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recent and years
In recent years he has traveled widely in Europe, conducting in Italy, France, Austria, and Switzerland.
There is probably some significance in the fact that two of the best incest stories I have encountered in recent years are burlesques of the incest myth.
This is the good kind of sophistication, and with all our problems and crises this kind of sophistication has flowered in the United States during recent years.
In recent years America's partners and friends in Western Europe and Japan have made great economic progress.
Our surplus from foreign business transactions has in recent years fallen substantially short of the expenditures we make abroad to maintain our military establishments overseas, to finance private investment, and to provide assistance to the less developed nations.
In recent years, we have come increasingly to recognize that ideas have a history and that not the least important chapters of this history have to do with thematic or conceptual aspects of literature and the arts, although these aspects should be studied in conjunction with the history of philosophy, of religion, and of the sciences.
In recent years, however, a wind of change seems to be blowing through early English historical circles.
Citing the advances of Communist power in recent years, Sir Anthony observed: `` This very grave state of affairs will continue until the free nations accept together the reality of the danger that confronts them and unite their policies and resources to meet it ''.
-- I, too, congratulate the American Legion, of which I am proud to have been a member for more than 40 years, on the recent state convention.
It occurred to me that you might be interested in some thoughts which I expressed privately in recent years, in the hope of clearing up a certain confusion in the public mind about what foreign policy is all about and what it means, and of developing a certain compassion for those who are carrying such responsibilities inside Government.
On this basis, our already substantial budget for research and development has been further increased in recent years in order to finance the continuing engineering and design work essential to Leesona's future growth in sales and earnings.
As in many other industries, rising costs and intense competition, both domestic and foreign, have exerted increasing pressure on earnings of the textile industry in recent years.
Factory stocks in recent months have been the highest they have been in three years, while those at retail are below 1959.
For the near term, however, it must be realized that the industrial and commercial market is somewhat more sensitive to general business conditions than is the military market, and for this reason I would expect that any gain in 1961 may be somewhat smaller than those of recent years ; ;
In recent years many counties and the U. S. Forest Service have taken aerial photos which show features in detail and are very good for planning use.
There has been an intensification of price-consciousness in recent years ; ;
and much more commonly in recent years, the engineer who found that other duties interfered with -- or eliminated -- his engineering contributions.
In recent years gagwriters have discovered this brand of blunder and thus the misplaced modifier has acquired a new habitat in the gagline.
In recent years, this burden ( which includes allowances for revenue deficiencies in the passenger business and in less-than-carload freight traffic!!
With the development of nuclear technology, isotopic materials, and machine radiation sources in recent years, the possibilities of applying ionizing radiation to the preservation of foods attracted the attention of investigators in the United States and throughout the world.
Contrary to the thinking of 30 to 40 years ago, when all malocclusion was blamed on some unfortunate habit, recent studies show that most tooth irregularity has at least its beginning in hereditary predisposition.
One can apply these facts to Britain in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as she spread her dominion over palm and pine, and they can be applied again to the United States in more recent years.
The other charge was that America's political position in the world has progressively deteriorated in recent years.
Sandman told the gathering that reports from workers on a local level all over the state indicate that Jones will be chosen the Republican Party's nominee with the largest majority given a candidate in recent years.
The great advances made in recent years in Communist strength and in our own capacity to destroy require an educated citizenry in the Western world.

recent and tea
One of Arnold Palmer's most recent products is a branded use of the beverage which combines sweet iced tea with lemonade.
A study of Charité Hospital in Berlin by Lorenzo et al., published in The European Heart Journal, showed adding milk to tea causes the casein to bind to the molecules in tea that cause the arteries to relax, especially a catechin molecule called EGCG, although a more recent study by Reddy et al.
A review found no documentation of adverse side effects of consuming rooibos tea, A recent report identified a possible case of hepatotoxicity due to rooibos consumption.
Another name for this recent style of tea is " tokeru ocha ," or " tea that melts.
In a recent case-control study of the eating habits of 2, 018 women, consumption of mushrooms and green tea was linked to a 90 % lower occurrence of breast cancer.
A recent study on rats at the University of Hong Kong, published in the February issue of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that the catechins in green tea were absorbed by the lens, retina and other parts of the eye.
" Tea pockets ", also known as tea bags, have in recent years been used in Chinese tea.
Jasmine tea is the most popular tea variety drunk in Indonesia, however recent health awareness promotions have made green tea a popular choice.
In recent decades, it has become more common for the crude tea to be sold as a finished product before it is darkened.
The process used to convert máochá into ripened pu ' er is a recent invention that manipulates conditions to approximate the result of the aging process by prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm humid environment under controlled conditions, a technique called wòdūi ( 渥堆, " wet piling " in English ), which involves piling, dampening, and turning the tea leaves in a manner much akin to composting.
assamica ), which was traditionally mainly used for black tea, although in recent years some green and white have been produced.
A recent court case involving caapi-containing ayahuasca ( which also contains other plants containing the controlled substance DMT, introduced from the Psychotria viridis plant ), Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao do Vegetal, was found in favor of the União do Vegetal, a Brazilian religious sect using the tea in their ceremonies and having around 130 members in the United States.
In more recent times, the traditional drinking of Turkish coffee has been diminished by the growing availability of other hot beverages such as tea ( grown locally and bought without hard currency ), instant coffee, and other modern styles of coffee.
In the United States, Sahti has been the subject of recent interest by homebrewers and microbreweries ; in 2008, Dogfish Head Brewery released a beer called Sah ' tea, a collaboration with Finnish brewer Juha Ikonen, that was a hybrid of traditional Sahti and Chai tea.
Important cash crops include citrus fruits, cauliflower, cabbage, ginger, and in recent years, tea.
( Although in recent years, some plantation factories have started buying green leaf from small growers ) After processing ( which converts the green leaf into ' made tea '), most is sold through regularly scheduled auctions in Coonoor, Coimbatore and Kochi ( India )| Kochi.
In recent years the Tea Board of India has charged some producers of Nilgiri tea with fraudulently adulterating their product, and has closed some Bought Leaf Factories due to non-compliance with food safety regulations.
* Chajiu ( 茶酒 ; pinyin: chá jiǔ, literally " tea liquor ") is a product of fairly recent origin.

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