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pursuit and Iraq
Others claim the devastating Iran – Iraq War " mortally wounded ... the ideal of spreading the Islamic revolution ," or that the Islamic Republic's pursuit of an ideological rather than a " nationalist, pragmatic " foreign policy has weakened Iran's " place as a great regional power ".
* October 28 – When the Iraqi tanker Amuriyah refuses to stop for inspection by Coalition warships enforcing an embargo against Iraq, the pursuit of her by Coalition forces includes low-level flyovers by U. S. Navy aircraft carrier-based F-14 Tomcats and F / A-18 Hornets.
:" Iraq never kept its side of the bargain by: not making honest disclosure statements of its prohibited weapons and weapons capability ; unilaterally destroying weapons in order to ensure that the Commission would never know the full nature and scope of what it had held and this, under circumstances where the law required that all destruction be conducted under international supervision ; and, through the pursuit of an active policy and practice of concealing weapons and proscribed components from the Commission.
" The BBC reported that former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw insisted that intelligence had shown that the Iraqi regime appeared to be allowing a permissive environment " in which al-Qaeda is able to operate ... Certainly we have some evidence of links between al-Qaeda and various people in Iraq ... What we don't know, and the prime minister and I have made it very clear, is the extent of those links ... What we also know, however, is that the Iraqi regime have been up to their necks in the pursuit of terrorism generally.
This gave the PKK two routes of penetration into Turkey, directly from Syria and over Iraq From 1986-1987, Turkey engaged with Hot pursuit towards the organization members through cross border into northern Iraq.
These operations included seizing members of Al-Quds, the commando arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and taking them to Iraq for interrogation, as well as the pursuit, capture or killing of high-value targets in the war on terror.

pursuit and project
Social scientist and physician Nicholas A. Christakis explains that " for the last few centuries, the Cartesian project in science has been to break matter down into ever smaller bits, in the pursuit of understanding.
The Quality Project, based on The Quality COMPAS tool, is an alternative project to Sphere, taking into account the side effects of standardisation and those of an approach based on " minima " rather than the pursuit of quality.
Even if the project does not receive an award or scholarship, the mentor that assisted the research is a guaranteed reference for any future pursuit.
The pursuit of this project led to minor shareholders of the club calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting in 2008.
In pursuit of a forward policy based on Curzon's views, which included the marking of the territories under their direct and indirect colonial control, the British government undertook a project to erect flagstaffs in a number of locations in the Persian Gulf.
Freleng adopted the Tweety project and merged it with a project he was working on — a follow-up to his second Sylvester cartoon, Peck Up Your Troubles, featuring Sylvester in pursuit of a witty woodpecker.
Upon consideration of the report, the cabinet made a decision to take immediate steps in pursuit of the project.
Student criticism often revolves around the point that it makes their senior year of high school considerably more difficult by placing an immensely stressful, unnecessary, time consuming project on top of assignments from other classes, and often takes away a student's time and credits, which might otherwise be used in pursuit of more beneficial classes ( such as honors or AP classes ).
Philosopher Jürgen Habermas wrote of Bellah's work: " This great book is the intellectual harvest of the rich academic life of a leading social theorist who has assimilated a vast range of biological, anthropological, and historical literature in the pursuit of a breathtaking project ...
After the experiment's failure, the survivors of the project split up, creating various organizations to continue the pursuit of human perfection on their own.

pursuit and strongly
Our `` destiny '' in these perilous times should be to lead strongly in the pursuit of peace, with justice, under law.
Noyori believes strongly in the power of catalysis and of green chemistry ; in a recent article he argues for the pursuit of " practical elegance in synthesis ".
United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim stated that he " strongly deplored " the establishment of " another so-called independent tribal homeland in pursuance of the discredited policies of apartheid ," and in resolution A / RES / 32 / 105N, passed on 14 December 1977, the United Nations General Assembly linked Bophuthatswana's " so-called ' independence '" to South Africa's " stubborn pursuit " of its policies, and called upon all governments to " deny any form of recognition to the so-called ' independent ' bantustans.
In their pursuit of order and proportion, the Greeks created an ideal of beauty that strongly influenced Western art.
Mather states that despite its disparagement of śrāvakas, the sūtra is strongly supportive of the Saṃgha, and the text intends to sanction the pursuit of the bodhisattva path by both monastics and laity without opposition to one another.
The denomination still holds strongly to its pursuit of peace, but within the denomination there are many different interpretations of how this peaceful lifestyle should be lived out.
The party strongly supports Gibraltar's territorial integrity, in particular seeks pursuit of the recognition of the full twelve mile limit to Gibraltar Territorial Waters as is the case with other British overseas territories, and consider's Spain's violations of the current three mile limit of territorial waters as " a hostile and unfriendly act ".
Fasting, Hesychasm, and the pursuit of the spiritual life are strongly encouraged not only among monastics but also among the laity.
He argued strongly for pursuit aircraft in combination with bombers.

