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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 890
from Brown Corpus
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looking and back
When Fred wheeled him back into his room, the big one looking out on the back porch, and put him to bed, Papa told him he was very tired but that he had enjoyed greatly the trip downtown.
At the door she turned back, her Roman nose looking very long now and satiric.
He turned and fled into the house and made his way up the marble stairs without once looking back.
She threw back a cushion over one of the seats, unlocked a padlock on the chest beneath it, then presently straightened, holding a long knife and a wicked looking spear gun in her hand.
When he handed it back and I had hold of it safely, Pops was looking toward me and I said `` Now '', to Charlie and he swung the short length of lead pipe he'd meanwhile taken from his pocket, once.
In looking as far back as Moses, thence to Cromwell, Napoleon, Lincoln, Churchill, and Nehru, Montgomery attempts to trace the stirrings and qualities of great men.
Without looking at him, without looking at anything except Drexel Street directly in front of her, she climbed up into one of those orange streetcars, rode away in it, and never came back.
He went back to touch home plate, turned and walked to the dugout without looking back.
Suddenly he emptied his pockets of all his coins and dropped them into the box before the seated Fudo and hurried back down both stairways and away from the temple, never looking back.
I followed it, looking at the brilliant colors on its tubular back, the colors clear and sharp and perfect, in orange and green and brown diamonds the size of a baby's fist down its back, and the diamonds were set one within the other and interlaced with glistening jet-black.
Yet looking far into the future the Völva sees a brighter vision of a new world, when both Höðr and Baldr will come back ( stanza 62 ).
For an overview of critical psychology in South Africa, see Desmond Painter and Martin Terre Blanche's article on Critical Psychology in South Africa: Looking back and looking forwards.
He played around with it, came back with a bunch of designs that had the circle and slightly 3-D looking letters and he had ones with different patterns behind it.
From the back left of the painting you can see the artist himself looking out at the viewer, and the painting behind the family depicts Lot and his daughters, thus once again echoing the underlying message of corruption and gat.
He was working in the VAD when casualties came back from the Battle of the Somme and he was engaged in looking after patients and assisting in changing wound dressings.
This is a process of looking back at the bad thoughts and actions carried out during daily activities and learn from this process so as to resolve not to commit those mistakes again.
alt = A card with a back and white picture of President Wilson looking serious in the centre and dates with their significance to the League of Nations around the side
* looking at the feet while lying on the back for 60 seconds
Therefore, looking at an image of oneself with the front / back axis flipped is the same as looking at an image with the left / right axis flipped and the whole figure rotated 180 degrees about the vertical axis, which is exactly what one sees when standing in front of a mirror.

looking and over
`` You mean you dragged your wife all over hell's half-acre looking for work ''??
She would hover over him and, looking like her brother, anxiously watch the progress of Scotty's fork or spoon.
Jefferson Lawrence was alone at the small, perfectly appointed table by the window looking out over the river.
He moved over to the desk and stood looking at the papers on it but not touching anything.
I put in new batteries so as to be certain I'd have plenty of power and on my way out walked over to the regular parking stalls and stood looking at them thoughtfully.
Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge over the Charles River under construction, looking north.
This female eastern bongo presents her hindquarters while looking over her shoulder to check for threats at Mt.
A panoramic view of Basel, looking North from the Münster tower over Kleinbasel ( smaller Basel ).
In addition, by looking at stylistic changes of ceramics over time is it possible to separate ( seriate ) the ceramics into distinct diagnostic groups ( assemblages ).
When looking at a cross section of a beam of light, the length over which the phase is correlated is called the transverse coherence length.
Another way of looking at the deal as the excess return achieved ( over the risk-free rate ) is ( 14. 5 %- 5. 0 %)/( 100 %+ 5 %) or approximately 9. 0 % ( still very respectable ).
" Christian reprimanded his children by telling them that their mother was looking down from heaven and grieving over their misbehavior.
With the Bombers looking towards a new era, it was announced on 27 September that Matthew Lloyd would replace James Hird as Essendon captain for the 2006 season, marking the end of Hird's reign since he took over the captaincy in 1998.
In 1910, in Vitagraph's Back to Nature we see a Long Shot of people looking down over the rail of a ship taken from below, followed by a shot of the lifeboat they are looking at taken from their position.
For a thrown snap, especially in formations wherein the ball may be snapped to players in different positions, the snapper will commonly bend over looking between his legs.
Pass of the ISS over Mongolia, looking out west towards the Pacific Ocean, China, and Japan.
" Therefore, scholars are no longer looking for the identity of a single writer but for numerous authors whose authorship has been absorbed into the gospel's development over a period of time and in several stages.
In 1984, scientists at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston x-rayed Millet's 1870 painting The Young Sherpherdess looking for minor changes, and discovered that it was painted over Captivity.
He is usually depicted looking or glancing down, symbolising that Guanyin continues to watch over the world.
As they advance, Cromwell exclaimed, looking over the House, " You are no Parliament ; I say you are no Parliament ; begone, and give place to honester men.
The labour force is defined as the number of individuals age 16 and over, excluding those in the military, who are either employed or actively looking for work.
They had been in her room looking over photographs together.

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