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principle and its
Therefore the second principle of the plan must be that, while providing for all-out hostilities, its effectiveness is not dependent on general war.
Some early scientists such as Georg Ernst Stahl ( 1659-1734 ) and Francisque Bouillier ( 1813 – 1899 ) had supported a form of animism which life and mind, the directive principle in evolution and growth, holding that all cannot be traced back to chemical and mechanical processes, but that there is a directive force which guides energy without altering its amount.
His promotion of it was so extensive that he is often credited with its invention, even though a machine operating in the same principle was described in 1762 by Swedish professor Johan Wilcke.
It is a legitimate goal therefore for philosophers of being to try to find a principle or element – a " something " – accounting for the presence of the object over the other possibility, its non-presence.
This incident, coupled with Stalin's demands for the restitution of the Turkish provinces of Kars, Artvin and Ardahan to the Soviet Union ( which were lost by Turkey with the Russo – Turkish War of 1877 – 1878, but were regained with the Treaty of Kars in 1921 ) was one of the main reasons why Turkey decided to give up its general principle of neutrality in foreign affairs.
In the 1950s, McCarthyism induced the University to demand a loyalty oath from its professors, many of whom refused to sign the oath on the principle of freedom of thought.
Le Chatelier's principle ( 1884 ) gives an idea of the behavior of an equilibrium system when changes to its reaction conditions occur.
# phylogenetic systematics, which uses the above together with the principle of only naming clades as its source of information for taxonomy.
As a basic starting point it is normally assumed that, for the purposes of analysis, the general algorithm is known ; this is Shannon's Maxim " the enemy knows the system " -- in its turn, equivalent to Kerckhoffs ' principle.
Moore dealt with casuistry in chapter 1. 4 of his Principia Ethica ; he claimed that " the defects of casuistry are not defects of principle ; no objection can be taken to its aim and object.
In principle, it is possible to solve the Schrödinger equation in either its time-dependent or time-independent form, as appropriate for the problem in hand ; in practice, this is not possible except for very small systems.
The Vedic literature, Srimad-Bhagavatam, reject from its very beginning kaitava-dharma or false philosophy, thus it frankly speaks about the principle of material life, and it does have a meaningful relation to celibacy.
Later on, during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, this French revolutionary principle – though not of course its specific way to identify the “ general will ” – percolated into first Socialist and then Fascist political thinking.
One technique enforces the principle of least privilege to great extent, where an entity has only the privileges that are needed for its function.
One can use the same principle to specify the position of any point in three-dimensional space by three Cartesian coordinates, its signed distances to three mutually perpendicular planes ( or, equivalently, by its perpendicular projection onto three mutually perpendicular lines ).
Although the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has its tomb just a few yards away from its Golgotha, there is no particular reason to regard this close juxtaposition as a necessity ; however, Gordon followed this principle, concluding that his site for Golgotha must also be the approximate location for Jesus ' burial, identifying a nearby tomb, now called the Garden Tomb, as the location for the event.
This principle is incorporated in to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and further elaborated in its Criminal Procedure Act.
An underlying principle in Taoism states that within every independent entity lies a part of its opposite.
In principle the database storage can be viewed as a linear address space, where every bit of data has its unique address in this address space.
Sir Charles Wheatstone discovered its principle and applied it as early as 1838 to the construction of a cumbersome but effective instrument, in which the binocular pictures were made to combine by means of mirrors.
In principle the database storage can be viewed as a linear address space, where every bit of data has its unique address in this address space.
There is a contemporary issue of coins suggestive of an imperial adventus ( arrival ) for the city, but some modern historians state that Diocletian avoided the city, and that he did so on principle, as the city and its Senate were no longer politically relevant to the affairs of the Empire and needed to be taught as much.
The second principle is organization in its reflection of the nonsentient force or dynamis, also called the one or the Monad.

principle and supporting
Critics of the SAP argue in favor of a weak anthropic principle ( WAP ) similar to the one defined by Brandon Carter, which states that the universe's ostensible fine tuning is the result of selection bias: i. e., only in a universe capable of eventually supporting life will there be living beings capable of observing any such fine tuning, while a universe less compatible with life will go unbeheld.
Philips have made some considerable progress since 2007 ( when it was first ranked in this guide ), in particular by supporting the Individual Producer Responsibility principle, which means that the company is accepting the responsibility for the toxic impacts of its products on e-waste dumps around the world.
