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medieval and universities
Some of these ultimately evolved into medieval universities and forebears of many of Europe's modern universities.
The medieval universities of Western Christendom were well-integrated across all of Western Europe, encouraged freedom of enquiry and produced a great variety of fine scholars and natural philosophers, including Thomas Aquinas of the University of Naples, Robert Grosseteste of the University of Oxford, an early expositor of a systematic method of scientific experimentation ; and Saint Albert the Great, a pioneer of biological field research The University of Bologne is considered the oldest continually operating university.
In fact, lecturers in the medieval universities commonly advanced evidence in favor of the idea that the Earth was a sphere.
Even the scientific handling of law, which has grown up during medieval times in the new universities in Italy ( in particular in Bologna, Mantua ) did not come to a full and clear separation.
At many medieval universities, this would have been the course leading to the degree of Master of Arts ( after the BA ).
After the breakup of the western Roman Empire, the study of rhetoric continued to be central to the study of the verbal arts ; but the study of the verbal arts went into decline for several centuries, followed eventually by a gradual rise in formal education, culminating in the rise of medieval universities.
At many medieval universities this would have been the principal undergraduate course.
In medieval European Scholasticism, science as taught at universities was obliged to restrict its attention to the natural world.
As with most medieval universities, Uppsala University initially grew out of an ecclesiastical center.
As was also the case with most medieval universities, Uppsala had initially been chartered through a papal bull.
The system of dividing students into nations according to origin can ultimately be traced back to the nations at the medieval University of Paris and other early medieval universities, but the Uppsala nations appear only about 1630 – 1640, most likely under influence of the Landsmannschaften which existed at some of the German universities visited by Swedish students.
Foreign students at medieval Italian universities were also referred to as ultramontanes.
* The first medieval universities are founded.
* List of medieval universities
* List of medieval universities
Scholasticism is a method of critical thought which dominated teaching by the academics ( scholastics, or schoolmen ) of medieval universities in Europe from about 1100 – 1500, and a program of employing that method in articulating and defending orthodoxy in an increasingly pluralistic context.
Dialectics ( also called logic ) was one of the three liberal arts taught in medieval universities as part of the trivium.
* List of medieval universities
* List of medieval universities
Seneca's plays were widely read in medieval and Renaissance European universities and strongly influenced tragic drama in that time, such as Elizabethan England ( Shakespeare and other playwrights ), France ( Corneille and Racine ), and the Netherlands ( Joost van den Vondel ).

medieval and trivium
By the time of the medieval university system, knowledge was divided into the trivium — philosophy, including natural philosophy — and the quadrivium — mathematics, including astronomy.
The origin of the term in mathematical language comes from the medieval trivium curriculum.
These have their roots in the subjects of the medieval trivium and quadrivium, which provided the model for scholastic thought in the first universities in medieval Europe.
The seven clasps represent the quadrivium and trivium: the groups of four and three related studies which were the typical medieval university subjects.
We should look instead to the production of the gloss on Scripture associated with Anselm of Laon, the rise to prominence of dialectic ( middle subject of the medieval trivium ) in the work of Abelard, and the production by Peter Lombard of a collection of Sentences or opinions of the Church Fathers and other authorities.
: to offer financial assistance for the project, but I got so interested in it — this curriculum rooted in the medieval system of the trivium and the quadrivium — that I decided to sign on as a student ....
Developed from materials for Buchanan's lectures at the People's Institute, this book was recognized by Richard McKeon, who had studied medieval philosophy under Étienne Gilson, as a rediscovery of the medieval trivium and quadrivium.
This is the first of Buchanan's books to mention the medieval trivium and quadrivium.

