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method and well
Let us not confuse the issue by labeling the objective or the method `` psychoanalytic '', for this is a well established term of art for the specific ideas and procedures initiated by Sigmund Freud and his followers for the study and treatment of disordered personalities.
Since a Skeletal Age rating can be made at any age during growth, from Elbow, Shoulder, Knee, or Foot as well as Hand, it seems to be the method of choice when one wishes to study most aspects of skeletal developmental progress during childhood.
The annual spring meeting has given an impetus in three main directions: more, deeper, and more timely political consultation within the alliance, the use of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( when ratified ) as a method of coordinating aid to the underdeveloped countries, and the need for strengthening conventional forces as well as the maintenance of the nuclear deterrent.
His straightforward, abrupt manner savoured sometimes of gruffness, while his direct, unadorned method of expressing himself harmonized well with his rough-hewn, immobile features and somewhat sluggish movements.
Five kinds of Phaseolus beans were domesticated by pre-Columbian peoples: common beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris ) grown from Chile to the northern part of what is now the United States, and lima and sieva beans ( Phaseolus lunatus ), as well as the less widely distributed teparies ( Phaseolus acutifolius ), scarlet runner beans ( Phaseolus coccineus ) and polyanthus beans ( Phaseolus polyanthus ) One especially famous use of beans by pre-Columbian people as far north as the Atlantic seaboard is the " Three Sisters " method of companion plant cultivation:
* Leslie Geddes ( deceased )- Professor Emeritus at Purdue University, electrical engineer, inventor, and educator of over 2000 biomedical engineers, received a National Medal of Technology in 2006 from President George Bush for his more than 50 years of contributions that have spawned innovations ranging from burn treatments to miniature defibrillators, ligament repair to tiny blood pressure monitors for premature infants, as well as a new method for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ).
The field is usually seen as compatible with the physical sciences, and uses the scientific method as well as simulation or modeling, often comparing the output of models with aspects of human behavior.
The bicycle is not suited for combat, but it has been used as a method of reconnaissance as well as transporting soldiers and supplies to combat zones.
The term theoretical chemistry may be defined as a mathematical description of chemistry, whereas computational chemistry is usually used when a mathematical method is sufficiently well developed that it can be automated for implementation on a computer.
He developed a method of measuring the horizontal intensity of the magnetic field which was in use well into the second half of the 20th century, and worked out the mathematical theory for separating the inner and outer ( magnetospheric ) sources of Earth's magnetic field.
As a delicate cuisine, oil is not often used in large quantities and there is a relatively heavy emphasis on poaching, steaming and braising, as well as the common Chinese method of stir-frying.
One might well ask why we should use such a complex method for producing low temperature gases when they could be produced much more easily using liquid helium.
Informally the Church – Turing thesis states that if some method ( algorithm ) exists to carry out a calculation, then the same calculation can also be carried out by a Turing machine ( as well as by a recursively definable function, and by a λ-function ).
Church subsequently modified his methods to include use of Herbrand – Gödel recursion and then proved ( 1936 ) that the Entscheidungsproblem is unsolvable: There is no generalized " effective calculation " ( method, algorithm ) that can determine whether or not a formula in either the recursive-or λ-calculus is " valid " ( more precisely: no method to show that a well formed formula has a " normal form ").
They are of great importance for the light which they throw upon the method of instruction usual of that age, as well as upon the liturgical practises of the period, of which they give the fullest account extant.
Today, scan the barcode ( usually EAN or Universal Product Code ( UPC )) for each item, retrieve the price from a database, calculate deductions for items on sale ( or, in British retail terminology, " special offer ", " multibuy " or " BOGOF "), calculate the sales tax or VAT, calculate differential rates for preferred customers, actualize inventory, time and date stamp the transaction, record the transaction in detail including each item purchased, record the method of payment, keep totals for each product or type of product sold as well as total sales for specified periods, and do other tasks as well.
Business value can be returned as quickly as the first data marts can be created, and the method gives itself well to an exploratory and iterative approach to building data warehouses.
Arithmetic coding, invented by Jorma Rissanen, and turned into a practical method by Witten, Neal, and Cleary, achieves superior compression to the better-known Huffman algorithm, and lends itself especially well to adaptive data compression tasks where the predictions are strongly context-dependent.
This method of scoring worked well in the 1920s and 1930s, when the football was rounder at the ends ( similar to a modern rugby ball ).
It contains features taken from The Settlers of Catan, with emphasis on city development and the use of knights, which are used as a method of attacking other players as well as helping opponents defend Catan against a common foe.
However, Chambers ' Cyclopaedia, or Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences ( 1728 ), and the Encyclopédie of Diderot and D ' Alembert ( 1751 onwards ), as well as Encyclopædia Britannica and the Conversations-Lexikon, were the first to realize the form we would recognize today, with a comprehensive scope of topics, discussed in depth and organized in an accessible, systematic method.

