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practice and means
To practice architecture means to offer or render services in connection with the design and construction of a building, or group of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their principal purpose human occupancy or use.
Ásatrú groups and the individual Ásatrúarmenn have no universal means of practice.
Naturally, they maintained capoeira as a means of recreation and martial arts practice.
" This, Harris contends, is part of what it means to practice a science of morality.
( This practice may provide a fairly accurate means of dating a document.
Another author stated that " the practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research ".
In practice, this means rejecting " proprietary software ", which imposes such restrictions, and promoting free software, with the ultimate goal of liberating everyone " in cyberspace " – that is, every computer user.
# Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada-Gamini: leading to, making for-Patipada: road, path, way ; the means of reaching a goal or destination-The way of practice leading to the cessation of Dukkha.
In practice, this means that the agreement of the Bundesrat in the legislative process is very often required, as federal legislation often has to be executed by state or local agencies.
In practice this means that even on a correctly configured web server eavesdroppers can still infer the IP address and port number of the web server ( sometimes even the domain name e. g. www. example. org, but not rest of the URL ) that one is communicating with as well as the amount ( data transferred ) and duration ( length of session ) of the communication, though not the content of the communication.
In practice, some of the alternatives may be conscious or unconscious ; some of the consequences may be unintended as well as intended ; and some of the means and ends may be imperfectly differentiated, incompletely related, or poorly detailed.
However, Hesychasts who are living as hermits might have a very rare attendance at the Divine Liturgy ( see the life of Saint Seraphim of Sarov ) and might not recite the Divine Office except by means of the Jesus Prayer ( attested practice on Mt Athos ).
What this means is that by the exercise of sobriety ( the mental ascesis against tempting thoughts ), the Hesychast arrives at a continual practice of the Jesus Prayer with his mind in his heart and where his consciousness is no longer encumbered by the spontaneous inception of images: his mind has a certain stillness and emptiness that is punctuated only by the eternal repetition of the Jesus Prayer.
In practice, this means that jury trials are available in American civil cases in most cases seeking money damages on a tort law or contract law theory, but are rarely available when non-monetary damages, such as an injunction or declaratory relief are sought.
The words are separated by engraved dots, a common but by no means universal practice, and long vowels are marked by Apex ( diacritic ) | apices.
It is also common practice for major mining companies to do the rehabilitation of the dumps to an international acceptable standard, which in some cases means that higher standards than the local regulatory standard are applied.
In practice, the need for predictability means that inferior courts generally defer to precedent by superior courts.
Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film, or electronically by means of an image sensor.
In remark # 23 of Philosophical Investigations he points out that the practice of human language is more complex than the simplified views of language that have been held by those who seek to explain or simulate human language by means of a formal system.
In practice this means measuring dozens of variables, and then presenting them as two or three dimensional graphs.
In practice this means that the Sovereign reviews state papers and meets regularly with the Prime Minister, usually weekly, when she may advise and warn him regarding the proposed decisions and actions of Her Government.
Cros was a poet of meager means, not in a position to pay a machinist to build a working model, and largely content to bequeath his ideas to the public domain free of charge and let others reduce them to practice, but after the earliest reports of Edison's presumably independent invention crossed the Atlantic he had his sealed letter of April 30 opened and read at the December 3, 1877 meeting of the French Academy of Sciences, claiming due scientific credit for priority of conception.
The increase of written means of informal communication brought about by the Internet has produced the practice of using quotations as personal flags, as in one's own signature block.

practice and government
To determine the practice and attitude of municipal governments concerning tangible movable property, a questionnaire was sent to all local government assessors or boards of assessors in Rhode Island.
One definition of paternalism is `` The principle or practice, on the part of a government, of managing the affairs of a country in the manner of a father dealing with his children ''.
In practice, the Articles were in use beginning in 1777 ; the final draft of the Articles served as the de facto system of government used by the Congress (" the United States in Congress assembled ") until it became de jure by final ratification on March 1, 1781 ; at which point Congress became the Congress of the Confederation.
In practice, power was more and more concentrated in the hands of the President who, supported by an ever increasing staff, largely controlled parliament, government, and the judiciary.
Current positions of the ACLU include: opposing the death penalty ; supporting gay marriage and the right of gays to adopt ; supporting birth control and abortion rights ; eliminating discrimination against women, minorities, and gays ; supporting the rights of prisoners and opposing torture ; supporting the right of religious persons to practice their faiths without government interference ; and opposing any government preference for religion over non-religion, or for particular faiths over others.
In practice, Presbyterianism meant that committees of lay elders had a substantial voice in church government, as opposed to merely being subjects to a ruling hierarchy.
The politics of Chile takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Chile is both head of state and head of government, and of a formal multi-party system that in practice behaves like a two-party one, due to binomialism.
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has continued as the sole internationally-recognized authority on the island ( as well as the UK being internationally recognized with respect to the SBAs ), though in practice its power extends only to the government controlled area.
Since the radical movement of the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese government has become much more tolerant with the practice of traditional beliefs.
After tensions with the U. S. government came to a head in 1890, the church officially abandoned the public practice of polygamy in the United States, and eventually stopped performing official polygamous marriages altogether after a Second Manifesto in 1904.
In Rio the use of capoeira was getting so problematic that the colonial government established severe physical punishments to its practice.
It is relatively more concerned that government will interfere with popular places to practice citizenship in the public sphere.
Although nominally it exists alongside the United Front, a coalition of governing political parties, in practice, the CPC is the only party in the PRC, maintaining a unitary government and centralizing the state, military, and media.
However, because fiat money is backed by government guarantee of a certain amount of goods and services, where the value of this is in turn determined by free market currency exchange rates, similar to the case for the international market exchange values which determines the value of metals which back commodity money, in practice there is very little economic difference between the two types of money ( types of currencies ).
The Santo Daime also includes children in their Entheogenic rituals ; studies done by the Brazilian government concluded that there were no physical or mental damage caused by this practice, so it is allowed.
The Jewish refugees who were interned came from Germany, and the U. S. government didn't differentiate between ethnic Jews and ethnic Germans ( Jewish was defined as religious practice ).
The national government has run advertising campaigns in an attempt to discourage the practice.
) Scullin was equally insistent that the monarch must act on the relevant Prime Minister's direct advice ( the practice until 1926 was that Dominion prime ministers advised the monarch indirectly, through the British government, which effectively had a veto over any proposal it did not agree with ).
Although the Soviet government denied these charges as recently as 1987, in recent years the Russian government has acknowledged the practice.
Hong Kong law provides for freedom of speech and press, and the government generally respects these rights in practice.
The idea, sometimes regulated by law, is to use these portraits to make the public aware of the symbolic connection to the government, a practice that dates back to medieval times.
In many parliamentary systems, the head of government is appointed with the consent ( in practice often decisive ) of the legislature, and other figures are appointed on the head of government's advice.

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