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most and cases
Even though in most cases the completion of the definitive editions of their writings is still years off, enough documentation has already been assembled to warrant drawing a new composite profile of the leadership which performed the heroic dual feats of winning American independence and founding a new nation.
Problems have arisen in this sensitive field but have been handled in most cases with understanding and restraint.
In most cases service in the Corps will probably be considered a ground for temporary deferment.
Signs are meant to convey a message, and in most cases, this requires words and letters.
In most cases, these soils are taken up as liquids through capillary action.
In most cases the chlorine concentration was about Af.
By comparing reaction cells sealed from the same manifold temperature dependency corresponding to activation energies ranging from 11 to 18 Af was observed while dependence on the first power of the light intensity seemed to be indicated in most cases.
In all cases, most of the activity lay in the region of high anionic binding capacity.
There is a common problem behind most of these federal question and diversity cases.
The simplest division, and the one most frequently used ( with subdivisions ) in gas and electric rate cases, is a threefold division of the total operating and capital costs into `` customer costs '', `` energy '' or `` volumetric costs '', and `` demand '' or `` capacity '' costs.
As `` a matter of fact no such complete solution of the dream has ever been accomplished in any case,, and what is more, every one attempting such solution has found that in most cases there have remained a great many components of the dream the source of which he has been unable to explain nor is the discussion closed on the subject of the mantic or prophetic power of dreams ''.
In most cases we recognize certain words, persons, animals or objects.
The struggle was resolved in 1819 in the Supreme Court in one of the most intriguing cases in our judicial history.
This need not imply that on average 50 % or more of altruistic acts were beneficial for the altruist in the ancestral environment ; if the benefits from helping the right person were very high it would be beneficial to err on the side of caution and usually be altruistic even if in most cases there were no benefits.
In the Supreme Court, in which review in most cases is available only if the Court exercises its discretion and grants a writ of certiorari.
Relief in post-conviction is rare and is most often found in capital or violent felony cases.
In most jurisdictions, the court system is divided into at least three levels: the trial court, which initially hears cases and reviews evidence and testimony to determine the facts of the case ; at least one intermediate appellate court ; and a supreme court ( or court of last resort ) which primarily reviews the decisions of the intermediate courts.
Some jurisdictions have specialized appellate courts, such as the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which only hears appeals raised in criminal cases, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which has general jurisdiction but derives most of its caseload from patent cases, on the other hand, and appeals from the Court of Federal Claims on the other.
As per the American Dental Association, regular brushing and proper flossing are enough in most cases although the ADA has placed its Seal of Approval on many mouthwashes containing alcohol ( in addition to regular dental check-ups ).
A declaration may be substituted for an affidavit in most cases for those opposed to swearing oaths.
Letters are written as a linear sequence, in most cases left to right.
Each church has its own doctrine and liturgy, based in most cases on that of the Church of England ; and each church has its own legislative process and overall episcopal polity, under the leadership of a local primate.
Ataxia may depend on hereditary disorders consisting of degeneration of the cerebellum and / or of the spine ; most cases feature both to some extent, and therefore present with overlapping cerebellar and sensory ataxia, even though one is often more evident than the other.
In between, Poirot solves cases outside England as well, including his most famous case, Murder on the Orient Express ( 1934 ).

most and such
His assumption seems to be that any such friends, being tolerable humans, must be more liberal than most Southerners and therefore at least partly in sympathy with his views.
Only what else was she singing but the old Song of Songs, that most ancient of tunes that nature plays with such unfailing response upon young nerves??
At such critical moments predispositions favorable to human dignity most obviously `` pay off ''.
The confused rambling of guerrilla warfare, such as most of Garibaldi's campaigns were, was brought to life by Trevelyan's pen in some of the best passages in the books.
There is no explanation of terms nor a qualification that most such revolts have been dealt with by force -- only a bald dogmatism that they must, because of some undefined compulsion, be so repelled.
Other communities -- the ones to be aided most by the Senate bill -- have had difficulty starting such stations because of the high initial cost of equipment.
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
The electric gadget is most helpful when there are many crowned teeth and in individuals who are elderly, bedfast with a chronic disease, or are handicapped by disorders such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy.
It is at precisely such moments that he encounters a couple of undergraduates, faces alight, holding hands and talking happily as they come along, oblivious of him, or throwing him the most fleeting and casual of glances, such as they would give a tethered goat.
In entering this union we will be surrendering most, if not all, of our economic autonomy to international bodies such as the Atlantic Institute ( recently set up ) or the O.E.C.D., I.M.F. and others.
In most of the less developed countries, however, such programing is at best inadequate and at worst nonexistent.
This work will cover the most serious one-fourth of all land needing such treatment, and will consist of burning 250,000 acres of highly hazardous debris concentration, felling snags on 350,000 acres of high lightning-occurrence areas, prescribed burning on 3.5 million acres, removing roadside fuel on 39,000 acres, and clearing and maintaining 11,000 miles of firebreaks.
Rodent control work for the 10-year period will be aimed at control of the most serious infestations of harmful rodents, such as porcupines and mice, on high-value areas of forage and commercial timberlands.
An attempt should be made to see if electricity, in its most latent stage, has any action on the magnet as such ''.
One of the most significant advancements in design of plastics signs is the so-called trans-illuminated billboard, now being produced by several large sign manufacturers such as Advance Neon Sign Co., Los Angeles, and Industrial Electric Inc., New Orleans, La..
Frequently a few isolated thick-walled cells or, rarely, groups of such cells in the xylem region, were also specifically stained, but there was no such staining in epidermis, cortex, most xylem cells, ray cells, or pith.
We expected, in short, that most of the world would make itself over in our image and that it would be relatively simple, from such a position, to deal with the localized aberrations of the Soviet Union ''.
Employers prefer to hire youth with such training rather than those without, and most graduates of vocational training go to work in jobs related to their training.
Of the potentially useful sources of ionizing radiations, gamma sources, cobalt-60, cesium-137, fission products, or a reactor irradiation loop system using a material such as an indium salt have received most attention for food-preservation systems.
In a general way, psychiatrists were able to establish on a wide basis what many of them had always felt -- that the most telling cues in psychotherapy are acoustic, that such things as stress and nagging are transmitted by sound alone and not necessarily by words.
And so well is such ignorance preserved by the amateur and the money-maker that even at the college level most of the hundred-odd folklore courses given in the United States survive on sentiment and nationalism alone.

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