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from Brown Corpus
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lieu and blind
Starting in July 2005, Woot began occasionally offering a blind grab bag officially called " Random Crap ", in lieu of typical product sales.

lieu and illiterate
In some countries, illiterate people place a thumbprint on legal documents in lieu of a written signature.
* X is used by the illiterate in lieu of a signature and indicates a signature line on forms.

lieu and one
Alternatively, some units allow or require each member to wear one laced into their boot in lieu of the second around the neck.
He left one daughter and sole-heiress Grace de Tracy who married John de Sudeley, They had two children: Ralph de Sudeley ( d. 1192 ), the eldest, who became his father's heir, and Sir William II " de Tracy " ( d. post 1172 ), who inherited his mother's barony of Bradninch and assumed her family name in lieu of his patronymic.
American paratroopers also famously used a device known as a " cricket " on D-Day in place of a password system as a temporarily unique method of identification ; one metallic click given by the device in lieu of a password was to be met by two clicks in reply.
In lieu of one more movie owed under her contract, MGM bought her out for $ 100, 000.
The Rococo Swapper has the unusual property of self-destructing at will, in lieu of moving, provided it is not at the same time immobilized, with the effect of taking one enemy piece alongside it.
The death penalty was freely rendered for theft and other crimes in this section of the Code: for theft involving entering a palace or temple treasury, for illegal purchase from a minor or slave, for selling stolen goods or receiving the same, for common theft in the open ( in lieu of multiple-fold restoration ) or receiving the same, for false claim to goods, for kidnapping, for assisting or harbouring fugitive slaves, for detaining or appropriating the same, for brigandage, for fraudulent sale of drink, for not reporting criminal conspiracy in one's tavern, for delegation of personal service and refusing to pay the delegate or not sending the delegate, for misappropriating the levy, for harming or robbing one of the king's captains, for causing the death of a house owner through bad construction.
They may also complete one of 12 Five College Certificates — among them African studies, Buddhist studies, coastal and marine sciences, cognitive neuroscience, international relations, and Middle Eastern studies — in lieu of a minor.
Many of the clerks and other officials were sinecures who, in lieu of wages, charged increasingly exorbitant fees to process cases, one of the main reasons why the cost of bringing a case to the Chancery was so high.
When controversy arose regarding the conscription of religious girls ( giyus banot ) into the Israel Defense Forces after the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, the photo of Kook was removed and replaced with one of Rabbi Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz who ruled that Jewish females are forbidden to perform National Service ( Sherut Leumi ) in lieu of army service.
On approaches where a DME is specified in lieu of marker beacons, the aircraft must have at least one operating DME unit to begin the approach, and a DME Required restriction will be noted on the Instrument Approach Procedure.
However, BBC World News itself is not currently widely available in the US as a separate channel ( although it does appear on several cable systems throughout the United States, generally in lieu of BBC America ; one previous example is the New York based service Cablevision which until August 2011, did not carry BBC America ) or in a 30-minute telecast on public television stations daily.
The idea is that the energy from the recoil is used, in lieu of a locked bolt or a lever mechanism, to eject each spent cartridge and insert the next one.
He was one of the first artists to experiment with the use of oil-based colors, in lieu of egg-based tempera, to achieve the brilliance of color typical for this period.
Owing to the relatively high density of the wood ( it is one of the few woods that are denser than water ), boxwood is often used for chess pieces, unstained boxwood for the white pieces and stained (' ebonized ') boxwood for the black pieces, in lieu of ebony.
The most popular webbing is one inch but it is available in two and three inch widths which in earlier days were often used in lieu of climbing harnesses.
This is in lieu of up to four players holding one Game Boy Advance unit.
He left one daughter and sole-heiress Grace de Tracy who married John de Sudeley, They had two children: Ralph de Sudeley ( d. 1192 ), the eldest, who became his father's heir, and Sir William II " de Tracy " ( d. post 1172 ), who inherited his mother's barony of Bradninch and assumed her family name in lieu of his patronymic.
In addition to his Navy Distinguished Service Medal, Adm. Radford also received three gold stars in lieu of a second, third and fourth Distinguished Service Medal ; the Legion of Merit with a Gold Star in lieu of a second medal ; a Presidential Unit Citation with two service stars ( 3 awards ); Navy Unit Commendation ; World War I Victory Medal with Atlantic Fleet clasp ; American Defense Service Medal with Fleet clasp ; American Campaign Medal ; Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with one silver and two bronze service stars ( 7 awards ); World War II Victory Medal ; Korean Service Medal ; Navy Occupation Service Medal ; National Defense Service Medal ; Philippine Liberation Ribbon with one bronze star ; and Companion of the Order of the Bath by the Government of Great Britain.
It is to be highly stressed that, in Italy, ciao is mainly used in informal contexts, i. e. among family members, relatives, friends, in other words with those one would address with tu ( second person singular ) as opposed to lei ( courtesy form ); in these contexts, ciao is the norm even as a morning or evening salutation, in lieu of the buongiorno or buonasera, deemed too formal among friends, relatives, or the very familiar.
Every Swiss is citizen of one or several municipalities ( known as the place of origin, lieu d ' origine, or Heimatort ).
Piniella had one more season remaining on his contract from October 2002, but agreed to a $ 2. 2 million buyout, in lieu of $ 4. 4 million that he was due, had he decided to manage the team for one more season.