People supporting the non-aggression principle claim that the moral prohibition of the use of violence follows from argumentation ethics, which applies only when people are using argumentation to solve disputes.
Coke, despite the fear in Parliament, stood and spoke, citing historical precedents supporting the principle that members of the Commons could, within Parliament, say whatever they wished – something now codified as Parliamentary privilege.
All the party's MPs fully signed up to the manifesto for the 2007 Assembly elections, supporting power sharing in principle.
In the 1980s this principle was extended to supporting the struggle for democracy in Eastern Europe, and particular Solidarity's struggle in Poland.
In such cases, there are strong policy considerations supporting the principle that a trial procedure can never be considered fair if a person is kept in ignorance of the case against him or her.
In political science, a principle-policy puzzle is a disconnect between support for a principle and support for a policy supporting that principle.
Possibly as an insurance policy with which to mitigate any subsequent criticism, Adams wisely had gone on record early in the selection process ( 15 February 1861 ), as supporting the idea, in principle, that the directorship be made an independent position, rather than continuing to be attached to a professorship which might cause time and energy conflicts due to heavy academic duties, as had seemed to be the case previously.
One piece of evidence presented to the inquest notes, " This insufficiency arises from the want of proper props in the workings & in the removal by Mr Barrat of the Middlings or partitions left by the former Company for supporting the workings-a feeling of this nature given expression to by almost all the workmen has existed for the last three years and a number of men left the work altogether in consequence, as they said, of the insecurity of the Mines-I knew this myself but I had either to submit to work there or starve-Necessity with me had no law-The other mines in which I had wrought are worked in a different, safer, principle & more attention paid to the security of the lives of the workmen.
He subsequently announced that he was supporting Gillard's carbon policy, as a matter of principle, and stated: " This is about the history of people, most of whom haven't even been born yet.
This argument bolsters the impact of secularism by weakening any position supporting the favouring of one religion over another in a given state, on the principle that if no scientific and reasonable assumption of its truth can be made, society should not be so organised as to privilege any particular religion.
" He continued, " I can only conclude that you have failed to master even a fraction of the massive body of evidence supporting the principle of evolution by natural selection.
The Liberal Democrats in Great Britain generally support social liberalism, while taking a centrist to centre-left, largely pragmatic view on economics, supporting economic freedom and market competition in principle but often advocating more state / government provision or regulation to support particular policy objectives.
Members allocate surpluses for any or all of the following purposes: developing their co-operative, possibly by setting up reserves, part of which at least would be indivisible ; benefiting members in proportion to their transactions with the co-operative ; and supporting other activities approved by the membership .” This principle, in turn, can be broken down into a number of constituent parts.
For example, Avicenna ’ s ' Refutation against astrology ' Resāla fī ebṭāl aḥkām al-nojūm, argues against the practice of astrology while supporting the principle of planets acting as the agents of divine causation which express God's absolute power over creation.
Paul also appears to many scholars to exhibit a strong distaste for sexuality of any kind, supporting the principle of celibacy, which gnostics interpreted as due to the idea of the world as evil, though non-gnostics took it to be merely a rigid and strict adherence to the Old Testament.
In the letter, he claimed this action to be necessary on the grounds that the Department of External Church Relations was actively supporting a dissident element in the diocese which was working to undermine him – and this, claimed Bishop Basil, constituted a violation of the canonical principle that one bishop may not interfere in the diocese of another.
Later that year, the Irish Party mounted a feud against Sheehan for being a " factionist " by supporting a policy of Conciliation and for not allowing his labourers ' movement be subservient to the Party autocracy, his reason being " to realize the great democratic principle of the government of the people, by the people and for the people ".
The Scottish Transport Minister, Iain Gray, announced government support in principle for the scheme in December 2002, subject to the residents of Edinburgh supporting the scheme.
A founding principle of the organization is a dedication to supporting the teaching of psychological science.
While supporting the principle of reconciliation, he considered that compensation for the victims ought to take precedence over any amnesty for the perpetrators.
Chapman asked Herbert Spencer to write about this divisive matter for the first issue, and Spencer's Theory of Population deduced from the General Law of Animal Fertility actually appeared in the second issue, supporting the painful Malthusian principle as both true and self-correcting.
At the closing date on 8 August 2008 some 1, 366 Faculty members voted on this in principle survey with 65 % of those voting supporting merger, whilst 6, 928 Institute members voted of which 84 % supported a merger.

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