method and theme
In a certain perfectly definite way, the method and the theme of his stories are one and the same.
This method of slow interstellar travel is hinted at in Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous With Rama ( 1972 ) as the spacecraft Rama is analyzed, and this theme continues in the book's sequels.
Psychosynthesis was not intended to be a school of thought or an exclusive method but many conferences and publications had it as central theme and centres were formed in Italy and the USA in the 1960s.
The second type, the thematic pesharim use the same method, but here the author ( or pesharist ) brings together passages from different biblical texts to develop a theme.
The developers felt a rescue theme similar to Defender — one of their previous games — was needed to complete the game, and added a human family as a method to motivate players to earn a high score.
This is part of his overall theme, which extends into his preferred method of murder, an underground funhouse of colorful deathtraps, usually decked out in cheery colors and disguised as an amusement park, which he has dubbed " Murderworld ".
Reicha's output during his Vienna years included large semi-didactic cycles of works such as 36 Fugues for piano ( which explored Reicha's " new method of fugal writing "), L ' art de varier ( a set of 57 variations on an original theme ), and exercises for the treatise Practische Beispiele.
This method produced variations on a theme and were moderately successful.
One method for dealing with this is to allow the user to select which parts of the theme they want to load, for example in Windows 98, you could load the background and screensaver from a theme, but leave your icons and sounds untouched.
Gridneff hoped that the theme would act as a gentle method of enticing casual viewers into the series.
A secondary theme deals with the scientific method, and the necessity of proceeding one step at a time.

method and little
More unitized lumber is being shipped on flat cars, and NLRDA studies show that flat cars loaded with the new Type 6-B floating-load method can be unloaded for as little as $.054/mbf.
In The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Poirot operates as a fairly conventional, clue-based detective, depending on logic, which is represented in his vocabulary by two common phrases: his use of " the little grey cells " and " order and method ".
The advantage of this method is that little working time or effort is required from the composter and it fits in naturally with agricultural practices in temperate climates.
T. S. Eliot said: " It is difficult for us to read that essay without reflecting that if Poe plotted out his poem with such calculation, he might have taken a little more pains over it: the result hardly does credit to the method.
This method of graffiti is popular amongst artists because of its swift technique that requires very little time.
Although there is little surviving evidence of Irish culture, some elderly islanders can remember when the term " cilig " ( or killick ) was used to describe a common method of fishing for sea turtles by tricking them into swimming into prearranged nets ( this was dome by splashing a stone on a line-the cilig-into the water on the turtle's opposite side ).
Others contend that there never was a golden age of jury trials, but rather that juries in the early nineteenth century ( before the rise of plea bargaining ) were " unwitting and reflexive, generally wasteful of public resources and, because of the absence of trained professionals, little more than slow guilty pleas themselves ," and that the guilty-plea system that emerged in the latter half of the nineteenth century was a superior, more cost-effective method of achieving fair outcomes.
* Know your purpose-Implicit in Morita's method, and the traditional Buddhist psychological principles which he adapted, is an independence of thought and action, something a little alien to the Western ideal to " follow our whims and moods ".
One method for periodization of the distant past, as in Anthropology, is to rely on events, such as the invention of some tool or the origins of language, which are known to exist, but about which little is known in detail.
Dr. Phlox also devised a method of eradicating Borg nanoprobes, but because the method is fatal to humans and nearly so to Denobulans, it has little use.
Signal transduction via these receptors involves little proteins, but the details of gene regulation by this method are not well understood.
The base is a mash of malted barley, dried in kilns fired with a little peat ( although considerably less than in Scotland ), and distilled using the pot still method.
" Bradley himself acknowledged that the two men were polar opposites in personality, and there is little doubt that Bradley despised Patton's swashbuckling method of leading the men under his command.
Although qualitative and quantitative studies exist, there is little consensus on the proper method to assess for apraxia.
However, the Coase Theorem is difficult to implement because Coase does not offer a negotiation method. Additionally, firms could potentially bribe each other since there is little to no government interaction under the Coase Theorem.
Due to the widespread tradition of women changing their names at marriage, they encounter little difficulty using the common law method at marriage in those jurisdictions that permit it.
) on the barbecue far more than seafood, as the cooking method can be too dry and harsh for the delicate flesh and a little too complex to do well for the average home.
In the face of this resistance, the Dutch Auction is still a little used method in public offerings.
This method of preparation is popular in northern China as well as in Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Slovenia, Korea and Southeast Asia, where the scored chestnuts may be cooked in a tub of heated coal pebbles mixed with a little sugar.
This method appeared to only be in limited use, and therefore little reversal data is available.
Cardiac stress testing, traditionally the most commonly performed non-invasive testing method for blood flow limitations, in general, detects only lumen narrowing of ~ 75 % or greater, although some physicians claim that nuclear stress methods can detect as little as 50 %.
The radicals were without unity of aim and method, and there was but little hope of accomplishing anything.
The effects of this method are typically similar to other, simpler forms of scarification ; as a result there has been little research undertaken on this method.

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