lieu and may
When real estate is held by a higher government unit or some other entity not subject to taxation by the local government, the taxing authority may receive a payment in lieu of taxes to compensate it for some or all of the foregone tax revenue.
* If a patient has been awarded monetary damages against the hospital or any related or affiliated services by a court of law, or has settled out of court on damages, the hospital and related / affiliated services may not withhold monies due to lack of payment, or count the money toward the bill in lieu of making payment to the patient.
A prefix that indicates an integer, e. g., " bin ", " tern ," or " quatern ", may be used in lieu of a numeral, to produce " binary ", " ternary ", or " quaternary " ( 2, 3, and 4 states respectively ).
The deposition of the witness is taken and, if the witness is unable to appear at trial, the deposition may be used to establish the witness ' testimony in lieu of the witness actually testifying.
Under this provision, industry groups and others may request Commission approval of self-regulatory guidelines to govern participants ' compliance, such that website operators in Commission-approved programs would first be subject to the disciplinary procedures of the safe harbor program in lieu of FTC enforcement.
Or they may employ some form of self-locking device, such as a Silent Partner, in lieu of a belayer, allowing a soloist to climb without a partner.
It may agree to them, amend them, propose other amendments in lieu, or reject them.
It may agree to them, amend them, propose other amendments in lieu or reject them.
In lieu of recovery, divers or submersibles may leave a plaque dedicated to the memory of the ship or boat and its crew, and family members are invited to attend the ceremony.
A microwave antenna may also be fed directly from a waveguide in lieu of a ( conductive ) transmission line.
Conduct funerals for mock-victims ( may be in lieu of ( 10 )).
People may keep a digital pet in lieu of a real pet.
In lieu of padding, flexible materials, such as wicker, may be used instead with similar effects of distributing the weight.
Restaurants and banquet halls charging service charges in lieu of tips must distribute them to their wait staff in some US states ( e. g., Massachusetts, New York, Montana ), but in the State of Kentucky may keep them.
Over night traction may be used in lieu of walking devices or in combination.
Such deduction may be referred to as “ group relief .” Generally, such deductions function in lieu of consolidated or combined computation of tax ( tax consolidation ) for such groups.
Some digital subchannels which carry weather information may also have NWR airing in the background, while regular television stations carry the audio during times they are off-the-air and transmitting a test pattern, in lieu of a reference tone.
In lieu of producing a bronze image suitable for outdoor use the plaster image may be painted to resemble a metal image ; such sculptures are suitable only for presentation in a weather-protected environment.
Senior Jurats may be appointed as Lieutenant-Bailiffs to perform some ceremonial duties in lieu of the Bailiff on occasion as well as presiding over judicial proceedings generally of an administrative nature.
Memorial gifts are sometimes requested by their survivors ( e. g. " in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to ABC Charity "), usually directing donations to a charitable organization for which the deceased was a donor or volunteer, or for a cause befitting the deceased's priorities in life or manner of death.
* If a shot fails to contact any object ball at all, the opponent may optionally require ( in lieu of taking the turn ) that the original shooter to re-shoot the shot from the original cue ball position ( a subsequent failure ends the original shooter's turn, spots the 1 ball and gives the incoming player ball-in-hand behind the headstring ) ( Compare the in nine-ball.
:" Provided that any Indian to whom allotments have been made on the tract to be ceded may, in case they elect to do so before said lands are offered for sale, relinquish same and select allotments in lieu thereof on the diminished reservation.
A relative absence of wallows near rivers in the range of the Sumatran rhinoceros indicates they may occasionally bathe in rivers in lieu of wallowing.

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