pursuit and pushed
Still in pursuit of the debris of the enemy force, late on 13 February, Napoleon received reports that Marmont's Corps had been attacked and pushed out of his position at Étoges.
All too often, this is forgotten in the pursuit to match features with another vendor ... he ability for malware to survive in a cross-platform, cross-application environment has particular relevance as more and more malware is pushed out via Web sites.
The officers of the Madras battalions temporarily lost control as the sepoys, encouraged by their success, pushed too far pursuit.
The defending party retired and the Major's advance guard pushed up the hill in pursuit, exposed to its irregular fire.

pursuit and for
And the life they lead is undisciplined and for the most part unproductive, even though they make a fetish of devoting themselves to some creative pursuit -- writing, painting, music.
Dickens not only reveals character through gesture, he makes hands a crucial element of the plot, a means of clarifying the structure of the novel by helping to define the hero's relations with all the major characters, and a device for ordering such diverse themes as guilt, pursuit, crime, greed, education, materialism, enslavement ( by both people and institutions ), friendship, romantic love, forgiveness, and redemption.
For while the past needs of the Church in this country may have been adequately met by collegiate institutions, which in temper and tone closely resembled junior colleges and finishing schools, it would seem that today's need is for the college which more closely resembles the university in its `` pursuit of excellence ''.
At the same time, David H. Price's work on American anthropology during the Cold War provides detailed accounts of the pursuit and dismissal of several anthropologists from their jobs for communist sympathies.
The pursuit of Reconstruction held inherent paradoxes for the North.
The pursuit of wisdom, he assured his readers of the Boethius, was the surest path to power: " Study Wisdom, then, and, when you have learned it, condemn it not, for I tell you that by its means you may without fail attain to power, yea, even though not desiring it ".
Silver Sands is becoming more popular with open water swimmers, who swim daily in the sea, both as a leisure pursuit, and as training for open water competition.
The wheel represents the dharmacakra which stands for the resolve to halt the cycle of reincarnation through relentless pursuit of truth and non-violence.
Some of the victorious fleet went in pursuit of him ; but Octavian himself visited Greece and Asia, and spent the winter at Samos ; though he was obliged to go for a short time to Brundisium to settle a mutiny and arrange for assignations of land.
He served for two and a half years as Deputy Sheriff in the Valencia County Citizens ' Patrol ; during that time he personally purchased and donated three highway patrol pursuit cars.
Structuralist or institutional analysis shows that the term is misused when it is applied to institutions acting in pursuit of their acknowledged goals, for example, when a group of corporations engage in price-fixing to increase profits.
These early canids probably evolved for the fast pursuit of prey in a grassland habitat ; they resembled modern civets in appearance.
Thessaly was widely known for producing competent cavalrymen, and later experiences in wars both with and against the Persians taught the Greeks the value of cavalry in skirmishing and pursuit.
If however it has already saved its life by self-castration and is again pursued, then it stands up and reveals that it offers no ground for their eager pursuit, and releases the hunters from all further exertions, for they esteem its flesh less.
Other methods, such as fractal compression, matching pursuit and the use of a discrete wavelet transform ( DWT ) have been the subject of some research, but are typically not used in practical products ( except for the use of wavelet coding as still-image coders without motion compensation ).
those who disagree concerning it are in doubt thereof ; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture ; they slew him not for certain.
However, most of Hernándo Pizarro's army marched into the Andes in pursuit of Manco Inca, allowing Almagro's men to claim the city for themselves.
The Danish flag at the medal ceremony for the Cycling at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Men's team pursuit | men's team pursuit at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
: The science which traces the laws of such of the phenomena of society as arise from the combined operations of mankind for the production of wealth, in so far as those phenomena are not modified by the pursuit of any other object.
In their consideration of consequences, they range from those advocating self-gratification regardless of the pain and expense to others, to those stating that the most ethical pursuit maximizes pleasure and happiness for the most people.
There was little to no concern with the future, the present dominating in the pursuit for immediate pleasure.
* Growth Fetish, the pursuit of economic growth in politics and economic theory as a universal cure for all society's problems

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