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other and words
In other words, nationalism worked well enough when it had limited application, both as to geography and as to population ; ;
But because it is the function of the mind to turn the one into the other by means of the capacities with which words endow it, we do not unwisely examine the type of distinction, in the sphere of politics, on which decisions hang.
by this term he means to ridicule their professions of acting in the interest of the Church despite their own education and manner of life -- a gibe, in other words, at the `` Presbyterianism '' in Harley's family and at Bolingbroke's reputed impiety.
Once more, in other words, Steele is said to be indebted to Swift for his `` wit '' ; ;
In other words, as students go through college, those who are most successful academically tend to become more committed to a `` Bill of Rights '' orientation.
in other words its existence belongs to the period of Roman Britain.
The problem, in other words, is strictly a chronological one.
In other words, atrocities by savages wearing the uniform of the central government might be condoned, had the victims been serving the cause of dissident Katanga.
In other words, the Secretary General is to be a nonpartisan, international servant, not a political, national one.
In other words, the whole storage and pipeline system does not belong to the homeowners nor to the town but rather to Tri-State.
Poster Products Inc., Chicago, Ill.: a changeable copy and display sign which consists of an extruded impact styrene background in choice of colors, onto which are mounted snap-in letters, figures, or words screened on acetate or other types of sheet stock.
In other words, if an ideal gas is compressed and kept at constant temperature, the work done in compressing it is completely converted into heat and transferred to the surrounding heat sink.
In other words, the anastomoses between the bronchial artery and pulmonary artery should be considered as functional or demand shunts.
In other words, if F satisfies the differential equation Af, then F is uniquely expressible in the form Af where Af satisfies the differential equation Af.
In other words, these curves have only fixed intersections common to them all.
But if no two lines of the regulus of multiple secants of **zg can intersect, then the regulus must be quadratic, or in other words, **zg must be either a Af or a Af curve on a nonsingular quadric surface.
In the urban area, in other words, they, unlike some urban ethnic groups, do not concentrate in ghetto colonies.
In other words, the Soviet Union was determined to create a Poland so strong as to be a powerful bulwark against Germany and so closely tied to Russia that there would never be any question of her serving as a cordon sanitaire against the Soviets or posing as an independent, balancing power in between Russia and Germany.
In other words the burden of pleading clearly rested upon the pleader by state law.
It will not, however, be used for symbolic assignment until all other index words or electronic switches have been assigned for the first time.
In other words, like automation machines designed to work in tandem, they shared the same programming, a mutual understanding not only of English words, but of the four stresses, pitches, and junctures that can change their meaning from black to white.
Even less regard for mom and mom's apple pie goes with: Af In other words, the way the speaker relates to mother is clearly indicated.
In other words, the promulgators of the murder plan made clear that physically exterminating the Jews was but an extension of the anti-Semitic measures already operating in every phase of German life, and that the new conspiracy counted on the general anti-Semitism that had made those measures effective, as a readiness for murder.
Although it was at the Battle of The Little Horn, about which more words have been written than any other battle in American history, that the 7th Cavalry first made its mark in history, the regiment was ten years old by then.

other and enumerable
# A recursively enumerable language is a formal language for which there exists a Turing machine ( or other computable function ) which will enumerate all valid strings of the language.
# A recursively enumerable language is a formal language for which there exists a Turing machine ( or other computable function ) that will halt and accept when presented with any string in the language as input but may either halt and reject or loop forever when presented with a string not in the language.
Thus the halting problem is an example of a recursively enumerable set, which is a set that can be enumerated by a Turing machine ( other terms for recursively enumerable include computably enumerable and semidecidable ).
set W < sub > i </ sub > it contains other numbers, and moreover there is an effective procedure to produce an example of such a number from the index i. Similarly, no creative set can be decidable, because this would imply that its complement, a productive set, is recursively enumerable.

other and first
But her prettiness was what he had noticed first, and all the other things had come afterward: cruelty, meanness, self-will.
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
This and other fears of the solar system have disappeared gradually, first, with the Ptolemaic system and its built-in concept of periodicity and then, more firmly, with the Newtonian innovation of an universal force that could account quantitatively for both terrestial and celestial motions.
and it is surely clear that the first of these is the result of the way in which the individual's command of language interacts with the other two.
Mother and son recognize each other and, in Mann's version of this legend, make a remarkable confession of guilt to each other, the confession of unconscious motive and unconscious knowledge of their true identities from the time they had first set eyes on each other.
`` we've got Father and Mother and each other '' said Beth on the first page of Louisa Alcott's Little Women ; ;
`` History has this in common with every other science: that the historian is not allowed to claim any single piece of knowledge, except where he can justify his claim by exhibiting to himself in the first place, and secondly to any one else who is both able and willing to follow his demonstration, the grounds upon which it is based.
Since she could not act, one part suited her as well as any other, and so she was the first person to offer Mr. Lincoln a glass of water, holding it up to the box, high above her head, to Miss Harris, who had asked for it.
There would, however, be a variety of other skills -- medical, agricultural, engineering -- which would be called for in the first year through the private agency programs and through the provision of technician helpers to existing development projects.
At that time consideration will be given to whether in the light of the United States supplies of rice available for Title 1, disposal, India's production, consumption and stocks of food grains, other imports from the United States and countries friendly to the United States, India's storage capacity, and other related factors, any increase would be possible in the portion of the total rice programmed which is currently planned for procurement during the first year.
By this scheme, pulling one signal to clear locks all the other switch and signal levers in safe positions until the first signal is again restored to normal.
When solving an equation that involves division as well as other steps, do all the division steps first to reduce those parts of the equation to their numerical value.
Another method of assuring a clean hole is to first drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill half way with the dimensional bit, turn the piece over, and finish from the other side.
But the Russians use gymnastics as the first step in training for all other sports because it provides training in every basic quality except one, endurance.
The sequence of events leading to his important discovery still remains ambiguous but it seems that one of the advanced students at the university related that the first direct event that led to the publication of Oersted's discovery occurred during a private lecture made before a group of other advanced students in the spring of 1820.
Letters may be wired to the face of the combined channels, painted on the first surface, or handled in other ways.
You can save all that shimming time if you set your windows in one, two, three order -- first the stud on one side, then the window, then the stud on the other side.
Other herpetologists have ascertained that in the northern United States the prairie rattlesnake may not give first birth until it is four or even five years old, and that the young may be born every other year, rather than annually.
We will deal first with the program in the Congo though this was put into operation later than the other.
The first eight of these eighteen statements, which received at least one-half of the votes, were duplicated to form an analysis checklist for the particular manager, and when this particular manager roleplayed in other situations, the members checked any items that appeared.
This saved for state adjudication, in the first instance, the two major areas where federal injunctions had been most obnoxious, but other areas remained vulnerable.
The first, or double-step, type might also be called the `` railroad type '' because of its application to railroads ( and other transportation agencies ) by the Cost Section of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

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