medieval and comprised
The University of Timbuktu was a medieval university in Timbuktu, present-day Mali, which comprised three schools: the Mosque of Djinguereber, the Mosque of Sidi Yahya, and the Mosque of Sankore.
Government in all the medieval monarchies generally comprised the king's companions, later becoming the royal household from which the officers of state arose.
The original wooden fort, which defended a ford over the Dniester / Nistru, was an important link in the chain of fortifications which comprised four forts ( e. g. Akkerman and Khotin ) on the Dniester, two forts on the Danube and three forts on the north border of medieval Moldova.
The medieval parish of Llandudno comprised three townships, each established on the lower slopes of the Great Orme.
Desborough hundred comprised the following ancient parishes and hamlets, ( formerly medieval vills ):
The transfer of the parishes, specifically the ownership of the medieval artistic objects or sacred art comprised, originated an intricated series of lawsuits involving both dioceses ( Barbastro-Monzón and Lleida ), both autonomous governments ( Aragón and Catalonia ) and both legal systems canon and administrative law.
In medieval times, the northern part of the area known as Kincardine was comprised by the Thanedom of Cowie and the Thanedom of Durris.

medieval and three
In medieval Anglo-Saxon England, society was organized, according to Alfred the Great into three hierarchical orders: Gebedmen ( men who pray ), Fyrdmen ( men who fight ), Weorcmen ( men who work ).
Since at least the 1960s, when Marc Bloch's Feudal Society ( 1939 ) was first translated into English in 1961, many medieval historians have included a broader social aspect that includes not only the nobility but all three estates of the realm, adding the peasantry bonds of manorialism and the estates of the Church ; this is sometimes referred to as " feudal society " since it encompasses all members of society into the feudal system.
The Harrowing of hell, combined with the theme of Christ's ascension into heaven, became a favourite motif in medieval art and drama and led to the three tiers of the mystery plays.
It seems worth noting that the periods of medieval German literature span two or three centuries, those of early modern German literature span one century, and those of modern German literature each span one or two decades.
A collective head of state can exist in republics ( internal complexity ): e. g. nominal triumvirates ; the Directoire ; the seven-member Swiss Federal Council, where each member acts in turn as ceremonial chief of state ); Bosnia and Herzegovina ( three member presidium, from three different nations ); San Marino ( two " Captains-regent "), which maintains the tradition of Italian medieval republics, where there always was an even number of consuls.
The Scottish medieval clàrsach ' Queen Mary harp ' Clàrsach na Banrigh Màiri, ( c. 1400 ) now in the Museum of Scotland, is a one of only three surviving medieval Gaelic harps.
Goibniu, Creidhne and Luchta are referred to as Trí Dé Dána (" three gods of craftsmanship "), and the Dagda's name is interpreted in medieval texts as " the good god ".
Two characters called Lugaid, a popular medieval Irish name thought to derive from Lugh, have three fathers: Lugaid Riab nDerg ( Lugaid of the Red Stripes ) was the son of the three Findemna or fair triplets, and Lugaid mac Con Roí was also known as mac Trí Con, " son of three hounds ".
Hindu and Buddhist temples in Patan, the capital of one of the three medieval Newar kingdoms
In medieval Christianity, Noah's three sons were generally considered as the founders of the populations of the three known continents, Japheth / Europe, Shem / Asia, and Ham / Africa, although a rarer variation held that they represented the three classes of medieval society – the priests ( Shem ), the warriors ( Japheth ), and the peasants ( Ham ).
In the foundation myth expressed in the medieval Turkish story known as " Osman's Dream ", the young Osman was inspired to conquest by a prescient vision of empire ( according to his dream, the empire is a big tree whose roots spread through three continents and whose branches cover the sky ).
The island has evidence from every stage in the history of Orkney, with a Neolithic settlement at Rinyo, Bronze Age burnt mounds, Iron Age crannogs and brochs ( the highest density anywhere in Scotland: three within of coastline ), Viking boat burials, remains of a medieval church and the stately home at Trumland.
The three golden spheres were originally a symbol medieval Lombard merchants hung in front of their houses, and not the arms of the Medici family.
Each of these three ballads survived in a single copy, so it is unclear how much of the medieval legend has survived, and what has survived may not be typical of the medieval legend.
During the medieval period, Sri Lanka was divided to three sub-territories, namely Ruhunu, Pihiti and Maya.

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