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one and study
Arlen is one of the few ( possibly the only ) composer Mercer has been able to work with so closely, for they held their meetings in Arlen's study.
The study of ideas in literature is one of these.
No one will deny that such broad developments and transitions are of great intrinsic interest and the study of ideas in literature would be woefully incomplete without frequent reference to them.
In one of these, an exploding-wire device to study systems thermodynamically up to 6,000 Af and 100 atmospheres pressure, a major goal was achieved.
The medical title of `` Lobar Ventilation In Man '' by Drs. C. J. Martin and A. C. Young, covers a brief paper which is one part of a much larger effort to apply electronics to the study of the respiratory process.
Since a Skeletal Age rating can be made at any age during growth, from Elbow, Shoulder, Knee, or Foot as well as Hand, it seems to be the method of choice when one wishes to study most aspects of skeletal developmental progress during childhood.
It was stated earlier that one purpose of this study was to extend the analysis of variability of Onset and Completion in each of the 21 growth centers somewhat beyond that provided by the data in Tables 1 and 2.
Being a strictly physiological procedure, one may expect from such a study additional information on the nature of the emotional process itself.
From these results, one sees that the study of linear operators on vector spaces over an algebraically closed field is essentially reduced to the study of nilpotent operators.
The naive state, Condition 1,, could therefore be viewed as an inhibiting one for 24% of the subjects in this study.
This second conclusion, independently arrived at by independent study of material from two pairs of language families as different and remote from one another as these four are, cannot be ignored.
One study, which involved 1,524 pupils in grades one to six, found that 12 percent of the pupils were seriously maladjusted and that 23 percent were reading a year below capacity.
Geometric pottery has not yet received the thorough, detailed study which it deserves, partly because the task is a mammoth one and partly because some of its local manifestations, as at Argos, are only now coming to light.
one study in Pittsburgh, however, has illuminated the situation.
Using kinship terms in political speeches increased audience agreement with the speaker in one study.
One study examined the physical health of mothers who volunteered over a 30-year period and found that 52 % of those who did not belong to a volunteer organization experienced a major illness while only 36 % of those who did volunteer experienced one.
A study that asked participants to count each act of kindness they performed for one week significantly enhanced their subjective happiness.
For example, one study on volunteerism found that feeling overwhelmed by others ' demands had an even stronger negative effect on mental health than helping had a positive one ( although positive effects were still significant ).
Nobel and his parents returned to Sweden from Russia and Nobel devoted himself to the study of explosives, and especially to the safe manufacture and use of nitroglycerine ( discovered in 1847 by Ascanio Sobrero, one of his fellow students under Théophile-Jules Pelouze at the University of Turin ).
Training likely needs to be intense and focused — as indicated by one study performed with stroke patients experiencing limb ataxia who underwent intensive upper limb retraining.
The nature of classifiers and their constructions allows the speaker to use them more frequently in narratives ; one study found this to be 17. 7 %.
In his twenty-eighth year he felt the impulse to study philosophy and was recommended to the teachers in Alexandria who then had the highest reputation ; but he came away from their lectures so depressed and full of sadness that he told his trouble to one of his friends.
Of his Italian works one, La scuola de ' gelosi ( The School for Jealousy ), a witty study of amorous intrigue and emotion, would prove a popular and lasting international success.

one and reindeer
This reindeer is losing the velvet layer on one of its antlers.
In one case, the entire body of a reindeer was found in the stomach of a Greenland shark, a species found in the far northern Atlantic, although this was quite possibly a case of scavenging considering the dissimilarity of habitats between the ungulate and the large, slow-moving fish.
The Christmas variant ( sometimes called " reindeer corn ") typically has a red end and a green center ; the Valentine's Day variant ( sometimes called " cupid corn ") typically has a red end and a pink center ; the Easter variant ( sometimes called " bunny corn ") is typically only a two-color candy, and comes with a variety of pastel bases ( pink, green, yellow, and purple ) with white tips all in one package.
" stone boat "), while sleigh typically refers to a moderate-to large-sized, usually open-topped vehicle equipped with one or more passenger seats, essentially a cold-season alternative to a carriage or wagon, typically drawn by horses or ( at least in the Santa Claus legend or in reference to Scandinavia ) by reindeer.
Christmas morning 1923, the Brownlee boys awoke to find footprints of coal dust leading from the fireplace to the stairs and a handwritten note from Santa Claus apologizing from the mess and explaining that he had been searching for one of his reindeer.
Lartet discovered the partial skeletons of four prehistoric adults and one infant along with perforated shells used as ornaments, an object made from ivory, and worked reindeer antler.
( A coincidence has been observed between the aircraft names, the fictional Reindeer and the real-life Comet, " Comet " being in poetry the name of one of Santa Claus's reindeer, but the Comet was named for the prewar de Havilland DH. 88 racing aircraft.
Rondane is one of the few places in Scandinavia and Europe where wild reindeer ( as opposed to the domestic breed ) are found.
A band of Koryaks additionally absconded with Atlasov ’ s itinerant reindeer herd, but were chased down by the Russians and killed to one man.
* Comet, one of Santa Claus's reindeer
Reindeer husbandry was previously practiced in a limited way, for instance one tamed a few reindeer to divert the wild reindeer towards a cliff, hunting ditches etc.
* Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, one of Santa Claus's reindeer
Olive eventually finds out that this is because Blitzen, one of Santa's reindeer, is injured and can not fly.
* Vixen, one of Santa Claus's reindeer, as named in " The Night Before Christmas "
Several new members of Santa Claus's herd of reindeer include Fireball, a young buck with a distinctive shock of blond hair who befriends shy Rudolph at the " Reindeer Games ", supervised and coached by one of Santa's eight reindeer, Comet.
* Donner the Reindeer, alternative name for Donder, one of Santa Claus's reindeer
* The reindeer model used for Rudolph in this special was significantly different from the one used in the original special, most notably in that it had a wider, rounder mouth and a more blunt face as opposed to the elongated model used in the original.
* Cupid, one of Santa Claus's reindeer
On one of them a reindeer horn was represented, on the other one a dancing little girl who got nicknamed " The Venus of Mierlo ".
Taking the backup sled and new reindeer ( named Steven, Fluffy, Horace, Chantel, Skippy, Rainbow, Patches and Montel ) from the stable, they seek out the one person who can help: Jesus, who is currently officiating midnight mass in his own name.
Mammals that one can catch sight of are reindeer, moose, red fox, ermine and rabbit.

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