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mid-1985 and was
Originally printed on a few pages of loose paper, the newsletter grew in content to eventually become a " small, colorful magazine " and was renamed in mid-1985 as the Last Days Magazine.
Owing to such chronic inflation, the Peruvian currency, the sol, was replaced by the Inti in mid-1985, which itself was replaced by the nuevo sol (" new sun ") in July 1991, at which time the new sol had a cumulative value of one billion ( 1, 000, 000, 000 ) old soles.
Development began mid-1985 and was available for sale in mid-1988.
In mid-1985, the XT trim was added as the top-of-the-line version.
In mid-1985, the door handles were blacked out, chrome was removed from the windshield wipers, and the " HD " badge was removed from the centre of the grille and replaced with the lettering " Hyundai " off to the left side.
By mid-1985, when the number of active members was estimated at between 1, 500 and 2, 000 ( including a more noticeable urban presence ), the M-19 was the second largest guerrilla group in Colombia after the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.
Although Marilyn had scored three Top 40 hits throughout the 1983-84 period, his debut album was not released until mid-1985, 18 months after his biggest hit " Calling Your Name " was a top 10 hit.
By mid-1985 Amal was also in conflict with the Druze Progressive Socialist Party ( PSP ) militia led by Walid Jumblatt in the Chouf region.
The second album, Immigrant, was released in mid-1985.

mid-1985 and for
Ferrari were back competing for race honours for the first time since mid-1985 from the Hungarian Grand Prix onwards.
They had written most of the material for the album by mid-1985 and set out to complete a lineup with which to record.
By mid-1985, only a year after the debut of the show, Eden and Cruz were fan favorites and a great deal of the viewers were rooting for this couple.
The car produced 175 hp ( 130 kW ) for the 1984 model year ( MY ) and the first part of the 1985 MY, 205 hp ( 152 kW ) after mid-1985 MY, and 200 hp ( 149 kW ) for the 1986 MY.
* Sam Bluetooth ( also known as The Stranger ): An adventurer and scientist who met Queen Riana ( Nicholas's mother ), presumably 16 years back ( left for Galidor in mid-1985 ).
The Long Riders soon sprang up in the American Wrestling Association later in mid-1985, where they lost their debut match to the Road Warriors for the Warriors ' World Tag Team Championship on August 16.
These headlights were designed for the 1984 model, but regulations would not allow them to be used until the mid-1985 update.

mid-1985 and new
In mid-1985, Rossi, Parfitt and Bown, along with Edwards and Rich, started work on a new Status Quo album.
A new feature called " The Slipped Disk Show " appeared in mid-1985, starring a fictional disc jockey who answered computer-related questions submitted by readers.

mid-1985 and .
Since mid-1985, the depreciated value of the currency has increased the competitiveness of Swazi exports and moderated the growth of imports, generating trade surpluses.
The introduction of Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC in mid-1985 marked the first time that professional wrestling had been broadcast on network television since the 1950s.
However, by 1984, Chacón reached her peak, and not being able to reach an " Anglo " market, ended her show in Puerto Rico by mid-1985 at the age of 35.
In mid-1985, Rozz Williams left the band, partly due to his increasing interest in experimental music and surrealist performance art.
Following the name change, the band released the single " Shouldn't Do That " ( UK No. 63 ) in mid-1985.
Recent UCLA graduate Shane Black wrote the screenplay in mid-1985.
The £ 4 million Aston relief road in Sheffield opened in mid-1985, with the old route now designated as the B6200.
In mid-1985, the band embarked on its first nationwide tour to promote the now completed Come on Down EP.
As of mid-1985, factories in Eastern Europe still used 40 % more fuel than those in the West.
In mid-1985 Bob Shrum resigned to launch the media firm of Caddell, Doak and Shrum, and recruited Trippi to be the firm's vice president.
By July 1979, despite the release of billions of dollars in construction funds by the U. S. Department of Transportation, Metro had pushed back the construction of the Anacostia Station to mid-1985 and the completion of the Branch Avenue Line to late 1986.
In mid-1985, KRLR began to introduce a few classic television programs, and in mid-1985 began airing World Class Championship Wrestling, a popular one-hour wrestling program originating from Dallas, Texas.

Farrell and was
The change since its foundation was highlighted by Professor David Farrell
Another writer in this tradition was Henry Farrell whose best-known work was the Hollywood horror novel What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
A starter for the Colt. 45s, Farrell was primarily a relief pitcher prior to playing for Houston.
Between 1943 and 1946, the de facto President of Argentina was Edelmiro Farrell, whose paternal ancestry was Irish.
Later, Carson told Jasper O ' Farrell that he regretted killing the men, but that the act was only one such that Frémont ordered him to commit.
In June 1971, Frank O ' Farrell was appointed as manager, but lasted less than 18 months before being replaced by Tommy Docherty in December 1972.
The economic theory of the network effect was advanced significantly between 1985 and 1995 by researchers Michael L. Katz, Carl Shapiro, Joseph Farrell and Garth Saloner.
O ' Farrell was sworn in as the 43rd Premier of New South Wales on Monday 28 March 2011.
Production was suspended indefinitely by 24 January, but in February actors Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell signed on to continue Ledger's role, transforming into multiple incarnations of his character in the " magical " world of the film.
Other films shot in widescreen were the musical Happy Days ( 1929 ) which premiered at the Roxy Theater, New York City, on February 13, 1930, starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell and a 12 year old Betty Grable as a chorus girl ; Song o ’ My Heart, a musical feature starring Irish tenor John McCormack and directed by Frank Borzage ( Seventh Heaven, A Farewell to Arms ), which was shipped from the labs on March 17, 1930, but never released and may no longer survive, according to film historian Miles Kreuger ( the 35mm version, however, debuted in New York on March 11, 1930 ); and the western The Big Trail ( 1930 ) starring John Wayne and Tyrone Power, Sr. which premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on October 2, 1930, all of which were also made in the 70mm Fox Grandeur process.
" In such pamphlets as " Le Godmiché Royal ", ( translated, " The Royal Dildo "), it was suggested that she routinely engaged in deviant sexual acts of various sorts, most famously with the English Baroness ' Lady Sophie Farrell ' of Bournemouth, a renowned lesbian of the time.
In 1934, Hall was jailed for six months for taking part in the Minneapolis Teamster's Strike ( led by Trotskyist Farrell Dobbs ).
The result of these restrictions was, according to Brian Farrell, that the President of the Executive Council was closer to being the Executive Council's chairman or presiding officer, than its dominant leader.
William Pierce was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Marguerite Farrell and William Luther Pierce, Jr. His father was born in Christiansburg, Virginia in 1892.
Her first film role was the part of Julie in the first talking picture version of Ferenc Molnár's Liliom, made by Fox Film Corporation in 1930, starring Charles Farrell in the title role, and directed by Frank Borzage.
According to biographer Kelley, the 1964 Time appearance came because " Barry Farrell, who wrote the cover story, wanted to write about a jazz musician and almost by default Monk was chosen, because they thought Ray Charles and Miles Davis were too controversial.
But shortly after production began, Cassidy convinced music producer Wes Farrell that he was good enough and he was promoted to lead singer for show's recordings.
Farrell was a producer of Patch Adams ( 1998 ) starring Robin Williams, and has starred on the television series Providence ( 1999 – 2002 ).
Farrell, one of four children, was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, the son of Agnes and Joe Farrell.

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