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real and life
The mythological private eye differs from his counterpart in real life in two essential ways.
Thus the transformation of Adam Smith's ideal entrepreneur into a mythological detective coincides closely with the decline of the real entrepreneur in economic life.
I am not making a clinical judgment here, for such personal tragedies are real and are commonplace in the analyst's consulting room, but literature makes a different claim upon our sympathies than tragedy in life.
Everyone knows that private detectives in real life are not like Sam Spade and Pat Novak, but the real and the imaginary musician are closely linked.
In my letters I took on a personality that differed from the self I knew in real life.
In real life.
We devote a chapter to the binomial distribution not only because it is a mathematical model for an enormous variety of real life phenomena, but also because it has important properties that recur in many other probability models.
Another use of roleplaying for evaluation illustrates how this procedure can be used in real life situations without special equipment or special assistants during the daily course of work.
But these are dreamed in original action, in some particular continuity which we don't remember having seen in real life.
When consciousness deserts the sleeping body and the wakeful world, it continues in the myriad progressions of the ever-present past and future, in a life as vibrant and real as the one left when the body tired and required sleep.
If the photographically realistic continuity of dreams, however bizarre their combinations, denies that it is purely a composition of the brain, it must be compounded from views of diverse realities, although some of them may never be encountered in what we are pleased to call the real life.
True, it is no longer cricket for the butler to be the killer in mystery fiction, but we are dealing here with actual people in real life and not imaginary characters and situations.
It seemed the most important thing in my life at this moment that she should know the real truth about me.
It was the kind of thing that could ruin a man's life, and it was a tribute to John's strength of character and very real business ability that it hadn't ruined his.
The real founder of cenobitic ( koinos, common, and bios, life ) monasteries in the modern sense was Pachomius, an Egyptian of the beginning of the 4th century.
" A prisoner interviewed by Moyers explained his literal interpretation of the second verse: "' Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved " by saying that the fear became immediately real to him when he realized he may never get his life in order, compounded by the loneliness and restriction in prison.
" According to Anthroposophy, moral development reveals the extent to which one has achieved control over one's inner life and can exercise it in harmony with the spiritual life of other people ; it shows the real progress in spiritual development, the fruits of which are given in spiritual perception.
In real life, when Victor found out about Laura's secret loan, he divorced her and had her committed to an asylum.
His aim for the film was realism, resulting in a restrained acting style that was revolutionary for the era ; in real life, he later explained, " men and women try to hide their emotions rather than seek to express them ".
Storing a dispersion at high temperatures enables to simulate real life conditions for a product ( e. g. tube of sunscreen cream in a car in the summer ), but also to accelerate destabilisation processes up to 200 times.
Gurus in all areas of life, from fitness to real estate and personal finance hand out advice and offer predictions and advice of authorities have a strong likelihood to become a celebrity.
Patrick Stoddart of The Times wrote: " The millions who watch Coronation Street – and who will continue to do so despite Lord Rees-Mogg – know real life when they see it ... in the most confident and accomplished soap opera television has ever seen ".
In 1978, British comic 2000AD ran a Judge Dredd comic strip featuring Chief Judge Cal, loosely based on the real life Roman emperor.

