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hundreds and court
It is the Holy See that conducts international relations ; for hundreds of years, the papal court ( the Roman Curia ) has functioned as the government of the Catholic Church.
* 1276 – February – The court of the Song Dynasty of China and hundreds of thousands of its citizens flee from Hangzhou to Fujian and then Guangdong in an effort to escape an invasion by the Yuan Dynasty.
* February – The court of the Southern Song Dynasty of China and hundreds of thousands of its citizens flee from Hangzhou to Fujian and then Guangdong in an effort to escape an invasion by Kublai Khan's Yuan Dynasty.
He largely assumed charge of court ceremonial and organised hundreds of small and large festivities.
Texas A & M University-Central Texas professor Luke Nichter wrote the chief judge of the federal court in Washington to in an effort release hundreds of pages of sealed records of the Watergate 7.
In Colorado, in 2002, there were approximately 40 criminal trials in federal court, and there were 1, 898 criminal trials ( excluding hundreds of quasi-criminal trials in juvenile cases, municipal cases and infraction cases ) in state courts, so only about 2 % of criminal trials took place in federal court.
The Mexican newspaper, The News, reported thata tribunal of three circuit court judges ruled that there was not enough proof to link Echeverria to the violent suppression of hundreds of protesting students on Oct. 2, 1968 .” Despite the ruling, prosecutor Carrillo Prieto said he would continue his investigation and seek charges against Echeverria before the United Nations International Court of Justice and the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.
Governor Tommy Thompson was ordered by a federal court to mobilize hundreds of policemen to keep the peace in Vilas County in 1989 during the Wisconsin Walleye War.
As the game ended, hundreds of Stars fans rushed the court, lifting players onto their shoulders in a jubilant celebration.
* FFRF v. Faith Works – In January 2002, a federal district court decided that Faith Works, a faith-based addiction treatment program, was receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money in violation of the Establishment Clause.
" The Jiajing Emperor prevailed, and hundreds of his opponents were banished, physically beaten in the court ( 廷杖 ) or executed.
The site of today's court house was used to house British servicemen, whilst hundreds of army huts were constructed on the site of today's Bankstown Civic Centre.
Mahmud preferred that his fame and glory be publicized in Persian and hundreds of poets assembled at his court.
Though the city's growth continued, it suffered financially from the loss of parliament and more directly from the loss of the income that would come with the arrival of hundreds of peers and MPs and thousands of servants to the capital for sessions of parliament and the social season of the viceregal court in Dublin Castle.
Again, hundreds of local people were in the tent, shouting and taking sides like a football crowd, as the old man and the young woman battled it out and the president of the court gave her judgement.
The court also found that the tribunal had ignored evidence that might have exonerated the librarian, Melissa Firth, and the Peel Law Association, operators of the lounge-in particular, evidence that over the years Ms. Firth had asked hundreds of guests to produce identification proving they had a right to be there, and that most of those she queried had been white.
In a court session on February 13, 2004, it was revealed that the defense had just received 400 pages of evidence from the lead prosecutor and that hundreds more were expected.
The provinces in Norrland were never divided into hundreds and instead the court district ( tingslag ) served as the basic division of rural areas.
The provinces in Norrland were never divided into hundreds and instead the court district ( tingslag ) served as the basic division of rural areas.
The court also found that the BLM failed to follow route restrictions established in the agency ’ s own conservation plan, resulting in the establishment of hundreds of illegal OHV routes during the previous three decades.
In 1979 after much of the matter's litigation had already taken place, the court said :... < nowiki ></ nowiki > he bulk of the estate was and is in the form of hundreds of paintings rather than cash ... and ... < nowiki ></ nowiki > Internal Revenue Service may not at an early time complete its final determination with respect to date-of-death estate taxes.
A noticeable feature in the 14th century is the aggregation of church manors into distinct hundreds, at the court of which their ecclesiastical owners required their tenants to do suit and service.
Lee's older brothers Lee Maeng-hee and Lee Sook-hee initiated legal action against him in February 2012, asking a South Korean court to award them shares of Samsung companies totaling hundreds of millions of dollars, which they claim their father willed to them.

hundreds and cases
Extreme cases like Mira undergo large swings over hundreds of days ; Arcturus is not very red and is a borderline case between variability and stability with its short period and tiny range.
In most cases, serving on a board is not a career unto itself, but board members often receive remunerations amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year since they often sit on the boards of several companies.
Progressive presses also often feature case feeds that will hold hundreds of cases to be loaded, and all the user has to do is hold the bullet in place over the appropriate case mouth, and pull the lever.
The region can also fall victim to the sporadic ice storm during the winter months, such as the 2002 ice storm during which hundreds of thousands lost power for days and ( in some cases ) weeks.
Many olive trees in the groves around the Mediterranean are said to be hundreds of years old, while an age of 2, 000 years is claimed for a number of individual trees ; in some cases, this has been scientifically verified.
Developed in the 1950s, polio vaccines have reduced the global number of polio cases per year from many hundreds of thousands to under a thousand today.
According to Amnesty International, the number of kidnappings has decreased in recent years but the human rights organization estimates that FARC and ELN guerrillas continue to be behind hundreds of cases.
In these cases, the wives of leaders have sometimes numbered in the tens or even hundreds.
Like most non-media science fiction conventions, all Worldcons are run entirely by volunteers, with no paid staff ; senior committee members devote hundreds of hours ( not to mention thousands of dollars in travel expenses in some cases ) in preparation for a particular convention.
These processes normally cause the first severe road interruptions, due not only to deposits accumulated on the road ( from several cubic metres to hundreds of cubic metres ), but in some cases to the complete removal of bridges or roadways or railways crossing the stream channel.
In many cases, the directory service spans many file servers, potentially hundreds for large organizations.
The tentacles may number many hundreds or may be very few, in rare cases only one or two.
This third method does not require students to analyze hundreds of cases.
The absolute number of cancer cases attributed to exposure to gasoline, however, is low, estimated a few cases per year in the U. S. Thus, the decision to require fewer aromatics has been criticized on the grounds of opportunity cost: the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on process redesign could have been spent on other, more fruitful ways of reducing deaths caused by cancer or automobiles.
In both cases the galaxies and sources are quite distant, many hundreds of megaparsecs away from our Galaxy.
After her death with hundreds to several thousand eggs still inside, her offspring hatch and pass through her body, pupal shell and case over several months emerging to start their own cases.
In some cases animals are driven for hundreds of miles to slaughterhouses in conditions that often result in injuries and death en route.
The number of cases of measles rose significantly, and hundreds of children died.
Under total utility maximization we should prefer B to A, and through a regressive process of population increases and happiness decreases ( in each pair of cases the happiness decrease is more than outweighed by the population increase ) we are forced to prefer Z, a world of hundreds of billion people all living lives barely worth living, to A.
Reported cases of measles in the United States fell from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands per year following introduction of the vaccine in 1963.

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