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outrage and at
He also expressed his outrage at accusations made against his father.
The outrage aroused in Germany by Baralongs actions was used by the Kaiserliche Marine to justify attacking and sinking ships without warning at sea during the First World War, and was used again in the Second World War as a reason for the Kriegsmarine to do the same.
The outrage of the Wentworth proprietors was renewed in 1774 when Governor Tryon passed a law containing harsh provisions clearly targeted at the actions of the " Bennington Mob ".
The elder Cecils loudly voiced their outrage at the rumors, which probably worsened the situation.
The children run at the idols, upset them, dash them down, break them to pieces, spit on them, trample on them, kick them about, and in short heap on them every possible outrage.
Achebe's lecture prompted a lively debate, reactions at the time ranged from dismay and outrage Achebe recounted a Professor Emeritus from the University of Massachusetts saying to Achebe after the lecture, " How dare you upset everything we have taught, everything we teach?
Carson expressed outrage at the massacre and openly denounced Chivington's actions.
Public reaction in both England and Australia was outrage directed at the other nation.
In 1826, there was outrage in Scotland at the attempt of Parliament to prevent the production of banknotes of less than five pounds.
Mary was executed at Fotheringay Castle on 8 February 1587, to the outrage of Catholic Europe.
For this reason, it is characteristic of groups within which a given narrative circulates to react very negatively to claims or demonstrations of non-factuality ; an example would be the expressions of outrage by police officers who are told that adulteration of Halloween treats by strangers ( the subject of periodic moral panics ) is extremely rare, if it has occurred at all.
* March 9 – Responding to national outrage at the defeat at Adwa, Italian Prime Minister Francesco Crispi resigns.
According to Marie Dowling " Anne tried to educate her waiting-women in scriptural piety ” and is believed to have reproved her cousin, Mary Shelton, for “ having ‘ idle poesies ’ written in her prayer book .” If Cavendish is to be believed, Anne's outrage at Wolsey may have personalized whatever philosophical defiance she brought with her from France.
Many Muslim organizations have continued to express outrage at the destruction of the disputed structure.
Bishops, universities and humanists were at one in denunciation of the outrage ; and, as for the attitude of the people, Eck was glad to have escaped from Saxony alive.
In letters to his prospective father-in-law, he expressed his outrage at the critics: " So the Salon is the scene of my disgrace ; ...
Fisk reacted with outrage at both the comment made by Malkovitch and also for " associating me with a jerk like Galloway ".
One group of bank debtors declared their outrage at what they saw as profiteering from their tragedy and took the decision to transcribe the whole book, respecting even its layout, and to give it away electronically, in spite of legal threats from the publisher.
The discovery caused outrage among Israeli archaeologists and many Jews were angered by the inscription at Judaism's holiest site.
There was widespread public outrage at Power, but he was never prosecuted.
As it happened, Augustine did not rise at the council, causing outrage.
With its satirical view of Greek politics, its dark sense of humor, and its downbeat ending, the film captures the outrage about the military dictatorship that ruled Greece at the time of its making.
The young prince naturally speaks up in his outrage before the great king, his queen Guinevere and his feared wizard Merlin and so a career at Camelot is born.
There was considerable public outrage at the costs, particularly since most of the demonstrators on both sides were from outside the county.

outrage and 2000
Another well-publicized incident from October 2000, usually referred to as the " Mystere incident ", involved Verant banning a player for creating controversial fan fiction, causing outrage among Everquest players and sparking a major industry-wide debate about players ' rights and the line between roleplaying and intellectual property infringement.
In 2000, Ishihara, one of the eight judges for a literary prize, commented that homosexuality is abnormal, which caused an outrage in the gay community in Japan.
An incident in September 2000 involving five male police officers entering a women's bath house sparked public outrage and drew attention to TPS's poor standing in the gay community.
The incident was caught on video and televised nationally on 7 Nov. 2000, causing widespread outrage.
In July 2000, the biggest German tabloid BILD-Zeitung urged its readers to phone Titanic and express their outrage at damaging Germany's reputation through bribery.

outrage and presidential
These measures caused much outrage among the people, but despite the society's resentment, Rhee's administration rigged the March 15, 1960 presidential elections and won by a landslide.
He later ran for mayor and governor and even sought the presidential nomination, but lost much of his personal prestige when outrage exploded in 1901 after columnist Ambrose Bierce and editor Arthur Brisbane published separate columns months apart that suggested the assassination of William McKinley.

outrage and election
In response to the OSCE / ODIHR Preliminary Report, the IDEE observers, who observed more than 1, 000 voting precincts and Constituency Election Centers where votes were tabulated, collectively issued a " Votum Separatum ," which expressed their outrage at the election fraud, intimidation and political repression they witnessed during their observation mission and their disagreement with the OSCE's mild preliminary report calling the elections " generally well administered.
In a parliamentary debate before the 2010 election, Gillan said that she agreed with neighbouring MP David Lidington who described the planned route as an " outrage ".
The convention resolved in favor of making Kansas a free Territory, and as a consequence, a free State ; the convention looked upon the conduct of a portion of the people of Missouri in the late Kansas election as a gross outrage on the elective franchise and rights of freemen and a violation of the principles of popular sovereignty.
To Mckane it was just another election day dust-up, but to the rest of the nation it was seen as an outrage ( some even comparing it to an act of civil war ).
Less than a month before the November 2004 election, Smith wrote an op-ed for the Concord Monitor in which he denounced the lack of Republican outrage over phone jamming on Election Day 2002, in which Republican operatives had jammed phone banks used by the Democrats to contact Democratic voters and get them to the polls.
During the Presidential election of 1856, Morrill believed James Buchanan was a good candidate, however he stated the Democratic Party's platform was " a flagrant outrage upon the country and an insult to the North.
On learning of his election, Trades Union Congress general secretary Fred Bramley exploded in outrage against Cook's election, claiming him to be a “ raving Communist ”.
Jimmy Carter, who had sat out the Democratic runoff election between Arnall and Maddox much to Arnall's outrage, finally endorsed Maddox, having described the Democratic state platform excluding racial matters as " more progressive and more liberal " than the Republican alternative.
The government's majority was cut to two hundred and fifty in the November 1935 general election and the following month the leaking of the proposed Hoare-Laval Plan to grant two-thirds of Abyssinia to invading Italy provoked outrage amongst Conservative MPs.

outrage and posted
This prompted outrage from Balinese dancers, who posted messages demanding that Malaysia apologize over the misinformation, which then sparked a series of street protests.
After outrage and much parody on the microblogging site and on the web in general, Cole deleted the entry and posted a personal apology on Facebook.

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