphologie der Organismen ( 1866 ).
Other recent releases included a large book of pre-constructed Powers, a set of pre-generated Martial Arts styles, abilities and skills, a large bestiary, a new grimoire for Fantasy Hero and a three-volume set of villains for Champions.
In his most recent book, " The Vanishing Face of Gaia ", he rejects scientific modelling that disagrees with the scientific findings that sea levels are rising faster, and Arctic ice is melting faster, than the models predict and he suggests that we may already be beyond the tipping point of terrestrial climate into a permanently hot state.
Flynn's most recent book The Torchlight List proposes the controversial idea that a person can learn more from reading great works of literature than they can from going to university.
A recent book by Galen Wadzinski ( The Ultimate Maze Book ) offers formalized rules for more recent innovations that involve single-directional pathways, 3-D simulating illustrations, " key " and " ordered stop " mazes in which items must be collected or visited in particular orders to add to the difficulties of routing ( such restrictions on pathway traveling and re-use are important in a printed book in which the limited amount of space on a printed page would otherwise place clear limits on the amount of choices and pathways that can be contained within a single maze ).
His most recent book on globalisation, ' A World Without Walls ', has also been published in Chinese and Turkish.
Singer's most recent book, The Life You Can Save, makes the argument that it is a clear-cut moral imperative for citizens of developed countries to give more to charitable causes that help the poor.
M. Leigh has devoted an extensive chapter about Plautus and Hannibal in his recent book, Comedy and the Rise of Rome.
Justice Breyer, who dissented, wrote in his most recent book that if he could change three of his dissenting opinions ( while on the Supreme Court ) into a majority, this would be one of them.
His disciples form the second generation, with rhetoricians such as Françoise Waquet and Delphine Denis, both of the Sorbonne, or Philippe-Joseph Salazar (: fr: Philippe-Joseph Salazar on the French Wikipedia ), until recently at Derrida's College international de philosophie, laureate of the Harry Oppenheimer prize and whose recent book on Hyperpolitique has attracted the French media's attention on a " re-appropriation of the means of production of persuasion ".
According to History Professor John Boles ' recent book University Builder: Edgar Odell Lovett and the Founding of the Rice Institute, the first president's original vision for the university included hopes for future medical and law schools.
Taking a more positive position, Mettinger argues in his recent book that the category of rise and return to life is significant for the following deities: Ugaritic Baal, Melqart, Adonis, Eshmun, Osiris and Dumuzi.
:" In recent years, the revisionist view that thuggee was a British invention, a means to tighten their hold in the country, has been given credence in India, France and the US, but this well-researched book objectively questions that assertion.

recent and For
For the near term, however, it must be realized that the industrial and commercial market is somewhat more sensitive to general business conditions than is the military market, and for this reason I would expect that any gain in 1961 may be somewhat smaller than those of recent years ; ;
For example, the level of improvement noted in a recent experiment with a short course of immediate treatment for parent-child relationship problems compared favorably with the results reported by typical child guidance clinics where the hours spent in purely diagnostic study may equal or exceed the number of hours devoted to actual treatment interviews in the experimental project.
For example, a writer in a recent number of The Queen hyperbolically states that `` of the myriad imprecations the only one which the English Catholics really resent is the suggestion that they are ' un-English ' ''.
For most of them, it will be their first experience in membership training, since this is a recent development in many churches.
For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2012
For many years, early Anglo-Saxon history was essentially a retelling of the Historia, but recent scholarship has focused as much on what Bede did not write as what he did.
For recent events the Chronicle, like his Ecclesiastical History, relied upon Gildas, upon a version of the Liber pontificalis current at least to the papacy of Pope Sergius I ( 687 – 701 ), and other sources.
For Baha ' is, the most recent messengers are the Báb and Bahá ' u ' lláh.
For example, the " with full interepisode recovery " specifier applies if there was full remission between the two most recent episodes.
For a few recent years, marmosets, tamarins, and lion tamarins were placed as a subfamily ( Callitrichinae ) in Cebidae, while moving other genera from Cebidae into the families Aotidae, Pitheciidae and Atelidae.
For a recent review, see The authors admits that their model " does not solve the entropy and flatness problems of standard cosmology ..... and we can provide no explanation for why the current universe is so close to being spatially flat.
For instance, in the music industry, the top-selling pop singers have a strong potential to become celebrities, but the behind-the-scenes professionals tend to remain little known to the general public ( e. g. dancers, disc jockeys, record producers, and composers ); though in recent years, Club DJs such as David Guetta, Skrillex and Deadmau5 or composer David Foster have achieved worldwide fame for their respective work in the music industry.
For instance, on newer MS Windows computers, the older FAT-type file systems of MS-DOS and old versions of Windows are supported, in addition to the NTFS file system that is the normal file system for recent versions of Windows.
For example Bukavu itself and Goma and other north-eastern towns are linked by paved road from the DRC border to the Kenyan port of Mombasa, and most goods for these cities have been brought via this route in recent years.
For example, Darwinism may be used to refer to Darwin's proposed mechanism of natural selection, in comparison to more recent mechanisms such as genetic drift and gene flow.
For instance, several recent studies and surveys by sociologists and political scientists that utilize more complex definitional parameters have estimated the number of evangelicals in the U. S. at about 25 – 30 % of the population, or roughly between 70 and 80 million people.
For example, one of the most recent results is that, even after subtracting the positive influence of decadal variation, shown to be possibly present in the ENSO trend, the amplitude of the ENSO variability in the observed data still increases, by as much as 60 % in the last 50 years.
For a number of decades after WWII, the Federal Republic of Germany kept a notably low profile in international relations, because of both its recent history and its occupation by foreign powers.
For example, recent studies have suggested genetic variants in deer mice that help explain how deer mice that live in the mountains are able to survive in the thin air that accompanies high altitudes.
For Catholics, it is typical in the year of seminary training that a man will be ordained to the diaconate, called by Catholics in recent times the " transitional diaconate ".
For example the temple of Heracles Monoikos ( i. e. the lone dweller ), built far from any nearby town upon a promontory in what is now the Côte d ' Azur, gave its name to the area's more recent name, Monaco.
For small-scale logic, designers now use prefabricated logic gates from families of devices such as the TTL 7400 series by Texas Instruments and the CMOS 4000 series by RCA, and their more recent descendants.
For example geochemical signatures from rocks may help to discover when life first arose on Earth, and analyses of carbon isotope ratios may help to identify climate changes and even to explain major transitions such as the Permian – Triassic extinction event .< ref name =" Twitchett "> A relatively recent discipline, molecular phylogenetics, often helps by using comparisons of different modern organisms ' DNA and RNA to re-construct evolutionary " family trees "; it has also been used to estimate the dates of important evolutionary developments, although this approach is controversial because of doubts about the reliability of the " molecular clock ".
For example, a recent meta-analysis combined 380 studies on psychokinesis, including data from the PEAR lab.

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