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public and Goebbels
All expressions of public opinion were controlled by Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who made effective use of film, mass rallies, and Hitler's hypnotic speaking.
Goebbels also discovered a talent for oratory, and was soon second in the Nazi movement only to Hitler as a public speaker.
In his capacity as Gauleiter of Berlin, and thus as de facto ruler of the capital ( although there was still officially an Oberbürgermeister and city council ), Goebbels maintained constant pressure on the city ’ s large Jewish community, forcing them out of business and professional life and placing obstacles in the way of their being able to live normal lives, such as banning them from public transport and city facilities.
After 1940, Hitler made few public appearances, and even his broadcasts became less frequent, so Goebbels increasingly became the face and the voice of the Nazi regime for the German people.
" Goebbels became the public voice of the Nazi regime, both in his regular broadcasts and his weekly editorials in Das Reich.
As the years passed, despite the best attempts of Goebbels and the Propaganda Ministry with its formidable domestic information control, there can be little doubt from diaries and periodicals of the time that information about the harshness and cruelty became progressively known to the German public.
The Nazi propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels was a synchronized, sophisticated and effective tool for creating public opinion.
Hitler and Goebbels believed that film was a very potent tool for molding public opinion.
In fact, when she published her 1940 dissertation " Opinion and mass research in the USA " in Germany, having spent a year at the University of Missouri to research George Gallup's methodology, Joseph Goebbels called the 24 year-old woman as an adjutant and intended for her to build up, for the ministry of propaganda, Germany's first public opinion research organization.

public and remained
In short order, the general history became his most popular work and has remained, aside from his later Social history, the work most widely favored by the public.
In its propagandistic and commercial haste to discover our folk heritage, the public has remained ignorant of definitions such as this.
Fretting privately but eschewing public defense of his terrorized bureaucrats, Dulles remained serene and detached while the hatchet men had their way.
Clinton remained popular with the public throughout his two terms as President, ending his presidential career with a 65 % approval rating, the highest end-of-term approval rating of any President since Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Staying at what they considered rock-bottom however showed that the Conservatives had failed to improve their negative public image, had remained somewhat disunited over Europe and had not regained the trust that they had lost in the 1990s.
Only one steel company, Richard Thomas and Baldwins, remained in public ownership throughout.
At 11 he went into the service of a grocer in Slatina ; and then he became a domestic in a public house in Craiova where he remained for several years.
Trolleybuses remained an episode of public transportation.
Anna Douglass remained a loyal supporter of her husband's public work, even though Douglass ' relationships with Julia Griffiths and Ottilie Assing, two women he was professionally involved with, caused recurring speculation and scandals.
Despite an expansionary fiscal policy, the public debt remained moderate at around 50 percent of GDP as deficits were financed partly by privatization receipts.
As a result, public debt has increased sharply to over 100 percent of GDP since 2002 ; it remained as high as near 130 percent of GDP in 2004.
About 70, 000 unionized workers remained in the faltering public sector in the beginning of 1991.
This program remained in place until it was revealed to the public in 1971, after the theft of many internal documents stolen from an office in Media, Pennsylvania, and was the cause of some of the harshest criticism of Hoover and the FBI.
It is one of only a few of Whale's films that has remained in the public eye and is regarded as a classic of the horror genre.
The portions of the cities that remained intact were small and modest and contained a cathedral or major church ( often sumptuously decorated ) and a few public buildings and townhomes of the aristocracy.
Woodfull had remained calm in public, refusing to complain about Jardine's tactics.
The central government's public debt remained low at 26 % of GDP, but represents a gradual increase from previous years.
Scattered acts of rioting and vandalism of public buildings followed, but most actions by the dissidents remained nonviolent.
As IDF forces remained mired in Lebanon and the economy suffered from hyperinflation, the public pressure on Begin mounted.
Through several well funded and well attended public rallies in late 2008, the President remained silent on the calls for him to remain.
President Truman's letter was itself classified and remained unknown to the public for more than a generation.
The importance of Heaviside's work remained undiscovered for some time after publication in The Electrician, and so its rights lay in the public domain.
This form of the Mass remained essentially unchanged for 400 years until Pope Paul VI's revision of the Roman Missal in 1969 – 70, after which it has become widely known as the Tridentine Mass ; use of the last pre-1969 edition of the Missal, that by Pope John XXIII in 1962, is permitted without limitation for private celebration of the Mass and, since July 2007, is allowed also, under certain conditions, for public use, as laid down in the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI.
By the 20th century, the saloon, or lounge bar, had become a middle-class room — carpets on the floor, cushions on the seats, and a penny or two on the prices, while the public bar, or tap room, remained working class with bare boards, sometimes with sawdust to absorb the spitting and spillages, hard bench seats, and cheap beer.