real and Diana
Asked if Lady Diana ( his love interest ) would have fallen for a ' savage ' in real life Valentino replied, " People are not savages because they have dark skins.
Possibly the clearest definition for this philosophy was offered by gay / lesbian rights advocate Diana Fuss, who wrote: " Essentialism is most commonly understood as a belief in the real, true essence of things, the invariable and fixed properties which define the ' whatness ' of a given entity ".
It is mentioned that Diana is chosen as the acrobat because in her real world she is an Olympic-level gymnastics practitioner.
Actress Diana Muldaur married her co-star, James Vickery, in real life.
The real Diana Prince returned in September 1942, seeking out Wonder Woman.
Later retellings of the origins of Wonder Woman, of dubious continuity for the Earth-One Wonder Woman, excluded the story of Wonder Woman purchasing credentials from a real Diana Prince and, instead, showed her creating the identity from scratch.
High school sweethearts David ( Woody Harrelson ) and Diana Murphy ( Demi Moore ) are a married couple who travel to Las Vegas, hoping they can win enough money to finance David's fantasy real estate project.
Diana resents these qualities at times, as Martin often does not seem to understand the seriousness of his missions, but generally loves him like any real brother.
* Diana Sullivan ( 1995-2000 ; was noon / 5 p. m. anchor at KPHO-TV in Phoenix, now in real estate in Phoenix )
Giganta, along with The Cheetah and Doctor Psycho, engage in a battle with Donna Troy ( who has assumed the identity of Wonder Woman one year after the events of Infinite Crisis ), as part of a search for, as they term it, the " real " Wonder Woman ( Diana of Themyscira ).
Diana tries to cover up the real source of the drug, since the lichen is very rare and difficult to grow, but when it is finally discovered, she fakes her own death, in the hope of inspiring the women of Britain to fight for the rights she tried to secure for them.
Asked if Lady Diana would have fallen for a ' savage ' in real life Valentino replied, " People are not savages because they have dark skins.

real and had
The myth of the Southern plantation has had only a tangential relation with actuality, as Francis Pendleton Gaines showed forty years ago, and I suspect it has had a far narrower acceptance as something real than has generally been supposed.
The lyricist's father was a lawyer who had branched out into real estate.
After a dinner party for which she had come down to New York, Mrs. Lewis and Casanova arrived to see them off, and Elinor Wylie made tart observations that indicated that Lewis had been less discreet than he had promised to be about the real nature of their separation.
But the real beginnings of this development in him go back to the opposing of grammar school, and probably if it had not been this occasion and these Latin lines it would have been some others, such as the first prolusion, that set off this streak in him of unbridled and scathing verbal attack on an enemy.
Only afterwards did an act like that become meaningless, so that he would puzzle over it for days, whereas at the time it had seemed quite real.
No wonder that Pozzatti and I had at times difficulty in remembering the real purpose of our presence, namely, Cultural Exchange.
No one, not even the producer, had any real hope of getting it back to Broadway.
) And know, while all this went on, that there was no real reason to suppose that the murderer had been a guest in either hotel.
Then he said, `` Never noticed it before I mean, when she was dressed but for a woman her age, Julia had a real fine figure ''.
Stacy replied that it would bankrupt Forbes, who had just sunk all his money in a real estate venture.
After the usual Honorable Sirs, it went on to say that there had been set off to the widow one full third part of the real estate of the deceased Salu Norberg, one lower room, on the Western side, privileges to the well and bake-oven and to one third of the cellar ( I can show you the cellar when we go up ), also one Cow Right, and lastly they set off to the widow her own land that she brought with her as dower, namely the Beech Pasture.
The first witness, Moses Winston Mardis, 5835 Michigan Av., a real estate agent and former bail bondsman, took the stand after opening statements had been made.
Only 8% of the worries had behind them real causes which demanded attention.
Each high note had the crowd in ecstasy so that it stopped the show midway in the `` Mad Scene '', but the real reason was a realization of the extraordinary performance unfolding at the moment.
With three fine Russian films in recent months on World War 2, -- `` The House I Live In '', `` The Cranes Are Flying '' and `` Ballad Of A Soldier '' -- we had every right to expect a real Soviet block-buster in `` The Day The War Ended ''.
He had style, a real inner vision of his very own.
He was not reduced to poverty, but his job at the steel company had become a real job and not a method of passing the day.
They had their first real fight, and Bobbie went off to get drunk.
Speaking in his Kentucky accent, with a very powerful voice, he said the Kansas Act had a " declared indifference, but as I must think, a covert real zeal for the spread of slavery.
Among his staff was Isham G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, who had ceased to make any real effort to function as governor after learning that Abraham Lincoln had appointed Andrew Johnson as military governor of Tennessee.
The real GDP growth rate for 2011 was expected at 3. 7 % but had dropped to. 1 %.

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