public and confident
Regardless of how long it takes to learn a dance program, there is, generally speaking, universal agreement that the result should be confident dancers that can handle themselves on a public dance floor with a variety of callers, unfamiliar choreography, and the challenge of dancing with strangers at the learned level.
Another factor concerning the effect of the ascendant is the theory that people become more like their sun sign after around 29 years old, as they grow older and more confident and thus have less of a need to present a public face to others.
In July 1933 O ' Duffy became leader of the Army Comrades Association, which had been ostensibly set up to protect Cumann na nGaedheal public meetings, which had been disrupted under the slogan " No Free Speech for Traitors " by Irish Republican Army men newly confident since the elections.
The uninterrupted tenure in office of many politicians contributed to the rise of a political class that ignored public opinion, as they were confident that the PCI would never receive a majority.
Despite considerable public scepticism, Telford was confident the construction method would work: he had previously built at least one cast iron trough aqueduct – the Longdon-on-Tern aqueduct on the Shrewsbury Canal, still visible in the middle of a field, though the canal was abandoned years ago.
In cryptography, a key signing party is an event at which people present their PGP-compatible keys to others in person, who, if they are confident the key actually belongs to the person who claims it, digitally sign the PGP certificate containing that public key and the person's name, etc.
In principle, the only remaining problem was to be sure ( or at least confident ) that a public key actually belonged to its supposed owner.
PGP users digitally sign each others ' identity certificates and are instructed to do so only if they are confident the person and the public key belong together.
Under Ignatz Bubis, the Zentralrat assumed a much greater profile in German public life, and the Jewish community's leadership felt increasingly confident weighing in on public debates concerning Holocaust memory and German identity.
Despite public / fan outcry that he should have used his last remaining lifeline ( 50: 50-2 incorrect answers of the 4 multi-choice answers are removed ), Symons maintains he was confident about the answer and wanted to save the lifeline for the final million dollar question.
It was her first experience of public speaking and she appeared poised and confident.
While Meighen and other Conservatives expressed public outrage at what they viewed as a desperate attempt on the part of King to cling to power, some Conservatives were privately relieved by King's decision ; they seriously doubted whether the Tories could convince the Progressives to support a Conservative government, were confident that King's attempt to remain in power would eventually fail, and thought the expected debacle would be so damaging to the Liberals ' reputation that the Conservatives would then be swept into office with a large majority.
Thus Muhammad, confident that he was strong enough to face public opinion, proceeded to reject these taboos.
Before either side of politics increases the aid budget further, a proper audit needs to be completed so the public can be confident aid funding isn't being used for political activity.
Value Line, which previously reported the investigation in public filings dating from back to 2005, was forced to restructure its investment management subsidiary and brokerage relationships and is confident that they conform to applicable regulatory requirements.
On the other hand, Madonna's public persona of an indomitable, sexually unashamed, supremely confident woman was widely accepted by the younger generation who emulated her style and fashion.
Madonna's public persona of an indomitable, sexually unashamed, supremely confident woman struck a chord with them.
" As far as I can tell, she doesn't really want to be found, so I'm not going to give away anything about her whereabouts on a public forum, but I'm pretty confident that I've located her.

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